The US President

April 26, 2012

The US President: Barack the Great in 2012

Barack Obama

Mr. Barack Obama – One of a few Great Men with Honest Power, born to Real Honorably rule the World for this Century and Beyond.

The Global Public is Lucky for Having Luckiest Barack Obama in smart control of USA as a US President now.

Only because of Barack Obama and a few self-less or less-greedy Good writers, the World is going to be a Weapon-free safer Place than ever.

Explanations and more Information including Writings from World-Class-Media & Newspapers are to be found below.

America and Bangladesh just like Two financially distinctive but virtual Municipalities in the global Context – Joining together in a ‘World Changing Special Way’ – Can easily set an example before all the Nations of the World that ‘One on One, Deficit-free’ International Trade policy on top of Free-Trades is capable of rapidly eliminating poverty from hard-working global population of suffering nations and eventually, from the face of Earth!



Evidences of Mockery of Justice through the loopholes desinged by faceless or outlandish-minded folks of Canadian Crown Corporation.

—– Original Message —- From: JUS-G-MAG-Policy-Correspondence (JUS) <> To: Sent: Wed, July 8, 2009 2:12:34 PM Subject: MAG Policy Division response to yo...
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Preconditions for North-America in order to Emerge as a pioneering leadership again in digital Age as ever-stronger:

New and young spirited law makers are desperately needed: Artificially raised oil price-very possibly if, Obama wishes to continue being the leader of world leaders, goes down, without labor industry-Libyans’ dream of fin...
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How a group of super-wealthy bosses (faceless thugs) in disguise of corporate heads do their dishonest manipulations unseen:

Digitally captured evidences: * As of Nov 22, 2011 In support of my post here dated Nov 16: why I believe un-manipulable digital tech. may contribute tremendously to the developments of positive sides of humanity in the near f...
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HGP’s New Design of North-America led Geo-politics as prerequisite for dispersing super-wealthy thugs from manipulating global governments and judicial systems.

Jan 12, 2012 The current political campaign debate of USA will leave some clues for smart minds to realize that this time words of optimism won’t even do a little help to the drastically adjusting US economy in the light ...
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One Comment

  1. standupman

    I’m sorry, but no, Mr. Obama will not be President of US again, he may venture into the United Nations, but he will not be President.

    I am an American Patriot, there are to many people here that will not disarm themselves only to make themselves victims of an oppressive regime of any kind. If our government intends to take our firearms away or take us away there will be millions of deaths in our country. We have already had our civil war, and there was nothing civil about it, there was massive bloodshed on both sides.

    As some of our original Patriots said, give me Liberty or give me death! I will die on my feet rather than living on my knees. There is enough Tyranny to go around in this world, we need no more of it. Another great quote from an original Patriot, If there is to be trouble, let it be in my day, so my children may live in peace.

    If you want your children to live in peace, you will no longer support the idea mentioned in the above article. We are sending drone airplanes to strike down people on a secret list, nobody knows how you get on this list. I am totally against it, on this you surely are to agree. Our nation has become a corrupt nation, there is only one hope for our nation.

    We are tired of sending our young brightest people out to other countries to stain the sand with their blood and the blood of many others, simply because we are fed propoganda. Young minds are ripe fruit for this kind of inflence. If we had experienced war here on our own soil as many nations have, we would not be roaming the earth seeking whom we may devour.

    While I do not find the path to God in the same manner as you that may read this, let me reassure you of something. I do not intend you any harm, nor your family. You have done nothing to me or my family. If you come to my home, you would be invited in to break bread with me and my family. Although to some, I am unclean. I would respect your path to God. I certainly do not fear you or your Faith, I have known many of your Faith over my years on this earth.

    While me posting here may very well get me on a “list” somewhere with my own government, I no longer care anymore. I will not be silenced as long as breath is in my body.

    It is time for rightous men to take a stand against Tyranny and oppression.

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