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Posted  May 22, 2012  by  admin

In ProPublica: Shahislam May 18, 2:05 a.m. North-Americans shouldn’t worry over this JP Morgan type of pre-planned gambling events. Such things are happening regularly in countries like Bangladesh, India etc. where billionaire gamblers are funded by Swiss Banks with tons of illegal money and their gain is guaranteed. Only losers are inexperienced small local gamblers. […]

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Failure of Anti-bacterial type treatment for Terrorists.

Dec 23, 2011 Airport security type too expensive machines are health hazzard and no good but keep them for show and inactive, there to scare criminal minded guys and only activate when someone from a suspicious background e.g. ...
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Tips re: royal kind theft of natural resources (for improvement to our territorial good Heads).

Dec 17, 2011 PM: Mr. Steven Harper is absolutely right but realizing his hopeful thoughts will be only more difficult because of Canadian energy /oil fields’ actual owners and the ‘economy manipulating, greedy gas-...
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Re: Taking successful control of Private Gun -owenrship totally and Globally.

*Dec 16, 2011/ incl. ProPublica  Topic No. 1.  Let’s change some policies and begin banning private ownership of all kinds of weapons. The sooner we can start taking private guns away from the global streets the lesser will...
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Commnunications to & fro @ Current US Administration since 2012.

*Jul 20, 2011 You are worrying too much about a fly in front of your eyes but totally ignorant about a lurking crocodile behind your back! The more important is that fake crocodile  and crook-facts are coming up to be open se...
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