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April 26, 2012

America and Bangladesh

America and Bangladesh just like Two financially distinctive but virtual Municipalities in the global Context – Joining together in a ‘World Changing Special Way’ – Can easily set an example before all the Nations of the World that ‘One on One, Deficit-free’ International Trade policy on top of Free-Trades is capable of rapidly eliminating poverty from hard-working global population of suffering nations and eventually, from the face of Earth!


Posted on Dec 25, 2011 in numerous World Class International Newspapers including Bangladeshi Media.

Bangladesh do not necessarily need financial help from world bank or IMF etc., because nothing is free and beggars can never be choosers of essential things to become a globally respectable nation. Keep religion confined in own home and money in homeland.
May be Indians are smarter but there is brutal thugs in ruler-ship of Arabic lands where bad guys with minor crimes are caught will be beheaded without proper trials.
Dear Muslim motherlanders, I didn’t choose but was born from a Muslim mother’s womb. But I would humbly like to suggest to you that God will hear from Dhaka-City or Tongi too and in order to go to heaven no wise guy from this area needs to go to Mecca -now in control of ‘human head cutter: thugs’ in the disguise of God’s law implementors. Without proper administration of justice no sane human but inhuman thugs not God can brutally behead other humans. The power is now not based on religiously blind believers but too much wealth and money from businesses of Oil and Religion.
Emission, pollution things are short-term biodegradeable non-sense issues, created by greedy heads that also earns money by selling unnecessary and unproductive things e.g. compulsory daily world oil production report to Oil dealerships for USD$ 10,000.00 and ultimately who pay the price? The helpless customers in the Gas-Station.
And the bi-product of these kind ‘unseen robbery type acts’ are humaitarian crisis, suffering from poverty, starvation of partial mankind somewhere, terrorism, wars etc. elsewhere in the world. *****************
We the wise International leaders have to keep forgiving many past and present leaders for crimes against humanity until the map of the structure of a totally impartial UN power is formed. Current Russian and Chinese heads, just try to act prudently while continuing honest efforts to build above stated UN’s formation.*****************
It’s not a problem at all, only a few good world leaders or wise guts with great ideas are needed.
For example: The more restriction, the current idiot and dumb heads of many in the current world Governments, try to impose, the more curiosity will arise in the collective minds of younger generations all over the world. *********************
Freedom after restriction on delivering wise information of all kinds beyond religious-type dogmas and then, whatever is the outcome is the reality to which even dumb hereditary style heads too, should get used to. ************
e.g. No one can stop the production of naturally grown plants of drugs in a million of years and the attempts to control their cultivation will only create more money-making opportunities for the drug businessmen and its traffickers.
We the wise heads at this easy communication era, are honestly able to generate awareness about good and bad side of all problematic but solvable issues; e.g. the benefits of making these natural drugs cheap like spinach or lettuce by legalizing its production and as free bonus help reduce immediately at least 50% of the heinous crimes committed by guns on the global streets only for drug-trafficking-business related issues.
Etc. Etc. Etc..
An related excerpt from a writing of Shahislam:
Dear Reader, I am happy to hear that you always take care of great things and please ensure safety of those in every moment of the day and then, I may also hope, as I requested my friend to take care of me by just keeping an eye on my personal safety in North-America or anywhere in the World, especially, when I shall be visiting Bangladesh, as I have recently planned.
Locating me is very easy in this digital era because I will be carrying with me my International Writing machine: the Laptop connected with the global Internet network.
Not to write more now, regarding our great works ahead, I just can say in summation: It’s the labor of human hands only that matters, that can and that will, for example: make every city in the world to become similar to Manhattan @ N.Y. and not Bank-notes (wealth) nor Oil nor Bricks; and there will never ever be any shortage of natural resources on this Earth and we cannot import or export to and from anywhere outside this Earth; -which, for energy, is totally dependent on a too tiny to notice: solar ray that reaches the Earth in the day-time; any of the constantly recycling chemicals of atoms that are busyly active forever in ‘50% rule’ of balancing the Electrons, Protons and Neutrons. And therefore, air, sea and land pollutions, global warming etc. are propaganda-type non-sense ‘long-term issues of worry’ created by poor understanding of Universe or Cosmos by a very limited knowledgeable, small-minded group of Scientists -just busy in trying to earn livings for themselves (There is more to discover in the too large Cosmos but all the resources on the Earth is too limited to become wastage of labors and wealth, except installations of Satellites, Camera type things 350 KM above the Earth.)
Dear reader, the last but now more important thing I would kindly request and encourage you to do is: one of these days, if you get an opportunity, for example, while having dinner with my friend, tell him that I am humbly suggesting or reminding him of the following nice action: “in order to give peace a boost on the soil of North-America and the slow advancement of humanity on this Earth; the process of taking the ‘Private guns’ away from the global streets (Direct killers’ private guns will be useless if production of un-controllable natural drug plants are legalized) have to start from North-America and the sooner is better, even later is better than never because, if guys like us are not there, may be No body, in this 21st Century, will start this action and create positive awareness against increasing brutal crimes of guns.
Of course, the ensuing new generation geopolitical atmosphere will facilitate, by all means the avoidance of ‘Do or Die’ situations for only forcing the ‘self luxury seeking, dishonest leader-ships’ in the global context to willingly surrender to the demand of time and quit practices of power manipulations without violence.
I am sure, by the grace of CC, in the rare ‘Field of obscure but world changing blessed mental power of positive thoughts’ brilliant he has the best of the best capacity along with backing of ‘forgiveness and honesty based powerful guys like me’ and that is why “We shall win in the biggest ways” although not easily but with lots of unselfish tasks and breaking ideas -aimed at far distances where too many jobs will be available for decades in producing agricultural products and constructing buildings, bridges, roadways, giant but countless air-crafts etc. not only in and for North-American territory but in and for all corners of the World under the forever humanitarian US enterprises -honestly regulated by new ‘Tax rules’, laws, ‘No deficit or balanced trades’, foreign policies etc.. (e.g. If totally new generation politicking become able to replace the hereditary styled -parasitical ones in Bangladesh, controlled by money hungry businessmen and thugs with low mentality like too selfish animals, Bangladesh by its jobless own labor force, collected tax and printed money, imported materials, machines and expert help can immediately start dozens of desperately needed huge bridges, elevated roadways etc. and if USA can replace Chinese labors for Bangladeshi cheaper labors; only because of balanced trade policy USA can become the supplier of needed foreign materials, instead of India or China. (In short: Both have huge trade deficits with Bangladesh-of which the 160 million member: public dream is bigger than ever to have standards and things comparable to the ones the Westerners have and thus engage USA in mutually benefiting many businesses).
We shall have to be virtually re-born and that means: the global public’s heart winning humanitarian “Win Win mission” of non-stop auto job creation process will need to be continued by next ones and still backed by honest new UN law makers like us from possible new ‘Think tank’ and never again by representatives of too greedy unscrupulous manipulators in Oil and Weapon Businesses, anymore.



The blessed North American leader of coming decade: Justin Trudeau.

Hi ‘jt’, It’s gonna be much easier than those guys are saying …… You must be wondering how? I’ll tell you soon, but you need to facilitate …….
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