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April 22, 2013

Tips re: royal kind theft of natural resources (for improvement to our territorial good Heads).

Dec 17, 2011
 Tips re: royal kind theft of natural resources (for improvement to our territorial good Heads). Shahislam\s Official Website   SHAHISLAM.COM
PM: Mr. Steven Harper is absolutely right but realizing his hopeful thoughts will be only more difficult because of Canadian energy /oil fields’ actual owners and the ‘economy manipulating, greedy gas-station-business-controlling-groups’ shielded behind an elusive, armored structure but of a fake Crocodile.
The Cosmic Creator arranged such an ‘universal, non-decipherable solar injection based system’ that shortage of fuel for energy will never really happen on this planet: Earth even in trillions of years. Alternatives will always be there and “Nature of the Creator” can handle countless volcanic type pollutions ‘forever in human perception’.
Therefore, unlimited Canadian production, usage, export etc. are wise and ‘emission’ is not an environmental issue when populace can be relocated at sefer distance. Our Canadian societies need works; so, removing and relocating cities, for the sake of earning foreign money for Canadian Public, will create a lots of healthy jobs.
It, by unprecedented and to be implemented new local and global: ‘UN municipal community laws’, will be considered a crime to privately claim ownerships of vast mineral-rich lands by neither “the descendants of dumb, lazy: ‘Natives’ ” nor “the outlandish greed-blind, opportunity seeker: foreign occupiers in the disguise of kings, queens with cleverness, one-sided filthy tricks 0f either old-laws or guns”.
The Natural resources underneath the Earth, Oceans, Mountains, Deserts etc. are actually property of Mankind and usable only for global public’s benefits as gift of nature and unlike history, cannot belong anymore to greed-blind groups of shrewd guys with unscrupulous ideas and men-maid laws.
Dec 12, 2011
Strictest Security even cannot guarantee life and death matters as we have only 50% control at our human end. All these security machines surely can provide fortunes for a group of businessmen that have got small minded public representatives in western governments at their grips. Without these machines an insignificant number of innocent passengers would have been killed by mentally sick, suicidal minded ordinary looking guys of Palestinian-type origins (e.g. all the 9/11 hijackers were from that said particular area and Pakistanis just handled the mysterious funds and the stupid -Terrorist minded: Bin Laden, had he been caught alive and put in a fair trial, could divulge to the World how an elusive party funded by Insurance and Oil -business money created a trapped situation of 9/11 demolition things only to save and financially benefit the master planners: a group of competitor-less monopoly businessmen of natural resources and modern Insurance industry). “Do or Die” situations or assassinations are therefore, not good at all and only guys get benefited by these kinds of heinous and immoral acts (unavoidably supported by politically dishonest and bad part of most modern democracy) are unscrupulous minds with characteristics of something like Hedgehogs and snakes.
Please note that according to recent counting 4,500 innocent guys of USA and One million Iraqi died despite having trillions of US$ dollar costing security equipments as protectors.
Now, Iraq will become much safer w
ithout security providing -billions of US $ dollars costing machines and stuffs, for which US public shall have to pay many yeras to come. Good knowledge and wisdom are more strongly effective than terror causing weapons to positively change the bacterial type emotional states of human minds. The good news is majority of the collective Global Public by now is aware of the fact that Wars in the civilized world were pure products of anger-blind small minded guys with weapons in controlling power of unaware public. Evolved mankind won’t see wars of weapons anymore but monetary sanctions by an honest UN power.

All we and the global public need is awareness of establishment of a new UN Think Tank consisting of satiable, less greedy, wise and happy positive minded guys -capable of positively changing the minds or the persons in governments of the world starting with the West first; optimistically, under prudent leadership of someone so balanced like Mr. Barack Obama. I am sure, Mr. Obama and his family do not have earnings from business of neither bombs nor security equipments but public beneficial good books and he (Truly honour deserving, Honorable Mr. Barack Obama) will be happy with One million dollar annual personal income, sacrificing rest of the millions of dollar honest earning for the benefit of the public of USA, if every wealthy Congressman /businessman follow the same Tax rules to be implemented in the USA first and to be applied to the rest of the world gradually.

At the expense of ‘Poverty sunk hard working laborers-the money-based manipulating power of a few thousands of “Glowing LUXURY floating”-lazy billionaires in the Europe, Middle East, Asia (China, Russia, India etc.), South America, Africa etc. is actually weak against the the power of awareness of the hard-working, middle class, now digitally interconnected wise portion of the collective Global Public.

Dec 28, 2011

The energy resources are endless and there will be no shortage of it ever and about the Good reality almost no humans on Earth knows unless explained in the future. Don’t Worry about the environmental pollutions because chemicals are always auto recycling to become and remain the same atoms @ 50% balancing rule. For billions of years to come, the Earth will still be too big to become an unhealthy place for Creations to live, let alone the universe, all we need is relocating the cities and there will be lots of healthy activities and new jobs for centuries and for actually happier future generations of mankind.

More will be divulged in a to be opening soon website. It is the dumb minds that can’t see healthy and better options but only want to live like addicts in Alberta, Dhaka, Beijing, Jerusalem, Rome, Mecca etc.

So, live worry free and happy wherever you happen to be in the forever changing World.


Dec 30, 2011

Although, there is no real shortage of fossil fuel or alternate energy-sources all these issues are temporary and has been created by human greed of wealth only.
A globally and desperately needed new commercial transportation of 21st century: “Giant gaseous (Natural and helium) balloons, fully covered with solar panels” and controlled by remote digital operators / GPS will end these unscrupulously profiteering activities of thousands of Millionaires and Billionaires in Oil Business.
We’ll surely have few failures at the beginning but the new century’s transportation industry with this alternate energy will be able to create countless jobs in North-America because we are able to honestly manage the today’s greatest digital technologies like the Internet, GPS etc. (To be cont.)


Sept 4, 2011

Canada does not need to import Oil and regardless of international market price, the Crown of Canada can kick out some financial crooks and control the price to be set at a fixed level. Unfortunately, it is the too powerful monopoly oil-business-profiteering guys from outside who are setting the oil price in Canada
At the expense of North-American and west-European middle class hard-working public that is getting poorer everyday in an imbalanced way; the obove mentioned faceless party and the rulers or folks of Arabian, African deserts are getting richer when in fact, there shall never be any shortage of fuel for energy on earth under the Sun!

Wow! Highly meaningful comments made by respectable specialists here and there have been being noted. But I am afraid to limit myself with precise knowledge about a few fields only and rather willing to remain obscure as a Generalist for some reasons in my neutral beliefs beyond my control and complete understanding. But I understand that there is a constant natural balancing act (Unbiased Rule of 50%) being performed cosmically, such as: in recent calamities, a tsunami of sea /ocean has claimed 17,000 from the population of too much sea food consuming Japanese or a drought is bound to cause perishing of numerous hungry people of piracy-type violence causing Somalia or with an evil purpose of a few guys in leadership of course, costly but unnecessarily nuclear weapon producing North Korea, (Yesterday: Pakistan; Tomorrow: India) etc. if supply of humanitarian aids for humans are blocked somehow directly or indirectly by some vindictive groups of humans! If Creator destroy its creation there is none to blame and some kings or religious leaders of the old have so far succeeded to fool the mankind for the fulfillment of their personal ambitions by strict enforcement of political laws but their time has run out!
I have seen with my own eyes: There are vast cultivatable lands on this Earth waiting for vegetation /fruition of all types including clean fuel producing ones for energy (in addition of Wind and solar) and we may rest worry-free about overpopulation. Why do mankind (personally and ignoring 50% control on self even when in impaired state) commit crimes of greed, envy etc. and then suffer very personally for the rest of own life time?
It is a crime for a human to plan or kill another human (such as the blind religious or supremacist groups do) and the personal price including inner-silent tortures of built-in human self-consciousness is payable on this earth and inevitable. That is one of many ‘how the cosmic rules for humans are set at default’ and only the acts of ageless Creator/ God has always been remained untouched by humanly judgmental sense of right and wrong!




Evidences of Mockery of Justice through the loopholes desinged by faceless or outlandish-minded folks of Canadian Crown Corporation.

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Preconditions for North-America in order to Emerge as a pioneering leadership again in digital Age as ever-stronger:

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How a group of super-wealthy bosses (faceless thugs) in disguise of corporate heads do their dishonest manipulations unseen:

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HGP’s New Design of North-America led Geo-politics as prerequisite for dispersing super-wealthy thugs from manipulating global governments and judicial systems.

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