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May 19, 2012

Instead of embracing non-sense traditions, we should promote the idea of making all kinds of painkillers available over-the-counter just like Paracitamol,Tylenol, semi-automatic guns, killing machines etc. It’s the criminal minds and not the drugs that commit crimes.



The blessed North American leader of coming decade: Justin Trudeau.

Hi ‘jt’, It’s gonna be much easier than those guys are saying …… You must be wondering how? I’ll tell you soon, but you need to facilitate …….
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Evidences of Mockery of Justice through the loopholes desinged by faceless or outlandish-minded folks of Canadian Crown Corporation.

—– Original Message —- From: JUS-G-MAG-Policy-Correspondence (JUS) <MAG.PolicyDivision@ontario.ca> To: islamshah16@yahoo.com Sent: Wed, July 8, 2009 2:12:34 PM Subject: MAG Policy Division response to yo...
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Preconditions for North-America in order to Emerge as a pioneering leadership again in digital Age as ever-stronger:

New and young spirited law makers are desperately needed: Artificially raised oil price-very possibly if, Obama wishes to continue being the leader of world leaders, goes down, without labor industry-Libyans’ dream of fin...
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How a group of super-wealthy bosses (faceless thugs) in disguise of corporate heads do their dishonest manipulations unseen:

Digitally captured evidences: * As of Nov 22, 2011 In support of my post here dated Nov 16: why I believe un-manipulable digital tech. may contribute tremendously to the developments of positive sides of humanity in the near f...
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    Book of The 21st Century.

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    Good knowkedge.

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