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May 22, 2012

Shahislam’s Posted Comments in several World-Class News Media.

In ProPublica:


May 18, 2:05 a.m.

North-Americans shouldn’t worry over this JP Morgan type of pre-planned gambling events. Such things are happening regularly in countries like Bangladesh, India etc. where billionaire gamblers are funded by Swiss Banks with tons of illegal money and their gain is guaranteed. Only losers are inexperienced small local gamblers.

You may, a few months later like to visit But for now by reading a personal e-mail attached below, you can note something: when it comes to monetary greed of human leaders in politics, how little difference is now there between the East and the West! We need “not too much greedy guys like Barack Obama” in World power atleast for one decade.


Now choosing the next N. Korean leader by something like a lottery draw would be much better than letting another hereditary but just conditioned to act as head to rule North Korean public for decades like a life-less giant stone -blocking the natural flow of a productive river to become a stagnant, stinky body of water. Future’s new UN power shall be able to make new global laws to ban hereditary leader-ships forever.



Clarification: Just feeding back and maintaining one truly deserved UK Royal (English as system of governance and as common language of “Future’s New United Nations” is symbolically enough to maintain the sense of order among the unwise portion of the global public that cannot be impressed without visible giant structures and mental image. One Royal need not politicking or appoint business magnets: billionaires as advisers, instead, just enjoy provided luxury and the ensuing evolved world can afford easily one but not too many parasitical burdensome royals or family-business ruler-ships like in Nepal, Bhutan, Middle East etc. anymore.



A result of a grand mistake by Bushes and their advisers 4,500 innocent US and 1 million Iraqi “unwilling to die -Citizens” died, which is a crime but still forgiveable as too many fathers or mothers of nations’ ambitions resulted also in the deaths of millions of innocent lives of the past scattered global public and any UN law against ‘such crimes of mistakes’ didn’t exist.


Hopefully, Obama’s humanitarian mission for USA and the rest of the World backed by non-violent-minded wise guys in the new UN’s Think-Tank will continue until above necessary laws are made and globally implemented.

My E-mail: Dear Brothers and Sisters of ‘we the great 14 Siblings’,

I am shocked to learn about how money can make a modern day’s Court issue a legal notice which have no basis but human greed only

Should we say Kudos to Shirumia’s daring seeds but they definitely deserve to get a good lesson that may include incarceration for falsification and wrong doings?? No personal antagonism of-course, because that’s how God plans and works through humans. We have to face it, you will probably do it for your personal interests and I know, I am doing it for both: personal gain and otherwise -totally unselfish reasons.


I exactly know what is happening in Bangladesh, because by the kindness of Cosmic Creator or GOD. in Canada, I have discovered conditioned Government heads, Judges in the Canadian too Old Judicial system and operators of several Corporations or pure Government departments that are comparable with ‘half alive Fishes in aquariums” and they, just like conditioned slaves or oriental styled Academy certificated public servants, not knowing the cause of their fears about invisible boss(es) or the reason of feeling terror internally, very obediently operate under commands of a few, mostly foreign, wealthy unionized businessmen of mainly Oil. Gas Pump, Insurance, Banking, Healthcare products etc. There has been happening a non-stop Crown document alterations, manipulations, thievery of Canadian wealth and resources and I had notified several Canadian authorities with living evidences of wrong doings but to no avail. The proofs, now in this new digital era, are indestructible because they are caught and saved electronically. As long as growing numbers of honest and good minds keep generating awareness in Great humanitarian places such as North-America, Old styled hereditary style leaderships will begin easily to vanish from places like Bangladesh, Thailand, South Korea etc. and eventually from the face of this Earth. CC can tell and confirm any human of this truth!

It is through the awareness that will cause the positive change and awareness now spreads faster in the East than the West. Therefore, no nation is smarter than the other ones! Above all, it’s only one human race of all colors – the race of mankind.

The days of secretly manipulating and openly terrorising Kings are gone forever and the dumb Prime Ministers of non-existent kings are now acting as slaves of wealth-greedy thugs.

Our Nationally recognized Writer Daddy’s legally purchased Bangladeshi home for almost a half of a century is now targeted by some thugs backed by some unscrupulous businessmen /women of properties, ugly politicians or their associates. The sky-rocketed soaring house value, price-wise is now like a big piece of a diamond of 5 to 7 crores of Takas.

Don’t worry my Brothers about greedy eyes; instead, just stand up and contact Media and ask for help and eventually end up helping the Public – yourselves and everyone!

Our Cousin Noman without any personal gain has selflessly spent a lot of his personal times for the endless benefits of local public and his ‘Father in law’ is a very honest Justice in the Highest Court of Justice in Bangladesh. While visiting Bangladesh three months ago, I have watched him at arms length, donating more than his one month’s salary (of a High-Court Judge) for a local charity. That man and I have mutual respect and understanding for each-other. If it is necessary, never hesitate to ask for help and support while standing up against thievery, criminal acts of wealthy businessmen who because of only money up until now, are capable of buying the services of Old styled Judicial systems anywhere in the World. Thanks to CC for placing very less-greedy persons like Mr. Barack Obama in the World Power of US politics. His party under his advice -staying in power for a decade only will positive change the World forever, unless CC whimsically changes the direction.

These incidents are signs for rulers in India, Pakistan, Iran, Koreas and of lands of Semitic origins with Gun-powers (in old war policy) to realize that bombs, even the ‘Nuclear terrors’ are viewed by ‘the evolving new generation of interconnected global public’ as cheap products (although cost millions of dollars) of small minds, actually powerless to cause any change, dangerously funny and most stupid things that any sane human is capable of doing.


The land piracy acts of thugs that are taking place today in B.Baria, Bangladesh involving our father’s clean and clear titled property, are not only personal but our national and to some extent, International problems too. Even the US President Barack, who has recently become one of my close friends, is aware of and against those kinds of money-fed fake power exercises in Corporations, dishonest claims of land ownership, unscrupulous acts of all kinds etc. You read the comments of wise folks in the Internet, Social Networks, Tweeters etc. and you’ll notice what I am talking about.

The truly Great humans, Free of insatiable personal monetary greed, such as Current US President: Mr. Barack Obama may soon begin and someone he knows has already taken the first step to begin reform of globally dominated one old model of ancient Judicial Systems all over the World and Bangladesh won’t be left alone. Today’s truly Wise People of North-America is capable of offering absolutely honest help not only to Bangladeshis but to any of the populations of countries of hard-working people that has capacity to join the ensuing new Global trade predicament under One ‘absolutely honest global power’ for administering true Justice and serving humanity regardless of races and territories. We’ll be witnessing more of how easily virtual Royal-paper-lions or terrors of the Middle East and other places such as Saddam, Gaddafi, Mubarak, Arafat, Laden, Assad, Yahoos etc. become powerless and by the Grace of CC same will be the future of ‘Failing to make sense in this century’- Prime Ministers of the Non-existent Kings of the Old. Without bloodshed of-course!


Bangladeshi Prime Minister, if our native house ever comes into International focus as an example of bad rulership and need be, might be contacted in due course by some truly humanitarian global authorities to examplingly help rescue some members of public of a good nation from the filthy grips of monetary greed-blind heinous criminals in the disguise of businessmen -domestic and foreign (Non-tax payers of-course).

CC bless us and we must Feel proud of our Dad and stay together real strong.



Bro: Shahzakirulislam/Shahislam

Jan 7, 2012

Posted in ProPublica & Other media:
If the foolish heads of the 3rd world only could understand how smart and non-violently intelligent is Mr. Barack Obama -who is doing a geatest of all time US mission for US and Global prosperity at the expense of his personal time. He could just write books and make approximately ‘Ten times more money’ than what he is earning as President of USA. He and some wise of the present are just doing a favor to the Global Public for no personal or monetary gains.
It’s a different kind of War, very honestly handled by a couple of smartest politicians on present Earth. Just support honesty and the truth.
Now, oil price may get cheaper to benefit hard-working folks not Billionaires.
Please believe in facts and you have nothing to lose by doing it!
Funny! Yes, funny are the most of the human interactions, as long as no human gets killed by another human or a groups of humans.
The too old styled mankind killing politics in the name of God by the advisers of any of the parties of Semitic Origins such as Iranians, Saudi-Arabians, Palestinians, Lebanese, Pakistanis, Afghans etc. will never going to go un-noticed and un-addressed by the New Generation of Collective Global public.
It’s time for intelligent, New Kind of US and Global politics without weapons of Wars.
Playing non-violent funny games is Okay as developments for betterment of the mankind -all over the World, is to continue simultaneously.
The changing process will be slow but someone(s) have to start it to be continued for decades and only a few wise heads like Mr. Obama, now understand how the violent reality can become peaceful and of course, by a slowly developing process of digitally identifying and confining the bad guys -a very small percentage of the Global populace including ‘a beggar on the global street or a king inside a palace’.
The Cosmos’ Creator or religion-less God is blame-free even when killings are committed through non-human, natural creations such as unpredictable Tsunami, new bacterial epidemic etc.
These have and will always destroy partial mankind somewhere and humans can do nothing but *the exception is: when killings are committed through creations such as: some super-stupid, dumb-human-heads in power; because the closely interconnected Global public now can do something and that is why Global uprisings will continue for a long time until religious-type old politics are replaced by a new fittest kind for this digital era.
For this reason, still there will be no peace in the lands of today’s Egypt, Libya, Palestine, Israel, India, Bangladesh etc.. The non-violent wars of protests will continue from inside e.g. For Saudi-Arabia, its own Public and not Outsider: Israeli Public.
The old style media propaganda won’t work anymore as ‘the electronic social networks with daily true facts’ are becoming replacements. Even attempts to start a “Third World War -will become a matter of idiots’ conspiracy” in the eyes of collective ‘evolved Global Public’.
Each of us -the wise Westerners, despite our financial hardship, have to get used to enjoying life without luxury for a while and try to have fun in the apparently endless game of living *Life -A truly Cosmic gift of the forever mysterious, cruel (in the human sense of understanding) and Loving Creator.
*Jan 8, 2012
The comedy of War scenarios in the International horizon is being perpitrated by a bunch of idiots, no one should underestimate Obama’s wisdom because God is behind each honest guys like him, especially this time around, and kindly trust my words because the source is so clear that I have and no one should have any trace of doubts in minds. Just support where ever you are and distribute the following to all the readers all over the world S.V.P..



Evidences of Mockery of Justice through the loopholes desinged by faceless or outlandish-minded folks of Canadian Crown Corporation.

—– Original Message —- From: JUS-G-MAG-Policy-Correspondence (JUS) <> To: Sent: Wed, July 8, 2009 2:12:34 PM Subject: MAG Policy Division response to yo...
by admin


Preconditions for North-America in order to Emerge as a pioneering leadership again in digital Age as ever-stronger:

New and young spirited law makers are desperately needed: Artificially raised oil price-very possibly if, Obama wishes to continue being the leader of world leaders, goes down, without labor industry-Libyans’ dream of fin...
by admin



How a group of super-wealthy bosses (faceless thugs) in disguise of corporate heads do their dishonest manipulations unseen:

Digitally captured evidences: * As of Nov 22, 2011 In support of my post here dated Nov 16: why I believe un-manipulable digital tech. may contribute tremendously to the developments of positive sides of humanity in the near f...
by admin


HGP’s New Design of North-America led Geo-politics as prerequisite for dispersing super-wealthy thugs from manipulating global governments and judicial systems.

Jan 12, 2012 The current political campaign debate of USA will leave some clues for smart minds to realize that this time words of optimism won’t even do a little help to the drastically adjusting US economy in the light ...
by admin



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