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April 30, 2013

Evidences of Mockery of Justice through the loopholes desinged by faceless or outlandish-minded folks of Canadian Crown Corporation.

—– Original Message —-
From: JUS-G-MAG-Policy-Correspondence (JUS) <>
Sent: Wed, July 8, 2009 2:12:34 PM
Subject: MAG Policy Division response to your correspondence – Our Reference #: M09-04759

Shah Islam

Dear Mr. Islam:

Thank you for your email of June 19, 2009, regarding your human rights complaint filed with the Ontario Human Rights Commission. The Ministry’s Policy Division has been asked to respond on the Minister’s behalf.

The Ontario Human Rights Commission and the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario are arm’s length agencies that operate independently of the government. To preserve their independence, neither the Attorney General nor his officials are permitted to interfere with specific cases.

Thank you for taking the time to write.

Policy Division
Ministry of the Attorney General
This e-mail contains information only for use of the Addressee(s) named above. If you have received this e-mail in error, please delete it. Thank you.
Le présent document électronique contient des renseignements destinés exclusivement aux personnes dont le nom est mentionné ci-dessus. Si celui-ci vous êtes parvenu par erreur, veuillez le supprimer. Merci.

Dear Mr. Chris Bentley (Attorney General),
After having received your correspondence bearing your Reference # M09-04759 , I am writing you again this time with higher optimism to get your heartfelt cordial co-operation. Please be informed the fact that I am still unable to earn an income to defray cost of my living and as well of fighting back against injustice because of wrong decision making in 2008 ( that inflicted phisical injury on myself) by some operators of criminal justice system -which I made you aware of earlier.
Subsequently, a Brampton Judge named Mr, D. cooper wrongfully convicted me by making mockery of Justice on Sept18, 2009 only to satisfy interest of clearly identifiable wrong doers. His sentencing has adversly affected my position and opinions of many other departments of Justice regarding my cases with them.

On May 27, 2010 I have filed the Notice of Summary Conviction Appeal to the Superior Court and now I need immidiate assistance from you for the transcripts that are under the authoritiy of your office. On February 2,2010, I have spoken with Presiding Justice ( Mr. Belgium / Mr. Dunn ) and with Ms. Joan Zammit (head) of Brampton Court Reporter’s office regarding obtaining above documents for less money ( also communicated with her in writing by fax around that time ) and my understanding was at the right moment ( like present time ) help would be available from your office to reduce my financial difficulties that is a direct result of mistake by misled criminal Justice department and therefore I would be able to continue seeking true Justice. I have saved only couple of hundreds of dollars and can afford less than $1000 for
transcripts of September 4, 8 and 18 of 2009 ( Trial lasted Two and a half l days ) .

Dear Attorney General, I would like to inform you that yesterday, June 30, 2010 @ 4pm for the first time Court Reporter Ms. Mariana Jones contacted me to say I have only three days to pay $900 for the transcripts of Sept 4, 8 of 2010 and rightaway I felt that there was uncertainty regarding sept 18,2010 transcripts to succesfully complete the appealing process. I have already paid $100 and I neither want my last pennies to be wasted nor can even imagine my long waited opportunity to get Justice wuold be somehow lost. I am discovering self in a constant tricky and manipulated situation and I have been feeling very very helpless.

Friday, July 2, 2010, I shall go to Brampton Court Reporter’s office and try my best to pay as much as possible and hopefully would make a payment of atleast $400.
I am hereby requesting your help in the above matter. Please contact them by July 2, 2010 and e-mail me the outcome at your earliest convenience ( if possible by the early mentioned date).
Dear Mr. C. Bentley, Please help me immidiately to overcome the difficulties that I have been struggling with for such a long time. As was implied by some Brampton court house Judges please take this fact into consideration that all my efforts are being watched by the Justice Department, therefore, I may receive rewards or help for positivity if found on my side supporting myself. And you are the first one aware of total situation and capable of finding feasible solutions and offering quick real help. Thank you.
sincerely yours,

Shah Islam
Tel; 647-977-3000

Fw: Divisional Court file No.: DC-10-00000506-00JR; For Judicial Review, to be held on June 4, 2012 at 10:00 a.m.


profile mask2 Evidences of Mockery of Justice through the loopholes desinged by faceless or outlandish minded folks of Canadian Crown Corporation. Shahislam\s Official Website   SHAHISLAM.COM

Shah Islam <>

cleardot Evidences of Mockery of Justice through the loopholes desinged by faceless or outlandish minded folks of Canadian Crown Corporation. Shahislam\s Official Website   SHAHISLAM.COM
cleardot Evidences of Mockery of Justice through the loopholes desinged by faceless or outlandish minded folks of Canadian Crown Corporation. Shahislam\s Official Website   SHAHISLAM.COM
cleardot Evidences of Mockery of Justice through the loopholes desinged by faceless or outlandish minded folks of Canadian Crown Corporation. Shahislam\s Official Website   SHAHISLAM.COM
to me
cleardot Evidences of Mockery of Justice through the loopholes desinged by faceless or outlandish minded folks of Canadian Crown Corporation. Shahislam\s Official Website   SHAHISLAM.COM

—– Forwarded Message —–
From: Shah Islam <>” <>
Cc: MAG M <>; CivilCorr (JUS) <>; “” <>; <>; Jean Michaelle <>
Sent: Monday, June 4, 2012 12:10:59 AM
Subject: Re: Divisional Court file No.: DC-10-00000506-00JR; For Judicial Review, to be held on June 4, 2012 at 10:00 a.m.
Date: June 4, 2012 (Please note: an error in the date in this correspondence has been corrected and therefore, resending.)
Attn: Both the Attorney Generals on behalf of Divisional Court C/o Mr. Reece John.
From: Mr. Shah Islam. Tel: 647-977-3000 ; e-mail:
RE: Divisional Court File.: 506/10
Ontario Superior Court of Justice. Canada.
To Whom it may Concern
Hereby this statement, I would humbly like to inform all the concerned parties that despite my back pain and financial bad condition, without being able to buy the services of any legal support, I believe that I have provided several Courts of Canada with enough evidences and explanations in my own limited capacity. As examples, please note the ***attached below:
* On January 31, 2012, I notified the Divisional Court at Osgoode Hall, Toronto about the following facts and related documents. Subsequently, on February 3, 2012; Ms. Sonia at Window -2 of Brampton Court received my repeated, clearly printed request for copies of ‘Seven crucial pieces of Crown Documents’ and as of today – June 4, 2012; Brampton Court has provided me with nothing but a ridiculous, ugly looking, evil-resonating old styled Crown-document that may sound like an agreement between some miscreants.
Unfortunately, for this reason, I could forward none of those significant documents to the Divisional Court.
Therefore, I honestly think, either both the Attorney Generals of Ontario and Canada or instead, at least one of presiding Brampton Court Judges should be among the addressees to attend this Divisional Court today on behalf of or for the elusive acts of invisible dishonest power manipulators.
I will definitely contact Brampton Court House again in the near future for the previously requested Seven documents described below -which despite assurances, have never been accordingly handed to me as evidences for filing with several Courts of Ontario or of other places and future’s Supreem Court of Canada.
7 items:
1. Electronic copy of my paid transcripts.
2. Electronic copy of the negative decision Re: File No.: CR-10-0360-00AP mailed on Dec 20, 2012.
3. Further request to provided me with a copy of an honorable dark skinned Judge’s order: dated, Dec 5, 2008 to review Courthouse camera recordings and the findings thereof afterwards.
4. Request for Court’s phone line voice record search by the Court in order to identify one of it’s personnnel, who on Oct 15, 2010 called me to confirm me that the above document(item # 3)-preparation-process was in progress, although, I never heard from the Court again accordingly after seeing Mr. Durno that very day.
5. The Court’s information on Cell phone # 416-873-1236 through which in 2008 communications (from Michelle Borg ?) via texts were exchanged with me.
6. Request for action by the Court(s) of Canada against an elusive power that through the Internet service’s system network, caused disorders in the list of altered words, sentences prepared by me for Justice: Durno (He’s been notified) in the early morning hours of April 8, 2011; and did also stop my writings by mysteriously blocking my communication with the Federal Court by repeatedly destroying the texts of my already typed for long-hours-consuming correspondences at the moments of when E-mail data transmissions were taking place! Similar experiences I had at other times which lead me to believe that Internet problems such as; Virus, cookie etc. are sometimes certainly joint deliberate money-making works of Norton Security type businesses and other elusive organizations and everyone’s Internet activities can be dishonestly controlled and monitored in the name of‘keeping bad guys in check’ e.g.: in the midnight between Feb 20 and 21 of 2011, while I was electronically sending (copying other parties) my Factum filing for Divisional Court in Toronto, ON; a few parts of the texts had somehow been mysteriously attacked and I have some proofs in this regard at my disposal.
7. Request Court’s written and electronic answers to my already filed allegations with enough evidences of alterations, false statements and acts of modifications that took place inside the Crown documents such as in the trial Transcripts of Sept 4, 8 and 18 of 2009 and in the Synopsys, Reports, notes, comments, statements, the languages etc. of constables in 2008. (I stated to Justice: Durno that not more than 5 to 10 % can be honest minor mistakes by the Court Reporters but never the serious ones. In fact, when I inquired about unusual delay, Reporter: Ann Sergeant replied to me that Sept 18, 2009 Transcript was very rarely being held by Justice: Mr. Cooper for about 2 weeks of time). I hope, all of you in our Canadian Great Judicial system will be able to see my points.
* Mysteriously enough I have received some more evidences in support of my discovery when time to time apparently scam-like internationally sending of offers intensified (Certainly, the original sources are digitally traceable, if new laws are passed) in attempts of future validation in advance, to make rooms for their denial of wrongful involvements as scams of Corporations. Of course these scum are protected by old North-American or British laws!
I have no doubt in my mind about the accuracy of my findings as I have witnessed how a leader Corporation: the Crown Corporation of Canada did lots of wrong doings involving a false case arranged against myself.
Some from my first hand direct personal experiences are as follows: Primarily, it arranged such situations around me, so that I could act like a stupid or real criminal and get killed by third parties leaving no clue behind what actually had happened.
And consequently, more than one, scary attempts have been made; then
* I received a very small bribe-like payment for my injury after I made a hand written request to the Crown’s local office. I have waited a long time for a monetary settlement of all my cases and now I am ready to claim substancially increased amount of compensations e.g. 65m in place of 5m and unchanged 5m from US originated employer.
* The bench Order made in the court room by a highly Honorable good Justice with dark skin like me have not been honoured after confirmation by a Crown personnel named: Trisha, who later disappeared to be found no where (Digital proofs are must be in the phone company recordings, if not modified or hacked by super-powerful Canadian Crown Corporation).
* False reports and improper intimidation technics have been used.
* Court reporters were not permitted to provide me with electronic copies for which I paid over Canadian $ 1000.00 when Microsoft Corporation disabled my paid service for MS words.
* Numerous Crown documents including my paid transcripts have been manipulated and in several occations Microsoft Corporation secretly took part in the manipulations of which, at least one really honorable good Justice named: Mr. Durno has been informed officially and my case filing with the Federal (But I have been implied to approach the Supreme Court of Canada-which can dismiss without explanations) Court of Canada has been returned to me using a very dishonest trick.
*My witnesses including Ms. Agnieszcka, Gelena, Michelle and others at my work place have somehow either been intimidated or bribed, so that they-being my very good friends and co-workers, all of a sudden become fearful about having contact with me, therefore, deprive me of receiving honest witness-supports from them.
And the list goes on……….
We need our currently somewhat overdone and imbalanced North-American Laws to be gradually changing for improvements; firstly, may start with banning of official lies.
Public Investigation is essential for the following incidents:
**Guys followed me in mysterious manners in and outside of buildings, on roadways, even at or in front of my residential street, home and garage. [For examples:
(i)On February 5, 2010, an unknown man approached me in the dark and scared me by saying life-threatening words in a further fear causing whispering-voice; and
(ii) On December 8, 2009, night time, a man called my then home phone: 905-230-1632 and gave me verbal threats with alarmingly offensive and disturbing words (by blocked ID telephone call) and introduced himself as someone making that call from Pakistan and also gave me a (fake?) clue that he had obtained my name as “X Islam” in a website named: and that his people knew my correct residential address etc.; and
(iii) On October 28, 2010 @ 6:25pm, I received a disturbing message @ my e-mail address: from an e-mail address:; and
(iv) On November 1, 2010 @ 5:34pm a mysterious 22 year old young lady, through ‘Skype’ network, introducing herself as Miss. Jennifer Appiah Kubi, contacted me with an intention of offering me friendship. (all the above incidents or attempts are traceable by honestly performed investigation of government personnel of appropriate departments.)]
* There are more scary facts in addition to the just recollected incidents writtenabove from recent time to (back ward) February 5, 2010 and beyond, up to the end of 2006, when mysterious conspiracy just began to include the Crown of Canada later, in the ‘mischievous scheme’-that had been accidentally initiated by at least two of compulsive liar and extremely envious and negative minded managers of USA originated business firm named: J. Ennis Fabrics Ltd.
On the 13th day of January, 2012; through a correspondence of mine – written to the higher authorities of the Canadian Judicial system, C/o Mr. John Reece, the Co-ordinator at Divitional Court, Toronto, I sincerely offered a proposal for an out-of-court settlement of all my cases involving the actual head of the Crown Corporation of Canada and J. Ennis Fabrics Ltd., for a payment of only C$ 135 Million only {C$ 65 Million X 2 = C$ 130 Million is the Crown of Canada’s portion + C$ 5 Million {(unchanged portion) from the USA originated Employer: J. Ennis Fabrics Ltd.} This good offer is still open and by accepting it the super-rich head of the Crown shall be able to save, yet unnecessary, Canadian and International or other Courts’ Costs.
I have no income for last few years for the Canadian Crown’s fault, spent my last saved penny for corrupted Court transcripts (have evidence) and a Lawyer named: Mr. David Howick, who was working as a Duty-counsel on one of my court date with the Brampton Court, demanded $50,000 from me for the porpose of depositing on a trust account before his starting of working on my case.
I further state that I haven’t been able to earn any income as of this date but that doesn’t mean that I shall give up on my hope of Justice to be impartially and honestly administered to me sooner or later. I am getting prepared to walk some extra length for successfully encountering the virtually untouchable or non-existant but shame-lessly biased head of the Crown Corporation of Canada regarding the elusive and unscrupulous acts of some ‘to be’ or ‘never to be identified’ agents of Crown-document altering and secretly, statement or meaning modifying party by forwarding my ‘possible to be proven as fact-based’ -personal case involving my real life to the good heads of other authorities in Canada first, then, if necessary, to the International Human Rights’ Court and honesty motivated really great persons of other globally existent more powerful media and authorities.
Please feel free to contact me, if the intended or ‘To Whom it may Concern’ recipients have any difficulty in receiving this significant correspodence of mine.
Sincerely yours,
( signed: )
Mr. Shah Islam



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  1. S.S.

    Posted on on Sept 14, 2013 @ 11:48PM
    Your depth of understanding is good.
    Let’s try to go deeper to the root cause and possible remedy thereof by subtle but powerful action of public-awareness at the turning point in fast changed, new-generation global game of politics.
    In the light of humanity’s bloom: Digital age eventually is going to be very easy for prosecuting greed blind (causing poverty for millions now even in the soil of North-America) old style politicking guys with unscrupulous minds and lots of mainly oil-export-generated-money whether they be in the PRC, Russia, or Middle East, Europe, Asia or North-America.
    At present Iron-eyed & handed Focussing (By US Administration or Wise folks of North-America) on Royal-Assad issue and the old style evil-role-playing of Media plus it’s century-long unfurling positive impact on humanity’s progress and it would be better if we could become more vocal in generating global public awareness against secretly done, unscrupulous political manipulations of beliefs and thoughts of average folks by super-wealthy thugs in disguises of corporate law business bosses, of noble hereditary owners of oil fields, of privileged law-makers’ group sponsoring secret billionaires etc.
    (Dismantling of OPEC structure to make it disappear shall mean most of the cars and other heavy vehicles on global streets will run by natural gas by 2020).
    Putin(s) of Russian, Arabian and European lands {Not included are Chinese types /Asian, South-American, African etc.} are last hope for old fashioned Media manipulating group of Super Wealthy Thugs in disguise (First 200 of 2000 SWTs such as heads in OPEC, Swiss bankers, Western Insurance Industry) but unfortunately for them rapidly developing electronic technology has become a ‘far future penetrating curse’ to constantly keep shattering their hereditary dreams of steering ‘old global power vacuum mechanism’ forever.

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