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April 22, 2013

Positively World Changing Writings, Thoughts and Comments posted on the globally popular walls of Media.

Hey global public portion of the East, educate yourselves by reading the writings here:
* Most of you are living life in poverty because the leaders in the East including piece of lands such as China, Bangladesh, India, Nepal etc., you guys are 100 years back in terms of laws and orders that are practically in use in the West. It will take a century for you to learn how democracy works, unless you welcome and honor Western experts as your mentor /teachers.
There is not much difference between these religiously motivated shooters, bombers, killers in North-America, Scandinavia etc. and the 9/11 terrorist-hijackers hired by Bin Laden from Palestine.
*This is a smart move to create pressure on those ignorant heads of developing countries but I am just advising our Western heads not to worry too much on the future’s uncontrollable global pollution as the population will continue to increase in the East.

The so called scientific warnings are  like small-minded propaganda with a purpose of finding livings for some so called certificated but less-necessary professionals with enough unhealthy and  imagined good causes.
*Note: Unhappy world leaders can only make the world populace more unhappy.
So, consider the happiness factor in the natural facial expression of leaders (e.g. Happy faced President Barack Obama in 2013) before you cast your vote.
Semitic leaders like bearded Emirs, Bushes, Hedgehogs are incapable of smiling or be happy, how can they make others or global folks under their leadership happy?
Hezbollah, Hamas, Iranian, Bengali etc. and similar Mullah-minded leaders in 2013 should find some good or happy personal businesses except politics only and set free territorial younger portion of the global public from feeling like held as hostage and thereby obstruct humanity’s possible global progress beyond old fashioned limitations -’that are directly imposed by old political ideas or religious blindness of human’s vulnerable belief system!
All, the human races always want is to remain happy and feel alive! Semitic leaders in power up until 2013 are energetic guys with small minds but surely want the same just like mankind anywhere on earth does; so, forget your own ego and selfishness. Let’s lift the boundaries; Set the humanity free and happily share one world as if it is the only paradise in the eternal Cosmic system of the religion-less Creator.
I have been confirmed and confirming all hereby that we humans like all the creations become just atoms or in other words: chemicals after our hearts stop functioning. We as souls have only one chance to live life only once and on this planet: Earth only.



Evidences of Mockery of Justice through the loopholes desinged by faceless or outlandish-minded folks of Canadian Crown Corporation.

—– Original Message —- From: JUS-G-MAG-Policy-Correspondence (JUS) <> To: Sent: Wed, July 8, 2009 2:12:34 PM Subject: MAG Policy Division response to yo...
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Preconditions for North-America in order to Emerge as a pioneering leadership again in digital Age as ever-stronger:

New and young spirited law makers are desperately needed: Artificially raised oil price-very possibly if, Obama wishes to continue being the leader of world leaders, goes down, without labor industry-Libyans’ dream of fin...
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How a group of super-wealthy bosses (faceless thugs) in disguise of corporate heads do their dishonest manipulations unseen:

Digitally captured evidences: * As of Nov 22, 2011 In support of my post here dated Nov 16: why I believe un-manipulable digital tech. may contribute tremendously to the developments of positive sides of humanity in the near f...
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HGP’s New Design of North-America led Geo-politics as prerequisite for dispersing super-wealthy thugs from manipulating global governments and judicial systems.

Jan 12, 2012 The current political campaign debate of USA will leave some clues for smart minds to realize that this time words of optimism won’t even do a little help to the drastically adjusting US economy in the light ...
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