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Shahislam’s Posted Comments in several World-Class News Media.

Posted  May 22, 2012  by  admin

In ProPublica: Shahislam May 18, 2:05 a.m. North-Americans shouldn’t worry over this JP Morgan type of pre-planned gambling events. Such things are happening regularly in countries like Bangladesh, India etc. where billionaire gamblers are funded by Swiss Banks with tons of illegal money and their gain is guaranteed. Only losers are inexperienced small local gamblers. [...]

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Non-violent New Generation Geo-politics doesn`t need War-toys!

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Barack Obama

The US President: Barack the Great in 2012

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Evidences of Mockery of Justice through the loopholes desinged by faceless or outlandish-minded folks of Canadian Crown Corporation.

—– Original Message —- From: JUS-G-MAG-Policy-Correspondence (JUS) <> To: Sent: Wed, July 8, 2009 2:12:34 PM Subject: MAG Policy Division response to yo...
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