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April 24, 2013

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Nov 22, 2011 Posted in Good Media: ProPublica Shahislam\s Official Website   SHAHISLAM.COM

In support of my post here dated Nov 16: why I believe un-manipulable digital tech. may contribute tremendously to the developments of positive sides of humanity in the near future,
None can get away after doing wrongful things anymore, because digital evidences are too invincible to be destroyed or manipulated, unlike the old times.
I have attached below a part of my personal case involving two Govts.. of one territory, for you. if may realize by simply banning current norm: acceptance of official lies, how easily our judicial system can take advantage of the available technologies of present time as nothing can be kept hidden anymore, if new laws are made and passed against protection of everyday negative things done by unscrupulous professionals and businessmen.

Date: Nov 22, 2011.
Part -1 ************************************************
Dear MagicJack Internet-Phone service Authority
(And other appropriate Authorities),
In order to assist more and make it easier for the MJ Engineers finding where the Phone Hacking precisely took place, I would like to provide them with some vivid and clear clues in *Part -2, further below.
Please be notified that in addition to having a chat on Nov 15, 2011 with MJ Agent: Bejamine (Chat ID # LTK554015109518X); last evening (Nov 21, 2011) I had an Internet chat (Chat ID # LTK554015987388X) with MJ Agent: MARA.
Below quoted some of the (difficult to record, unless hand-written by MJ customers) -conversations for your notice:
Me (Shah Islam): Ok, now will you make sure that you shall provide me with MJ’s admin’s email Address for discussing a Phone Hacking Issue -I notified MJ Agent: Benjamine on Nov 15, 2011?
MARA: Yes. I have checked here, our Engineers are still working on your Issue now. They have been tracing Your Line to determine Hacker.
MARA: I humbly ask for your patience and understanding regarding this Issue.
Me (Shah Islam): Will you kindly email me the email-Address of MJ admin now? Or later when MJ Engineers find the clues of Hacking done by an elusive Canadian party?
MARA: Yes, we will surely email you once it is done.
MARA: Please do not worry, rest assured that you will get a fine result on this matter.
Me (Shah Islam): Thank you so much Mara for your assurance of receiving a fine result of that serious Hacking Issue -I discovered on July 8, 2011. Have a wonderful evening. Bye for now.
Part-2 *********************************************************
Date: November 22, 2011
Dear MJ and related appropriate Authorities and Dear Recipients of this email,


I have gathered proofs of ‘my personal phone line hacking (VOIP Magic Jack Phone # 647-977-3000)’ by an elusive authority that I honestly believe without prejudice, exists even inside our great judicial system of North-America too.
I would have no objection, if “Phone hacking” becomes openly declared one of the “Yet to be passed – new laws for honest administration of justice to everyone that shall include a poor helpless citizen or a rich king or Corporate-businessman without discrimination.
Moreover, I am proud of having the opportunity to let my voice be heard by the most honest and brave leadership(s) of all times, of our Great North-American territory and back the above leadership(s) by my support for unlimited prosperity beyond aspiration of regional public. I believe that is the only way to strengthen our pioneering leadership of Great North-America.
I repeat again; if such kind of “Hackings” get randomly and un-biasedly done by any party through honest declaration, especially from any legal authority, I have no problem letting my Internet-Phone line(s) and digital call logs or records thereof, be hacked even every moment of a day and day to day basis!
But until such hidden monitoring activities become part of our Great Western Governments’ openly declared policies and laws -applicable to each citizen or member of the public including a head of a rich Corporation or a too much wealth-greedy businessman or a modern-day king, I will continue to object.
My objection in the form of a formal complaint today, I am humbly submitting to Magic Jack Authority and all others, after I have become certain and noted evidences in records of my Magic Jack phone line: 647-977-3000 -when it had been being hacked (Upon checking by you, MJ’s digital records in its Server or original-system-records of calls, you will be unfailingly able to match my reports and find the true facts).
The hacking got my first attention on July 8, 2011 when I checked digital log list of my MJ phone in my computer after experiencing some suspicious blocking activities of some phone numbers as my contacts. The evidences of telephone contacts with myself by my platonic female friend: Ms. Agnieszka Wasilewska’s through calls made out to my MJ phone # 647-977-3000 from her land phone # 289-837-1417 were removed from the calls’ list. ( Please note: Ms. Agnieszka W. is a strong witness -who personally watched many crucial incidents; e.g. -How the Crown was being misled by some mischievous Manager(s) at my work place?; -Knows exactly who touched who and whether there were any sexual nature involved! -Why some lied and manipulated others including the Crown with conpiracy and compulsive lies.)
On June 7, 2011 and June 15, 2011, Agnieszka W. and I had phone conversations. After talking with her just before 1pm on June 15, 2011, I also called and visited my family doctor: F.B.T. Forbes’ clinic at 1:30pm and later I found out that Doctor Forbes’ official Phone # 905-792-2245 was not manipulated but Agnieszka’s call records disappeared from the list. In next few days I noticed all the records of her calls gradually (to and from) were erased from the yet visibly available list of calls (made and received for entire period -more than a year, since I owned the MJ VOIP phone) on the computer screen but I could still find the evidences of ridiculous removal of phone numbers in the odd blank spaces in the list.
The list -clearly visible on the phone log on my computer screen, was displaying records of all the calls made and received from ‘the first day of ‘my MJ phone activation’ up until before July 8, 2011 and moreover, last month I again discovered that the list has been reduced to contain calls in the log of a few months only.
Today (Nov 22 at 3:32 am), I have noted the list remained (the same as I noted on Nov 14, 2011) from July 26, 2011 (unlike past, ridiculously not available beyond 7/26//2011 @ 12:21:39pm) to Sept 21, 2011 @ 1:43:27 pm. where all the calls are absurdly (never seen before) marked with “confusing ‘Cross in RED’ color” and there are also left, evidences of notice-able manipulations that took place in the mean time.
The elusive manipulators are caught “Red handed’ by the digital evidences (if not protected eventually by crime encouraging laws) because I kept, to remain doubtless, a diary of printed records of time and description of callers etc..
For Examples :
*Ms. Selonge called and spoke to me on July 29, 2011 at 4:22:36 pm but it is now not shown in any of the 3 calls (from an impossibly odd 9 digit # 26669-6687) cross-marked in RED color in the list of calls on that day. We desperately in need of finding out the originating caller of the said number and the individuals behind acts of phone calls’ log manipulations and call hacking etc.
*On Oct 14, 2011@ Between 4:15 & 4:22pm I called @ 1-877-982-7466 and spoke to Ms. Kiwana of Tarion Warranty Corporation but today in the MJ call list, nothing shows any sign of that call was made but Ms. Kiwana on Oct 14, 2011 confirmed me that a person from Tarion named: Mr. Fyed called my MJ # 647-977-3000 on Oct 13, 2011 (in order to get the job done for a water leakage problem of faulty flappers inside toilet water tanks) but MJ call log shows only one call I received on that day and it was mysteriously from early mentioned Phone # 26669-6687. There are big lies and manipulations involving some Corporations of the one territorial but two Governments in the above matters and Magic Jack Authority has an important role to play in solving the mystery. I think, more evidences of Hacking has been suppressed by an elusive party which is already, I believe, under watch of both the interconnected territorial Governments under control of Honorable Mr. Barack Obama’s Good Administration and our Canadian Great Administration of Honourable Mr. Harper.
*On Oct 15, 2010 Ms. Trisha from Brampton Superior Court, just like other callers from Courts called me at my Magic Jack number # 647-977-3000 and verbally confirmed me that after a long wait, finally, the reproduction and / or investigation process of a requested very important document had begun according to the December 5, 2008-order of an Honourable Justice of Brampton Court, Ontario, Canada and I gladly verified and noted Brampton Court house’s Telephone number in the MJ call log and was satisfied on MJ’s inexpensive but reliably good phone service, as no other traditional phone services ever offered such a feature, easily use-able as evidences but later on early mentioned Court personnel: Ms. Trisha disappeared and she was nowhere to be identified or found. Therefore, now, for this and some other evidentiary reasons, I need MJ’s full and complete list of calls from the beginning of 2010.
In the mean time, never the less, to help you with more details of mischievous manipulations of calls, I need your co-operation urgently in resetting my account from MJ’s Engineers’ original technical-end to make available to me by ‘usual way of cumputer screen display as it was before July 8, 2011’ or by printed hard copy, -an accurate and un-manipulated list of all the calls from your Magic Jack Server or MJ file records from the very beginning -when My # 647-977-3000 was first activated and up to current time.
Would you please cordially assist me? Although, I prefer e-mail, please feel free to communicate with me by any means of your choice.
Mr. Shah Islam

Jan 11, 2012

Voting system now may become very simple, no old style: fund raising will be needed if votes can be casted electronically using the social medias such as Face-book. The virtual President (US) of the World should be elected each year by the Public of the World or interested Global folks with minimum intelligence (e.g. of using a cellphone device or maintaining a digital identity), in most economic and accurate ways in the near future and that ‘New Model’ is to be followed by all the Sub-governments and municipalities in the World under a truly humanitarian UN power headed by less-greedy individuals such as Writers like me and you in ProPublica, Mr. Gorbachev, Mr. Obama etc. and never again by animal-like selfish and money hungry businessmen of War machines, religions, guns, drugs and Oil.

With a decade-long empty US government-revenue-coffer (negative balance sheet for credits) a benevolent dictator could now make better adjustment of the Left and Right things. Lots of regulations need to be modified and not by malfunctioning old heads but by the spirit and opinions of today’s younger generations using inexpensive, easy and accurately precise digital tools.

Dec 24, 2012

Of course this painkiller issue wouldn’t be a issue at all and would just cost a quarter, if some really wise and bold guys in the world think tank could successfully make a little attempt to change the way and attitude with which the global public look at the actual killers and killing things. Banning dangerous killer: the private guns in the global street and legalizing opioid type things instead, would have facilitated a peaceful situation of lesser crimes and made possible lesser people die but more happily.
Attachments dated: Dec 25, 2011
WaIlter D. Jr., barney, Pete, Ronnie, TN Jed and some more sufferers of pain,
I understand very well the kind of sufferings you have and been enduring, especially without pain-killers help; because I am just another one like you.
Let’s try to generate awareness about the benefits of making these natural drugs cheap like spinach or lettuce by legalizing its production and as free bonus help reduce immediately at least 50% of the heinous crimes committed by guns on the global streets only for drug-trafficking-business related issues.
Bangladesh do not necessarily need financial help from world bank or IMF etc., because nothing is free and beggars can never be choosers of essential things to become a globally respectable nation. Keep religion confined in own home and money in homeland.
May be Indians are smarter but there is brutal thugs in ruler-ship of Arabic lands where bad guys with minor crimes are caught will be beheaded without proper trials.
Dear Muslim motherlanders, I didn’t choose but was born from a Muslim mother’s womb. But I would humbly like to suggest to you that God will hear from Dhaka-City or Tongi too and in order to go to heaven no wise guy from this area needs to go to Mecca -now in control of ‘human head cutter: thugs’ in the disguise of God’s law implementors. Without proper administration of justice no sane human but inhuman thugs not God can brutally behead other humans. The power is now not based on religiously blind believers but too much wealth and money from businesses of Oil and Religion.
Emission, pollution things are short-term biodegradeable non-sense issues, created by greedy heads that also earns money by selling unnecessary and unproductive things e.g. compulsory daily world oil production report to Oil dealerships for USD$ 10,000.00 and ultimately who pay the price? The helpless customers in the Gas-Station.
And the bi-product of these kind ‘unseen robbery type acts’ are humaitarian crisis, suffering from poverty, starvation of partial mankind somewhere, terrorism, wars etc. elsewhere in the world. *****************
We the wise International leaders have to keep forgiving many past and present leaders for crimes against humanity until the map of the structure of a totally impartial UN power is formed. Current Russian and Chinese heads, just try to act prudently while continuing honest efforts to build above stated UN’s formation.*****************
It’s not a problem at all, only a few good world leaders or wise guts with great ideas are needed.
For example: The more restriction, the current idiot and dumb heads of many in the current world Governments, try to impose, the more curiosity will arise in the collective minds of younger generations all over the world. *********************
Freedom after restriction on delivering wise information of all kinds beyond religious-type dogmas and then, whatever is the outcome is the reality to which even dumb hereditary style heads too, should get used to. ************
e.g. No one can stop the production of naturally grown plants of drugs in a million of years and the attempts to control their cultivation will only create more money-making opportunities for the drug businessmen and its traffickers.
We the wise heads at this easy communication era, are honestly able to generate awareness about good and bad side of all problematic but solvable issues; e.g. the benefits of making these natural drugs cheap like spinach or lettuce by legalizing its production and as free bonus help reduce immediately at least 50% of the heinous crimes committed by guns on the global streets only for drug-trafficking-business related issues.
Etc. Etc. Etc..
An related excerpt from a writing of mine:
Dear Reader, I am happy to hear that you always take care of great things and please ensure safety of those in every moment of the day and then, I may also hope, as I requested my friend to take care of me by just keeping an eye on my personal safety in North-America or anywhere in the World, especially, when I shall be visiting Bangladesh, as I have recently planned.
Locating me is very easy in this digital era because I will be carrying with me my International Writing machine: the Laptop connected with the global Internet network.
Not to write more now, regarding our great works ahead, I just can say in summation: It’s the labor of human hands only that matters, that can and that will, for example: make every city in the world to become similar to Manhattan @ N.Y. and not Bank-notes (wealth) nor Oil nor Bricks; and there will never ever be any shortage of natural resources on this Earth and we cannot import or export to and from anywhere outside this Earth; -which, for energy, is totally dependent on a too tiny to notice: solar ray that reaches the Earth in the day-time; any of the constantly recycling chemicals of atoms that are busyly active forever in ‘50% rule’ of balancing the Electrons, Protons and Neutrons. And therefore, air, sea and land pollutions, global warming etc. are propaganda-type non-sense ‘long-term issues of worry’ created by poor understanding of Universe or Cosmos by a very limited knowledgeable, small-minded group of Scientists -just busy in trying to earn livings for themselves (There is more to discover in the too large Cosmos but all the resources on the Earth is too limited to become wastage of labors and wealth, except installations of Satellites, Camera type things 350 KM above the Earth.)
Dear reader, the last but now more important thing I would kindly request and encourage you to do is: one of these days, if you get an opportunity, for example, while having dinner with my friend, tell him that I am humbly suggesting or reminding him of the following nice action: “in order to give peace a boost on the soil of North-America and the slow advancement of humanity on this Earth; the process of taking the ‘Private guns’ away from the global streets (Direct killers’ private guns will be useless if production of un-controllable natural drug plants are legalized) have to start from North-America and the sooner is better, even later is better than never because, if guys like us are not there, may be No body, in this 21st Century, will start this action and create positive awareness against increasing brutal crimes of guns.
Of course, the ensuing new generation geopolitical atmosphere will facilitate, by all means the avoidance of ‘Do or Die’ situations for only forcing the ‘self luxury seeking, dishonest leader-ships’ in the global context to willingly surrender to the demand of time and quit practices of power manipulations without violence.
I am sure, by the grace of CC, in the rare ‘Field of obscure but world changing blessed mental power of positive thoughts’ brilliant he has the best of the best capacity along with backing of ‘forgiveness and honesty based powerful guys like me’ and that is why “We shall win in the biggest ways” although not easily but with lots of unselfish tasks and breaking ideas -aimed at far distances where too many jobs will be available for decades in producing agricultural products and constructing buildings, bridges, roadways, giant but countless air-crafts etc. not only in and for North-American territory but in and for all corners of the World under the forever humanitarian US enterprises -honestly regulated by new ‘Tax rules’, laws, ‘No deficit or balanced trades’, foreign policies etc.. (e.g. If totally new generation politicking become able to replace the hereditary styled -parasitical ones in Bangladesh, controlled by money hungry businessmen and thugs with low mentality like too selfish animals, Bangladesh by its jobless own labor force, collected tax and printed money, imported materials, machines and expert help can immediately start dozens of desperately needed huge bridges, elevated roadways etc. and if USA can replace Chinese labors for Bangladeshi cheaper labors; only because of balanced trade policy USA can become the supplier of needed foreign materials, instead of India or China. (In short: Both have huge trade deficits with Bangladesh-of which the 160 million member: public dream is bigger than ever to have standards and things comparable to the ones the Westerners have and thus engage USA in mutually benefiting many businesses).
We shall have to be virtually re-born and that means: the global public’s heart winning humanitarian “Win Win mission” of non-stop auto job creation process will need to be continued by next ones and still backed by honest new UN law makers like us from possible new ‘Think tank’ and never again by representatives of too greedy unscrupulous manipulators in Oil and Weapon Businesses, anymore.
The Crown of Canada is 100% percent responsible for forcefully inflicting on me the suffering of excruciating back pain and at least these pain killers are helping me making a difference.
The gifted plants are one of the cheapest vegetables on Earth, the idiot politicians of the past abnormally made it expensive for their personal monetary gains eventually and this fact is going unaddressed. All of wise ones of us can help make it normal again by awareness, knowing the true fact: much less people will die from abusing the plant when all of a sudden stops the globally occurring millions of deaths, caused by the drug manufacturing and trafficking businesses, just in a second! Let’s push Brilliant: Obama and he is the only available Leader with enough Wisdom capable of making the World safer than ever and a less violent place.
*Sept 4, 2011
Wow! Highly meaningful comments made by respectable specialists here have been noted. But I am afraid to limit myself with precise knowledge about a few fields only and rather willing to remain obscure as a Generalist for some reasons in my neutral beliefs beyond my control and complete understanding. But I understand that there is a constant natural balancing act (Unbiased Rule of 50%) being performed cosmically, such as: in recent calamities, a tsunami of sea /ocean has claimed 17,000 from the population of too much sea food consuming Japanese or a drought is bound to cause perishing of numerous hungry people of piracy-type violence causing Somalia or with an evil purpose of a few guys in leadership of course, costly but unnecessarily nuclear weapon producing North Korea, (Yesterday: Pakistan; Tomorrow: India) etc. if supply of humanitarian aids for humans are blocked somehow directly or indirectly by some vindictive groups of humans! If Creator destroy its creation there is none to blame and some kings or religious leaders of the old have so far succeeded to fool the mankind for the fulfillment of their personal ambitions by strict enforcement of political laws but their time has run out!
I have seen with my own eyes: There are vast cultivatable lands on this Earth waiting for vegetation /fruition of all types including clean fuel producing ones for energy (in addition of Wind and solar) and we may rest worry-free about overpopulation. Why do mankind (personally and ignoring 50% control on self even when in impaired state) commit crimes of greed, envy etc. and then suffer very personally for the rest of own life time?
It is a crime for a human to plan or kill another human (such as the blind religious or supremacist groups do) and the personal price including inner-silent tortures of built-in human self-consciousness is payable on this earth and inevitable. That is one of many ‘how the cosmic rules for humans are set at default’ and only the acts of ageless Creator/ God has always been remained untouched by humanly judgmental sense of right and wrong!
*Aug 12, 2012

I am just feeling impatient! The old days of doing politics when the main thing the public dream developer, nicely talking politicians had on their minds was nothing but making money for themselves are becoming history, if morality prevails over selfish dishonesty.
Now, we desperately in need of changing some old laws (Such as: legalization of official lies and tricks) made by some previledged groups with hidden purposes.More real life experienced true stories of how unscrupulously a few rich guys’ controlled “our North-American (including our monopolizing Canadian fund managers too without ethical standard or sense of morality) banking sector have become imbalanced” is coming up soon to be posted in everywhere right after I personally gather direct evidences from the Canadian side.
Canada and USA, yet under UK’s positive shade, are actually inseparable but because of some extremely selfish ego blind guys that includes some narrow minded unsmart francophones, we can’t immediately have same monetary currency on the both pieces of lands of the same territory! For sake of continuing our existence as a great North-American power at this time of massive global economic change, we need to be strongly united together in no time by sacrificing our smaller bipartisan political interests at homeland.



The blessed North American leader of coming decade: Justin Trudeau.

Hi ‘jt’, It’s gonna be much easier than those guys are saying …… You must be wondering how? I’ll tell you soon, but you need to facilitate …….
by admin


Evidences of Mockery of Justice through the loopholes desinged by faceless or outlandish-minded folks of Canadian Crown Corporation.

—– Original Message —- From: JUS-G-MAG-Policy-Correspondence (JUS) <> To: Sent: Wed, July 8, 2009 2:12:34 PM Subject: MAG Policy Division response to yo...
by admin



Preconditions for North-America in order to Emerge as a pioneering leadership again in digital Age as ever-stronger:

New and young spirited law makers are desperately needed: Artificially raised oil price-very possibly if, Obama wishes to continue being the leader of world leaders, goes down, without labor industry-Libyans’ dream of fin...
by admin


How a group of super-wealthy bosses (faceless thugs) in disguise of corporate heads do their dishonest manipulations unseen:

Digitally captured evidences: * As of Nov 22, 2011 In support of my post here dated Nov 16: why I believe un-manipulable digital tech. may contribute tremendously to the developments of positive sides of humanity in the near f...
by admin



  1. S.S.

    June 13, 2013 (To be posted in Prpblica)
    Visiting may help readers self-educate with smart but irreligious wisdom.
    Being born and raised up @ my teenage in Bangladesh I know:
    Punishing factory owners and not the hopelessly dumb and recklessly greedy (Hereditary old style continuation of kingless prime-ministerial system of power abusing / social disorder causing senseless politics of secret manipulation or brutality) political leaders of Bangladesh; shall mean further financial hardship for helplessly needy Bangladeshi laborers who still not very unhappy to defray their every-day’s living costs of their family from an approximate earning of USD$ 2 /a Day per person (12 hours labor).
    Healthy democracy can exist even when run by temporarily publicly elected dictators but never in this digital age by permanent, old-fashioned leadership of heredity or ruler-ship of king-royal type unwanted bullying folks that used to be self-declared lords of heaven on earth to rule over ordinary /average folks by using force of cruelty or abusing power of guns, laws etc..

    Prpblca June 2, 2013
    By simply amending the outdated amendments in this digital age and by inexpensive e-voting we/ the people can make sure to have digitally the power of home and foreign politics in honest & good hands and of course out of evil grips of super-wealthy thugs in disguise of noble men, gun -makers, dealers, direct or indirectly benefiting private users their of, kings, queens etc.- (that by heredity contemplate in Saudi-Amir style, to easily continue living lives of too luxurious-filthy-wealthiest abusing the power of gun-based politicking and the fruits of less or un-paid hard labors of others).

  2. S.S.

    Date of Post: September 27,2013.
    Wise ones can note a few good points indicated by Mr. John as matters of eternal facts!
    The past is gone and now no big deals are issues relating to weapons of all kinds.
    We -the wise heads in this century can make sure at this very moment that for the next thousand years ‘No brutal minded thugs in the disguise of state-heads, royals, businessmen of law, politics etc.’ shall be able to misuse natural power vacuum anymore in dark-age-styles.
    Because of our current US Administration’s good job and therefore, embarrassment created by wisdom of new generation global folks; Putin, Netanyahu, Markel type heads wouldn’t even dream anymore tomorrow to produce and sell such bomb-materials including those of nukes, leaving royal-type war-mongers on the verge of extinction like dangerous animals.

    Now we -the nonviolent minded, wise guys should feel less worried about ingredients, threat and makers of bombs after reading this theory: “Bury them soonest, as chemicals do not come from outside of our self sufficient world, they will dissolve fast into and remain underneath the earth where they safely belonged to earlier from the cosmic beginning of creation.

    Back to the point: The power-vacuum is now in the hands of ordinary ‘Folks of Wisdom’ and It’s going to be ‘Brutal war and weapon’ -free world for up coming global generations!

    It can be made sure: At least until 2020, Biden-Barack continue what have been started and V. Putin(s), Hassan R(s) etc. become our friends and not servants of super-wealthy-thugs 200 /2000 (SWTs in disguise like Assad(s), Emir(s), King(s), Queen(s), Businessmen of Oil. Gun, Law etc. that, still in today’s time of digital transparency, keeps humanity’s sufferings continuous only because of greed of too much wealth and power)

  3. S.S.

    The good out of bad is in the answer of this question:
    Why the Shutdown occurred just 20 days ahead of time?
    Distract global folks’ attention from the due outcome of USA-Russia-Iran + joint venture against “royal-crimes in dark-age fashion (e.g. Saudi Arabian or old kingdom’s politics of brutality -openly at occupied homeland and secretly abroad by supplied huge monetary funds)”

    The GOOD: Kudos to Obama-Biden-Kerry-Hagel —the blessed and most successful team among all current, recent and past US Administrations.

    This team will be recognized as the BEST of all by Global folks when the captured Field-terrorists at fair & transparent trials shall begin to divulge the names of actual fund providers or brutal-minded thugs of oil & gun politics and /or royals, oil-wealthy-businessmen of religions, bombs in noble disguise etc..

    ” * Selfless Works & honest Wishes for the Earthly benefit of Mankind in this World only are bound to come true ! ”
    A wise reader in searching of wisdom would like to visit wwwshahislamDOTcom

  4. S.S.

    In this rapidly advancing digital age of quick and adroit awareness in universally knowledgeable matters, most of the global populace is being self educated without certificates of pundity (old style problem solving tactfulness of punditry in the lawless royal-dark-ages).
    And the gradually increasing numbers with self learned mediocre level of wisdom shall make “old-fashioned certificated products of outdated organisations” such as law-schools, universities etc. feel & look like ‘Jobless certified fools with old royal type useless credentials”.

    Simultaneously developing in all corners, the emerging new ‘Luxury seeking world generation’ needs now only productive hands of skilled labor and not too many ‘manipulating brain products of opportunity’ anymore ending the old game of educational certificates in confusing imperial design of extreme greed and dishonest manipulation.
    posted on Oct 7, 2013

  5. Mr. Shahislam

    Being in Better off condition or Not (For Billions of Hard working modern time members of Global Public) is in the grip of these Super Wealthy group of approximately 200 noble-businessmen of *Oil (Canadian, Saudi, Algerian, US etc.) *Land (Canadian lands, Arabian deserts etc.), *Law (e.g. North-American, Indian, Australian etc.), *Religion (Regardless whether these old political business operations in the name of GOD exist in European or Arabian lands -the masterminds by heredity are same group of unscrupulous, ‘Misleading by lying’ and brutal minded guys), *Bomb -Mainly Britain, France, Israel, USA, Canada, Russia, (soon China+ to be added if royals of dark-ages are still allowed to remain on Public-Duty elsewhere in the World) based Killing tools of WAR & Terrorism (Guns, Warships, Nukes, Drones etc.)

    More insights as matters of True facts can be added from the following Post that I wrote for numerous Global media:

    As a real life Victim of English Royal-crimes {headed indirectly or directly (In Canada top or immediate Boss of Justice Departments, powerless or conditioned Judges and Police is the same Queen of UK with some old-style confusing causing but now Non-sense titles such as ‘her Majesty, your honorable, super-wealthy head under Crown -designed with robbed diamonds, Kohinoor etc.) by the Queen of Great Britain as Head of the North-American Police Forces with enough evidences. British Royal Criminals in disguises of noble or holy Lady & Englishmen} these days I’m finding it impossible to write to you what you’d surely like to hear because the faceless guys in Canadian Crown Corporation via dumbish loyal folks of dishonest, cruel royals; unscrupulous Microsoft & other too greedy Corporations such as Yahoo are making my Laptop jammed by their remotely operating secret Techniques such as PC -VIRUS cleaner Programs, electronic Cookies etc. that just like royal-vikings can access any computer via Internet connection and cause electronic device jamming and make money in Trillions of USD$ Dollars for lifelong royal business partners such as too Greedy Mr. Bill Gates of Microsoft monopoly Business.

    Please in the meantime learn my “Story of becoming a best example of ever elusive royal-crimes (Since 2007 and recently added another significant part with evidences of virtual ‘royal-highway-robbery at Queen Elizabeth Way’ perpetrated on Jan 24, 2014 & to be challenged on ensuring February 25, 2015 -which under Public Media supervision may shed lights on how it is possible to help every North-American Household become ‘At least a Thousand dollar richer’ by these kind if financial crime done in favor of British-Alliance of Insures that in the protection of Jorgonalizd Classified type manipulable laws financially benefits British-royals in Billions of US$ Dollars annually” by visiting,and at Twitter: Shahislam16.

    Sincerely thanks for your interest in sharing my story and the possibility of helping countless already dead or still alive royal-victims affected by yet continuing smoothly clueless British-model Crimes.

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