The US President

April 26, 2012

How God Works through Humans for humans on this planet: the Earth!

the Earth

More than two *sources of powers, as follows below, have already begun to positively change numerous minds; therefore also, the real World of humans: *Forever Superior in exercising of earthly power, 2nd to God – the US President, Now: Mr. Barack Obama and *Nobody: Mr. Shahislam and *The Cosmic Creator: One God of all Beliefs or religions (Although Creator of Cosmos has nothing to do with past religious leaders and their invented religions for satisfying mere personal ambitions and obtaining political mainly and other gains in old times).


new beginning


It’s a test posting.   —– Forwarded Message —–From: Shah Islam <> To: Sent: Sunday, November 20, 2011 11:54:46 AM Subject: Well, I hope to see the CC would make it h...
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America and Bangladesh

America and Bangladesh

America and Bangladesh just like Two financially distinctive but virtual Municipalities in the global Context – Joining together in a ‘World Changing Special Way’ – Can easily set an example before all t...
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Barack Obama

The US President: Barack the Great in 2012

Mr. Barack Obama – One of a few Great Men with Honest Power, born to Real Honorably rule the World for this Century and Beyond. The Global Public is Lucky for Having Luckiest Barack Obama in smart control of USA as a US P...
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One Comment

  1. S.S.

    Problem of both selected or elected small minded politician with big certificates and poor understanding of false treat of Nukes.
    Don’t badmouth guys because in this digital era regardless good or bad everyone is easily identifiable as none is above fair laws.

    Learn by visiting wwwshahislamDOTcom to know how ONLY WELL TRAINED HUMAN-LABOR of hands (not brains) can have more positive outcome and better lifestyle of actual global prosperity. 16 minutes ago

    In this rapidly advancing digital age of quick and adroit awareness in universally knowledgeable matters, most of the global populace is being self educated without certificates of pundity (old style problem solving tactfulness of punditry in the lawless royal-dark-ages).
    And the gradually increasing numbers with self learned mediocre level of wisdom shall make “old-fashioned certificated products of outdated organisations” such as law-schools, universities etc. feel & look like ‘Jobless certified fools with old royal type useless credentials”.

    Simultaneously developing in all corners, the emerging new ‘Luxury seeking world generation’ needs now only productive hands of skilled labor and not too many ‘manipulating brain products of opportunity’ anymore ending the old game of educational certificates in confusing imperial design of extreme greed and dishonest manipulation.

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