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Shahislam’s Posted Comments in several World-Class News Media.

Posted  May 22, 2012  by  admin

In ProPublica: Shahislam May 18, 2:05 a.m. North-Americans shouldn’t worry over this JP Morgan type of pre-planned gambling events. Such things are happening regularly in countries like Bangladesh, India etc. where billionaire gamblers are funded by Swiss Banks with tons of illegal money and their gain is guaranteed. Only losers are inexperienced small local gamblers. […]

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HGP’s New Design of North-America led Geo-politics as prerequisite for dispersing super-wealthy thugs from manipulating global governments and judicial systems.

Jan 12, 2012 The current political campaign debate of USA will leave some clues for smart minds to realize that this time words of optimism won’t even do a little help to the drastically adjusting US economy in the light ...
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Re: BANGLADESH / Insights for understanding -How a group of less-greedy or almost selfless guys of Bangladeshi & other origins can turn Bangladesh into a Top Industrilized Country soon.

The positive change is possible through awareness of honesty driven mixed policy of Democratic & Social Welfare States. (The manipulative old Western think-tank of World-politics has currently a new set of Honesty-driven ...
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Posts in Yahoo News and other Media.

Jan 4, 1012 In this rapidly developing digital communication era, it is possible to find out electronically the exact whereabouts of hackers. But only need to abolish some privacy laws allowing Internet controller by (and only ...
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Non-violent New Generation Geo-politics doesn`t need War-toys!

Jan 1, 2012 Which individuals are behind the profiting party from selling of war toys? Good heads, just get prepared for new kind of politics in 2012. Watch how the 3rd Word’s dumb heads are planning to Cling to powers by...
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Posted in Good Media: ProPublica

Nov 22, 2011 In support of my post here dated Nov 16: why I believe un-manipulable digital tech. may contribute tremendously to the developments of positive sides of humanity in the near future, None can get away after doing wr...
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