78 Pages of Original un-redacted and draft copy of the Crown Document Tells the World some True Facts with explanations of how Unscrupulously the Old-Styled ‘Top Government Powers’ Manipulate the Destiny of Middle Class Global Folks and how the President of the Presidents and other Governments of the World actually operates and also how a couple of honest guys only with truly humanitarian and self-interest-less attitude are capable of positively changing the Old styles of Judicial System(s) and Geo-political Norms in order to facilitate a smooth Transition in the near future for the entire Mankind to be able to Live in a Brand New, Better, Happier and more Peaceful Real World – Free from the grip of too greedy guys in Power!
The “78 Pages Crown Document”:

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Divisional Court File No.: 506/10


                         Superior Court of Justice

                                      (Divisional Court)


RE:   Islam, Shah v. J. Ennis Fabrics Ltd., et al.

Between:                                  Mr.  Shah Islam                                                 Applicant


Director of Employment Standards, Ontario Labour Relations Board and J. E. Fabrics Ltd.


.     FACTUM OF THE APPLICANT: Mr. SHAH ISLAM                 .____



Mr. Shah Islam

35 Delphinium Way

Brampton, ON   L7A   0N4

E-mail: islamshah16@yahoo.com

Telephone: 647-977-3000



Divisional Court File No.: 506/10

            Ontario Superior Court of Justice

                                          Divisional Court

RE:   Islam, Shah v. J. Ennis Fabrics Ltd., et al.

Between:                                  Mr.  Shah Islam                                                 Applicant


Director of Employment Standards, Ontario Labour Relations Board and J. E. Fabrics Ltd.


.     FACTUM OF THE APPLICANT: Mr. SHAH ISLAM                    .                                                              

                To:               Voy T. Stelmaszynski


                      Ontario Labour Relations BOARD

                      2-505 University Avenue

                      Toronto, ON M5G 2P1

                      Email: voy.stelmaszynski@ontario.ca



                      And TO:     Attorney General of Ontario and Canada (Both)


                      Crown Law Office

                      Civil Law

                      720 Bay Street, 8th Floor

                      Toronto ON   M7A 2S9

                      Email: attorneygeneral@ontario.ca



             And  TO:     P. Daryl Wilson, Q.C.


                        Solicitor for the Respondent: J. Ennis Fabrics Ltd.

                        Fraser Milner Casgrain LLP

                        2900, 10180-101 Street

                        Edmonton AB   T5J 3V5

                        Email: daryl.wilson@fmc-law.com



                      And TO:  Director of Employment Standards

                       (C/o Solicitor: Ms. Ballweg, Katherine Email: katherine.ballweg@on.ca)

                        400 University Avenue, 9th Floor

                        Toronto ON   M7A 1T7

                        Fax: 416-326-7061

            The Applicant’s Factum {1st Part}


{Most recent with additional but as much as possible precise and main reasons: of mine (Applicant) and the tribunals (Crown), why all of its (their) decision(s) is (are) to be reviewed.}

Re: APPLICATION FOR Judicial Review

Mr. Shah Islam-and-J. Ennis Fabrics Ltd., Director of ES and Ontario Labour Relations Board: File No. 1786-09-ES and Court File No. 506/10

I am, the Applicant: Mr. Shah Islam of 35 Delphinium Way, Brampton, ON L7A 0N4 Telephone No. 647-977-3000 and E-mail: islamshah16@yahoo.com.

Hereby, I am also identifying: Director of Employment Standards @ 9th Floor, 400 University Avenue, Toronto, ON M7A 1T7 Telephone: 416-326-2450 and (its solicitor’s) Email: katherine.ballweg@on.ca AND Ontario Labour Relations Board @ 2-505 University Avenue, Toronto. ON M5G 2P1, Telephone: 416-326-7450 and(its solicitor’s) E-mail: voy.stelmaszynski@ontario.ca whose decisions are to be reviewed for the following reasons in this First Part of the Applicant’s Factum and some special summarily described facts under extra-ordinary circumstances (that partially shall and must be forwarded later) including the reasons explained hereunder attached as Second Part and Third Part of this Applicant’s Factum.

I.)  ES and OLRB have been failing to either understand or officially recognize (although in 2007 became aware of) the real reason(s) of my dismissal that was actually initiated by mental negativities of a group of people (of management of employer and the Crown of Canada), and that it still is purely a case of conflicts in negatively understanding of the innocence of an apparently beautiful but difficult or impossible love affair that is not causing any harm to anyone, at any time.

Only because of ‘age-difference’ between apparent lovers (actual victims are both directly involved in the virtual affair) misunderstanding did not end in a timely and usual positive manner.

Multiple kinds of irreversible damages have already been done to both, especially to the naive young lady by destroying or adversely affecting her: ‘inner happiness or peace’, ‘spontaneous joy of living youthful time of her life’ and ‘magnificent glamorous look of her in and outward beauty of age and innocence’.

II) Almost all of the departments of Justice (Upper Canada) became aware of the subject matter: something unusual involving very delicate human feelings beyond understanding or control of human mind (some may say intense desire, some may say true-love) and yet, nevertheless, unscrupulous *‘FEAR-CAUSING-ATTEMPTS’* {by wrongfully involving the Crown and abusing criminal Justice System through falsely arranged incidents, altered Government-documents, manipulative statements with some twisted truths and numerous lies etc. (explanations are attached at the bottom of 2nd page of the ‘statement of the order for costs’)} have been made including:

(a.) ‘Keeping’ me in the dark to ‘dishonestly hide the truth from me that all of them, in fact, had one ‘unique cruel-motive’ of secret killing of an ‘impossible (somewhat induced by a societal value or belief, which is ‘neither doubtlessly right nor wrong’ or ‘beyond human judgmental ability’)  personal affair of delicacy (loving feelings)’ or “ ‘probability thereof’ induced by envy, without any regard to the dangerously destructive impacts or life-ruinous-consequences (on me and her) of their collective whimsical actions against two confused and innocent adults’ ”.

(b.) ‘Endangering, until now,  at least, my personal safety’ “[and possibly Miss Borg’s too, {although, known-anyone or I have ‘no proof in reality’ that attempts (with evidences) to kill some celebrity type person(s) like princess Diana of UK have been made by ‘secret top-level advisers (probably none of the advisers is a royal-UK-family member; to the contrary of various rumors as are spread in the third world), who are motivated by extreme negativities of human mind; such as: extreme greed for power, wealth; selfishness, superiority complex, revengeful negative-sentiments, hatred, jealousy etc.; of government-heads’}, if not yet but later, ever, should happen ‘something heinous’ to her and /or me, then the perpetrators of such abhorrent crimes shall  absolutely come under ‘fire of hell’ by ‘near future global public’, right here on this planet: The Earth; {and that is why no human should ever commit a crime against a human or humanity and also because of not to lose ‘the priceless (free for wise minds and very personal) gift (cosmic?)’ of inner happiness (that every human seeks from the moment of birth to death and cannot be bought by billions of dollars, even for an emperor) and peace}]”.

(c.) ‘Infliction of excruciating pains on me from physical injury’ and also, mental sufferings by various unfair-shrewd-means describable at the hearing by detailed explanations.

(d.)  ‘Violation of my rights, as a human, of living life normally and happily’ etc..

III)  None of all the tribunals has properly dealt with the subject matter of my case and (firstly) have not honestly obtained, for the purpose of fairly serving justice, and (secondly) maintained proper records of the evidences (regardless whether those evidences became available somehow or accidentally or supplied by me with enough extra supports of logical explanations etc.) and transcripts ( for example: Brampton Court and HRSDC both have records of transcripts at their disposals with altered words, sentences, meanings thereof ) that must be conflicting with audio recordings; and this claim of mine shall definitely become proven to be true at the time of re-examination. {one most recent example of Government Document alteration I have found inside the Factum of the Respondent dated: Jan 20, 2011 filed in the Divisional Court, in Tab-K, page # 1, item # 3 where word: ‘untimely’ became ‘timely’ in the similar manner when a Crown-Document was altered by invisible someone (HRTO implied ‘the Police’ in October, 2010. THIS MAY LOOK A MINOR ERROR but intentional manipulation is there.)}

And I would like to Inform higher courts including this Divisional Court that the Umpire of EI and Vice chair of HRTO implied to me that none of them were keeping any records of proceedings in the forms of typed transcripts or audio or any other type of recording systems except ‘laptop’ or ‘personnel present at trial’ whose memories can easily become contaminated or lost and therefore, unreliable, although vice chair of HRTO has informed me that justice system had some kind of records or evidences at their disposal to rely upon while he made HRTO’s decision against me but he neither specified nor gave me any clue about the type of the record he relied upon.

I assume, recording systems have been supplied with some misunderstood or fabricated or misguided arranged-evidences that are still available in their disposals for verification and then re-examination (seeking an court order for saving evidences before timely procedural destructions of those take place) and were collected unfairly from other’s notions and my conversations or through the telephone-line calls and my cell-phone texts exchanged with Miss. Borg, Ms. Angela, Ms. Gelena, Ms. Aga, Mr. Handa, Mr. Ismail, Mr. Bhupinder and my playful responses to many of the mysterious callers etc..

And possibly above lies some of the reasons why ES and OLRB wrongfully had to decide not to hear my side of the story from the very beginning and therefore, have, successfully up to this day, deprived me of my opportunity to receive Justice.

That is why, some Courts, that are proudly always capable of standing real tall on the dignified foundations that are only based on ‘The Truth’ and nothing but the truth, sooner or later, at any point must hear accordingly and properly “my appeal for justice”.

Then, why not this time by this court? ( to be continued to +2nd Part)

                 The Applicant’s Factum {2nd Part}

(Partial modification of the original copy of the factum, sent by guaranteed mail to Osgoode Hall @ Toronto, ON at the end of year 2010, has been done by adding further important explanations, for more clarification, in the areas inside parentheses).

{Re: APPLICATION FOR Judicial Review (2nd Part)

Mr. Shah Islam-and-J, Ennis Fabrics Ltd., Director of ES and Ontario Labour Relations Board: File No. 1786-09-ES  and Court File No. 506/10}

I am, the Applicant: Mr. Shah Islam of 35 Delphinium Way, Brampton, ON  L7A 0N4 Telephone No. 647-977-3000 and E-mail: islamshah16@yahoo.com ,hereby, also identifying (Director of Employment Standards @ 9th Floor, 400 University Avenue, Toronto, ON M7A 1T7 Telephone: 416-326-2450 (its solicitor’s) E-mail: katherine.ballweg@on.ca And ONTARIO Labour Relations Board @ 2-505 University Avenue Toronto ON M5G 2P1  Telephone: 416-326-7450 and (its solicitor’s) E-mail:voy.stelmaszynski@ontario.ca whose decision is to be reviewed for some special summarily described facts under extra-ordinary circumstances (that partially shall and must be forwarded later) including the following reasons:

# 1. My ex-employer: J. Ennis Fabrics Ltd. with compulsive lies wrongfully motivated the Crown to act improperly to cause severe physical, financial and emotional damages to me. Without prejudices, my understanding is: because of the Crown’s false position OLRB, in collaboration with ES officer # 852 unfairly treated my case and have succeeded by all means to avoid the hearing of my case and therefore, I have not been given any opportunity to even make an affidavit of statement of true facts, at least, in the form of summarily described sworn evidences within the range of my personal knowledge and experiences that I have gathered slowly while receiving a combined differential treatments over an extended period of time.

# 2.   I availed the first opportunity to file Form-A-103, in possible rapidest manner within 6 days of first-time reception of said forms, risking my personal safety while performing a delivery errand, and yet I have been unfairly blamed for the irresponsibility that was not caused by me. So, OLRB did not give me a fair hearing.


# 3.  Ontario Human Rights Commission referred my case to HRTO who, instead of properly dealing with subject matter of misconduct by employer (containing issues of differential treatments that I made clear to OHRC by more than 300 pages of highly important and crucial documents),

{although HRTO denied of having any knowledge from reading and going through those 300 pages because of reception problem and then the Police imposed a ban on document-serving to employer, therefore, HRTO too. And HRTO (Chair) did not take hand to hand fresh (ready /hard) copies of the same approximately 300 pages from me on my first chance (with evidence before witnesses) of serving HRTO at the trial room. Please Note: the Police, the fifth state and /or the national news of CBC had also received and acknowledged reception (and reading of) the exact copies without much trouble}

dealt with other matters that I submitted to HRSDC and OLRB, and without appropriate authoritative power inevitably failed {for example: In Dec 2, 2010 Decision mentioning pointless incidents such as ‘…..brought with him his Probation Order….’ when by his own word of mouth the Umpire already knew everything about it; ‘…. Evidence (without evidentiary value as per opinion of Honorable Justice: D. Cooper in Sept, 2009 trial) presented, although incomplete….’ and HRTO’s Honorable Justice on Oct 26, 2010 was extremely unhappy, apparently (if it was not only an acting) on the employer and all three respondents obviously were suffering from some kind of inner compunctions; and 37 days later the same person is more than sure that employer had more than enough basis in reality but the applicant had none, when in fact, the reality was just the opposite. What a shame and mockery of Justice! When the witness in Chief: Miss. Borg was present to give her testimony to end the probable million dollar costing lengthy confusion in a short time and ‘instead she was indirectly forced to leave the trial room’-which she refused to comply with and stayed until the end of trial day although she did not have any opportunity to tell (or speak) the truth in the form of testifying and cross-examination by myself; in the similar fashion-which the Crown, always in each trial day, has done, probably because of  feeling very uncomfortable to allow and thereby put self-protection at the risk of being open to a situation of jeopardy}  

 to deal accordingly with the issues that OLRB might (could) have done otherwise, having precise  or sufficient knowledge and jurisdiction on the specific issues of my case that are directly related to OLRB and not to Service Canada, Umpire of HRSDC or OHRC (and Upper Courts of Appeals).

It shall not be ridiculous for one to imagine that the Umpire of HRSDC via Federal Court of Canada with an honest intention of minimizing time and costs, have passed, under the table, ‘my case file’ to HRTO who, for the (some) secret reason(s) that I am trying to bring into focus, has (had) no choice but (to) find the differential-treatment-causing-employer to be beyond ‘at fault’ in order only to save the Crown. Possibly, same is the situation with ES or OLRB.

# 4.   ES officer # 852 started investigation in 2007 and it took two years and eventually almost got succeeded through OLRB, by all means including e.g.: questionably absurd application of directive of time-sensitiveness: “Labor relation delayed is labor relation defeated and denied” just to avoid being transparent by giving me a fair chance of hearing.

# 5.  It shall be, with profound respect, highly appreciated if the factors ignored by other Courts get properly addressed by this Divisional Court, in the same manner: a (higher) court is capable to do as HRTO did regarding some factors submitted before HRSDC and OLRB but not OHRC and HRTO.

Please note: as it is relevant to mention that yesterday, Dec 23, 2010 I received a letter Dated: Dec 22, 2010 from the Ministry of Attorney General which has informed me that The Honorable Attorney General of Canada is seriously making a decision whether to intervene the proceedings by  himself. THIS IS, I CONSIDER, A GOOD SIGN.

{Also Please note: on Jan 25, 2011 I received a correspondence advising (dated: Jan 21, 2011 from a representative of the Attorney General) that ‘the Attorney General will not be intervening’. The above decision may later turn out to be a ‘good judgmental one and in my favor’ when questions will arise in the future about the Crown’s lost opportunities to correct: wrongful ‘involvement in’ (e.g.: approval of a false case to go to trial of criminal court, issuing a false fine order of $50 in the excuse of mistake) or manipulations of matters in the proceedings of several Courts of Canada; or inadvertent or honest mistakes.}

No proceeding of any Court has properly ever dealt with the following important aspects of the subject matter: 

Factor A.) Although no misconduct from my part ever took place, but prejudiced HRTO still kept it open to be somehow established by evidences (knowing zero possibility) that differential treatments or discriminative negative behavior was a factor in the decision to dismiss me. The chief witness (Miss. Borg) was present and was not allowed to speak or be cross-examined. How the evidences were expected to be evident? (How one can awake another-who is pretending to be asleep?)

Factor  B.)  Who, in reality, is /are the actual victim(s) and who have so far abused the criminal Justice System with a few interconnected unique purposes?

Factor   C.) : i. I lost my regular earning. Who will pay compensation? (Please Note text additions)

ii. I lost approximately CDN$12,000.00 value insurance coverage

for medical procedure of fixing fertility problem of my partner.

Who will *compensate me for that lost income what I had earned as a bonus?

iii. I have gone through severe forms of physical sufferings of pains (caused

by the employer and undergone a *surgical operation at Brampton Civic Hospital)

and emotional distresses etc. and a year of extremely suffering period of time.

Who shall pay  for my endured sufferings?

iv.  In 2008 I Joined another Company Named: Katoen Natie: It’s

Regional Manager: Mr. Wes Bentley was so pleased with my

Job-performance that he created a special post for me and

finalized all technical aspects of permanent full-time hiring

procedures in a chaotic unionized company situation and that

was  the time I was attacked and inflicted early mentioned

physical injury, contacts were made to highest level of the

company beyond the reach of Mr. Wes Bentley by

the approval of the Crown and I lost the Job. Who is going to

pay for damages?

Company Tel.# 905-821-0514

E-mail: wes.bentley@ca.katoennatie.com

v.   Because of the Crowns approval, a violent criminal with

killer’s instincts had caused me suffering from

excruciating pain and who is liable to pay for done damages?

I am not sure what measures against crime will be taken by

our Government, of which I have always been very proud of,

when honest part of our Justice System automatically become

aware of such above heinous crimes, as for the first time I

heard from Brampton Court on Oct 15, 2010, the very day I

had a chance to talk with Honorable Justice Mr. Durno at

Brampton Court, that after a waiting of long time, finally

reproduction or investigation process had already begun that

was supported by the order of an highly Honorable presiding

Justice of Brampton Court on Dec 5, 2008 regarding my

claim of procuring evidences recorded by witnesses, video

cameras etc. of  Division-22 and the Courthouse.

  Statement of the order that the court is being asked hereby to make.

 The court is hereby requested to make it’s calculation with own discretion on the basis of the financial losses that has been described above in the Factor C) i. to v. .

{And the allowed maximum awardable (by this court) amount shall be deducted from total of my claim of Five Million Dollars from Employer, apart from another dollar-amount of Five Millions from the same Crown of Canada, that can afford to pay enormously larger amounts of dollars for non-desperate or less serious matters such as: obviously solemn but absolutely entertaining or playful luxuries of government’s leaders (e.g. choosing of highly expensive mega-city: Toronto, unnecessarily or playfully defying the sentiments, of anger or terrorism, of less-privileged classes, for G20 summit of ‘leaders of the rich countries’) and people with interests in matters of the past, present and future strategies of policy makers, kings or rulers.

And hereby, I am further attempting to make it clear that I am not envious of other’s fortunes or God gifted human qualities, lucks etc. but I am demanding what I believe, I deserve from Canadian Government for my inhuman sufferings because of my misunderstood identity and my selfless endeavors and ability to help first my fellow Canadians (and then Americans and ordinary global people) learn previously never ever discovered matters of “ ‘invisible power (which is a positive thing and surely not negative like IMSs do)’ and all knowledgeable relative questions and answers about it: what, where, when, how, why etc.” and thus help establish and prevail ‘ensuing world leading the possible very best and honest system of self-governance’ by ‘better learned and developed global public’, unlike the ones of the past, most of who had lived their lives at the mercy of terror-causing human but cunning rulers of human populations; in the similar ways as still can be observed in the deep forests or jungles of animals that are intellectually below human (the best of all animals created by original and genuine mysterious power beyond all human understandings) and of course far below the developed (or yet to be more developed in the time ahead) human races of present time.}

Please hereunder also Note: that as I have mentioned in my recently prepared documents for several other Courts, I would like to take this opportunity to inform the Divisional Court of my claim for a financial total Amount of “Ten Million CDN Dollars”: The Management of the Employer shall pay 5 Millions and legally and equally liable the Honorable Crown of Canada shall pay ‘5 Millions’. And I strongly believe that, if my offer to settle the case is accepted, our Honest Government’s money and our mutual spending of time won’t be wasted because I, Mr. Shah Islam, without any kind of unfair means or personal pride or benefit of myself am capable of helping countless people (I am not sure whether any credit should be given to Miss. Michelle Borg or any human being for the above recently learned or earned knowledge) in the same way or more as the Noble-Prize winners of this century can do or the so called or thought powerful but fake religious leaders of the old (time) have done with bouncing lies in the past. [Recently, I became very shocked when (and after) watching a Nobel-prize winner: banker Mr. Yunus of Bangladesh, on Canadian TV, telling smooth lies on practical facts of banking policy(ies), actual impacts of average interest rate and human lives in Bangladesh where I (was born and) came from.]

[ Explanations: *‘FEAR-CAUSING-ATTEMPTS’* and the crimes thereof-committed (when and if) are or can be only committed by the Fearful-creations of the fearless Creator: the ultimate powerful that do not cause fear to (or kill) anything. They are the ‘creations’ or ‘the creations of creations’ such as animals (including super-animal: human), chemicals (including natural disasters: storm, earthquake etc.) mechanistic systems (including public and religious operations such as “Buddha’s”, “the Crown’s” etc.) that can cause worst kinds of damages such as “killing of an innocent human being” etc.. Therefore, in the situations of my case involving ‘the Crown’ and ‘its operators’, everyone is fearful of something. Especially, when money is involved, then, the more is the amount the more is the fear. The Crown is fearful of ‘whether secrets are being opened’, I am fearful of my life: “being killed by invisible ‘advisers’ sooner or later”; or “slow dying from excruciating pain”, Government operators are fearful of ‘losing monetary benefits or jobs etc.’. “But the Omni-powerful is fearless forever. We know. You know. I know. As ‘secretive-knowledgable-lucky-fearful-but-unchallenged-top-guys’ all of you enjoying money. Where is my money that I deserve to obtain?” (And also the Bonus?)

Date: January 14, 2011. 

(I wrote this part earlier but didn’t send it and I am now attaching

it with the newer part of the following correspondence dated: Feb 18,

2011 for the purpose of filing with the newly completed Factum)

TO: Divisional Court, Superior Court of Ontario


Dear Ms. Rosemary,

I am worried that your decision on behalf of Canadian Government to return my factum may create or cause unnecessary hardship for me, as currently I am going through a period of sufferings from severe pain of physical and financial endurance. I wonder, whether instead of yourself, an honorable Judge of Superior court could have made a different decision by holding on to the documents until I could have attended  your office for personally signing off on proofs of delivery etc.; if that was absolutely necessary to make things a little easier for me and the honorable Court(s). Should you have sought advices from your superior at the proper time regarding my condition and filing etc., I think, then, I could have accomplished factum-filing completely, in my limited capacity, by now.

Presently, I can only wait worrying over the factum which you have stated on January 10th 2011 to have mailed on January 5th.

Islam Shah



Date: February 18, 2011


TO: Divisional Court, Superior Court of Ontario


Dear Ms. Rosemary,


On Jan 31, 2011 you called me in response, to advise me that you had mailed to me (on Jan 24, 2011)  a ‘green colored package of appeals’ by mistake and would immediately mail to me ‘the correct package’-which I received on Feb 3, 2011. Although pain is hampering my normal everyday physical abilities, still I am trying my best to please the Courts. But I am facing  increasingly more difficulties while trying to remember what additional hand written explanations (regarding my discovery of ‘practice of subtle mechanical alterations’) were attached to the OLRB-related-documents that you stated have had mailed to me which “I haven’t received” and I think ‘I never will’. I do not know if you may somehow get hold of those or professionally and /or normally keep photocopies thereof. If you do, then, you may either forward to me or since we are falling behind, just match, (correct, attach or photocopy to attach and advise me, as necessary) with the fresh set that I am currently working on and preparing again for you, once you have your new set at your hand after my filing shortly. I need your co-operation, if you please be kind enough. Thank you in advance.


Sincerely yours,

{I was mentally prepared to travel to Toronto today: Feb 18, 2011 in order to (Signed icon smile 78 Pages Crown Document Shahislam\s Official Website   SHAHISLAM.COM              file the Factum personally but failed because of a sudden attack of back pain.}

Islam Shah                                                                       ( to be continued to +3rd Part)




This section (From page#13 to page#41) is to be considered as Third Part of the Factum.


The Applicant’s Factum {3rd Part}

{Re: APPLICATION FOR Judicial Review          (3rd Part)

Mr. Shah Islam-and-J, Ennis Fabrics Ltd., Director of ES and Ontario Labour Relations Board: File No. 1786-09-ES and Court File No. 506/10}


I am, the Applicant: Mr. Shah Islam of 35 Delphinium Way, Brampton, ON  L7A 0N4 Telephone No. 647-977-3000 and E-mail: islamshah16@yahoo.com ,hereby, also identifying (Director of Employment Standards @ 9th Floor, 400 University Avenue, Toronto, ON M7A 1T7 Telephone: 416-326-2450 and (its solicitor’s) E-mail: katherine.ballweg@on.ca And ONTARIO Labour Relations Board @ 2-505 University Avenue Toronto ON M5G 2P1  Telephone: 416-326-7450 and (its solicitor’s) E-mail: voy.stelmaszynski@ontario.ca whose decision is to be reviewed for reasons described in 1st part, 2nd part and this 3rd part with internationally reviewable direct examples and more of my honest philosophical views with literal and metaphorical breakdowns and also with the use of theoretical terms such as ‘IMSs’, ‘IAHs’ etc. in order to make it easy for you to understand my explanations.


Dear Registrar of Divisional Court at Toronto, Sorry for being late in filing my factum. Of course back pain is still there. My sufferings from excruciating pain is one of the reasons and ,another is that since the Divisional Court recently has become generous about ‘time limit of filing my factum’, I have an opportunity, at this time of global unrest, of writing to you (also to our good Government, CBC’s the National News and others) with internationally reviewable direct examples and more of my honest philosophical views with literal and metaphorical breakdowns and also with the use of theoretical terms such as ‘IMSs’, ‘IAHs’ etc. in order for me to make my explanations easy. These views are being expressed by me in good conscience without prejudices and in the light of my personal direct experiences (Not necessarily based on theosophy, sublimation etc.) that have built a room for me to doubt as for whether ‘we-the West’ are acting enough honestly to solve the current humanitarian crisis in the East, especially the third world. I hope my sincere and elaborative findings shall soon start establishing my points by making it easier for everyone to understand, Why as a head, of our Pride: the Canadian Good Government, someone like Honorable: Attorney General or Prime minister: Mr. Harper or Her Majesty: the Queen should by now have intervened my case and find out exactly how the dishonesties took place inside a totally negatively arranged false case against me to cover up some crimes of private and Government manipulations of mundane easy matters of a simple misunderstanding between two innocent and adult co-workers of opposite sexes and honestly admit to me: the plain truth that our Government from the very beginning was aware of everything about my case and in a style of favoritism and indirect legalization of official lies, suppression of evidences etc. to satisfy personal and collective envy of some, had put my life at an extreme risk of being killed or destroyed in both indirect and direct unfair and dangerous means and therefore, rewarding me for the done damages by paying Ten Million CDN dollars and by saying to me something like: ‘Mr. Shah, without any further delay, all of your cases are being settled now. Sir! Here is your reward: Canadian $10 million for your sufferings…..’. Once I get the opportunity and our honest Government’s attention in my favor, I have ‘too many to infer’ subtle evidences, ready to be explained, at my disposal to prove ‘the Crown’s wrongful involvement in my case’ before the higher levels of the honorable Courts of Canada.

I think, as of today’s (February 28, 2011) offer of $10 Million, is very reasonable to reach settlements in advance for my scattered or unfinished or unsettled or yet to be filed cases in all of the Courts of Canada including the Supreme Court and also I believe in return my Canadian Government and the public will time to time be getting the benefits of my heartfelt generosity and precious selfless advices {from me to become one of the heads (world leaders) of ensuing Global public by winning the hearts of unfamiliar public first with basic honesty} that alone worth Million times more than what I shall be receiving. And after having received a generous financial compensation from you, self-financed I selflessly will continue my work to benefit everyone to promote a ‘possible permanent peace’ in a revolutionary new peaceful method that is after tentatively tried and tested, bound to be proven much better and effective than the ‘billions of dollars’-costing amalgamated and fixed bureaucratic services of the advisers, specialists etc. carefully selected in a century-long Western or North-American invisible nepotistic style, despite showy presence of numerous eye-catching non-Western faces: such as Chinese, Black, Asian etc. mainly in temporary but higher level of politically sensitive postings. And mankind killing supremacist groups can easily flourish in such unchallenged circumstances. Against all beliefs or propagandas of negative and greedy small minds, there in reality on the Earth, shall never be any shortage of fuel-energies or minerals for the infinite times ahead.

It may sound ridiculous for now, but a positive global change by the awareness only and without any kind of direct or indirect cruelty, violence or bloodshed is absolutely possible. To be honest, I am not lying and I don’t know whether I am a God sent special individual with mysterious powers or knowledge to help initiate something great for humanity based on the truth and nothing except practically proven and worldly understandable simple matters of truth; but without any trace of doubts in my mind I have begun to be convinced that it is the collective belief or improved doctrine of other’s on my theses of ‘not to believe anything without proof(s) or logical mundanely understanding’ which have the capacity to cause the positive changes. I have noticed surprising looks in the eyes of others or in their reactions to very normal-things that they somehow believed to be mysterious. And I began to realize how easily imposters could take advantages on the ever vulnerable belief system of ordinary portion of the public to change courses of the ‘would be and could be events’ and all the histories silently hold the evidences of real facts that is almost always subject to remain under control of contemporary Medias and presentable in either ways: ‘Great’ or ‘Ugly’ whichever serves the secret purposes of the IAHs’ circulation of propagandas. As results, the fooled Public easily may view ‘Normal or Good guys’ as ‘Terrorists or criminals' and to the contrary, the ‘Terror causing, double faced, deceitful cunning-types’ may appear and sound like) honor-worthy great guys, even as national heroes when enhanced by the help of sensationally solemn ‘scene and sound effects’ with which Medias broadcast brainwashing propagandas. It’s happening every day! I am really serious and not kidding at all.

Some of the evidences of dishonest manipulations are hidden in honest answers of the questions as follows: A) Why the Crown and the Judges: Mr. D. Cooper and Mr. D. Muir just like the employer: J.E.F. Ltd. have been against some open and healthy discussions between Miss. Borg and I?

B) Why did she (Miss. Borg) not submit a Victim Impact Statement on the trial day of Sept 18, 2009?

C) And why did she act in 2008 in similar manner to delay her Statement of Witness for months?

D) Why did Brampton Court not yet provided me with a copy of an honorable Judge’s order: dated, Dec 5, 2008 to review Courthouse camera recordings and the findings thereof afterwards?

E) And much later after being advised by the Court that the above document-preparation-process was in progress, then, why did I never heard from the Court again accordingly? What has happened to it?

F) Why did Judge: Mr. Cooper not write $50 fine but later contradictory statements were made by several personnel, (some elusive) associated with the Court system to convince me to believe that it was system generated something and not a fine or levy but a fee and recently, a Court Clerk named Paolo Zaffino has claimed it to be a Surcharge as a punishment and not a fee anymore?

G) Why did lonely she (Miss. Borg)  sit beside me on a trial day lunch break and later refuse request(s) of both the above Judges (separately) to leave and she stayed in the room(s) until the end of trial(s)? Whose cell phone # is 416-873-1236 through which in 2008 communications via texts were exchanged with me?

H) Why did the Umpire of HRSDC not take any action when I informed him of the facts of modifications that had been made to the transcripts and later why did Federal Court of Canada returned my ‘filing for Appeal’ against the said Umpire’s decision by mistakenly believing those documents to be a filing for ‘Judicial Review’ and then when I took proper initiatives to correct the Court’s mistake, why did some IMSs, through the Internet service’s system network, stop me by mysteriously blocking my communication with the Federal Court by repeatedly destroying the texts of my already typed for long-hours-consuming correspondences at the moments of when E-mail data transmissions were taking place? Similar experiences I had at other times which lead me to believe that Internet problems such as; Virus, cookie etc. are sometimes certainly joint deliberate money-making works of Norton Security type businesses and other elusive organizations and everyone’s Internet activities can be dishonestly controlled and monitored in the name of ‘keeping bad guys in check’ e.g.: in the midnight between Feb 20 and 21 of 2011, while I was electronically sending (copying other parties) my Factum filing for Divisional Court in Toronto, ON; a few parts of the texts had somehow been mysteriously attacked and I have some proofs in this regard at my disposal. Why such obviously distasteful acts of small minds, at this developed era, are still being encouraged or practiced or tolerated by the Courts of the West with a great ethical image before the world? Why? In order to somehow get the Supreme Court of Canada against me and refuse all my cases without explanations?

I) Who did do and Why did lots of alterations, false statements and acts of modifications took place inside the Crown documents such as in the trial transcripts of Sept 4, 8 and 18 of 2009 and in the  Synopsys, Reports, notes, comments, statements, the languages etc. of constables in 2008?

In summation, the suppressed totality of the evidences inside the honest answers of the above questions are like a tip of an iceberg of a silently crying large scale but failed private conspiracy involving the Crown of Canada and the governance thereof and in comparison, which is also a miniature version (to be globally usable for educational purposes) of decades-long international crisis as a result of dishonest suppression of the ‘simple positive true facts’ of natural courses of normal Cosmic changes in the global context.

These analyses of fact-based negativities are being added to my quickly written factum which I hastily tried to file after becoming informed by Assistant Court Registrar: Ms. Rosemary that the filing must be completed within 60 days. And there were legal reasons for the delaying too.

However, on Feb 22nd , 2011, I went to Divisional Court at Toronto where I found the Court personnel to be co-operative minded nice guys, which, I think, were well advised in advance about the possible ways and /or how I may proceed with my case but unable to make things a little less difficult or less complicated for me (except Registrar: Ms. Livia Sessions’ verbal confirmation that there is ‘no time limit’ in effect for filing my factum) because, without prejudices I felt, they already (as the operators of the Crown have done a many times, a many things in the form of civil disobediences of which I have evidences to present for the public or publicly reviewing) had clear knowledge of the contents of my factum (from copies sent electronically to all the other parties including both of the honorable Attorney Generals of  Ontario and Canada which could  and still can choose to intervene my case) are acting under careful instructions from the superiors that handle the 'out of date' Crown laws that until this day can make  good guys look or feel bad and disheartened; and negative minded trained professional manipulators feel or look like great bosses.

However, although ‘hope springs eternal in the human breast’, it’s not that I, as a member of the Canadian public, am hoping the old fashioned laws would be changed overnight to personally benefit me instantly but I support the idea that our Judicial system desperately is in need of improvements at this current developed stage of available ‘easy communication technologies’ in order to remain in the top position.

I also believe that the above stated change may make the ‘sometimes necessary-invisible systematic manipulations’ a little difficult but shall never actually pose as a barrier to the honest activities of our judicial system; moreover, would help permanently diminish some pitfalls and the possibility of being questioned in near future by collective conscientious minds of above system operators themselves or the ensuing ‘new public of better wisdom’.

By watching closely how a few human minds, in the shield of illusory old judicial structure can play ‘the clever games of manipulations’ through the loopholes of the current system, I  have recently learned a lot more things. So, I have to write in details to let my fellow Canadians and the Global Public know about my highly beneficial findings which are identical when comparing with even those in the broader perspective on the International scene, because of identical reasons of cultural differences and simple misunderstandings. The mentalities and characters of IAHs are actually reflective from behind all forms of governances which, if dishonest, can never continually succeed to evade attention and escape from eyes of the public visions.

Please look closely at the following currently ongoing examples: The governance-power of Libya: Mr. Gadhafi has been a manipulator of public-power mainly for his personal and own family enjoyment, ambitions, interests etc. for last four decades despite difficulties among which some are created by the greedy mentalities of a few rich individuals of the West and East and some are recently created by the common, ever-ungrateful, impatient, young generation of Libyan public {And supported by collective envy of invisible but ‘extremely money greedy’ very few individuals or oil-field owners of the West (the actual heads of the most powerful western governments) which believe oil: ‘the liquid gold’- price should be controlled, for some belief generated reasons in their minds, and kept high for personal gains as well as political controls over the current trends of quick developments in the East, even if, at the expense of higher food and commodity prices leading to the possibilities of hunger and death of partial mankind, especially, in the third world}. Unfortunately, today many typical sincerely-angry Americans and pro-American-Canadians (future-possible: AmeriCandians) are unhappy on the President of USA: Mr. Obama for his ‘not yet aggressive’ attitudes towards Mr. Gadhafi and for not leading and engaging in aerial bombardments on the terrorizing (once terrorist) government of Libya. They are impatient to watch destruction of a ruler that is against of its own protesting Libyan public and at the same time being totally safe at homeland (although, Cosmically, e.g.: disasters like volcanism, epidemic, earthquake etc. may happen any moment at any of the places on earth including the safest ones.), they are mentally prepared to somewhat sadistically enjoy some movie-like brutalities (possibly with a nice name) of allied bombardments shown in the TV accompanied by commentaries with the heroic sensations of bloodshed and barbarian-patriotic style: victory. They are motivated by, for no personal gains but for fun filled curiosity, although inhuman, like e.g.: boxing game or normal reactive-negativities of their minds out of superficial or shallow understanding of eternal complex matters which are nothing but products of ‘mob-like collective cheap-blind-beliefs of some torn between dogmatism and ever-confusing secularism’.

“Survival of the fittest” is the Cosmic and/or universal law for the earthly animals including super animal: the human race and at the same time this law appears to be meaningful when one tries to understand the Cosmic rules of the ‘Omni-powerful: the ultimate-controller’ too, although without any apparent proof and also without guidance of any of the religions. History has time after time proven that the “Cosmic unbiased rule of 50%” or Cosmic power supersedes mundane intrigues or powers like human ruling, governance etc.. With wisdom of long term patience, Mr. Gadhafi’s power: believed to be ‘Libya’s oil-power under his governance’ will be lost eventually in the normal course of unseen automatic application of cosmic laws. But the quick result or the apparently faster victory by secret and dishonest human-push can be very temporarily achieved too, as have been historically seen but primarily, at the expense of unnecessary bloodsheds. Now, if Mr. Obama and the UN, headed by USA and secretly backed by the impatient Semitic or anti-Semitic violent mentalities, start to use human-bloodshed-causing gun powers in order to take advantage of the current-automatically created or allowed political awareness of the young generations of African and of public of the Eastern pieces of lands through application of ‘foreign policies of old fashioned secret and unfair manipulations’ then the consequences surely will be worse than the past wars in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq etc.. And in the final count down, much more than ever, innocent lives of native and foreign souls including lives of mercenaries of many kinds will be lost, and that will produce ‘never ending, over the time’ supressed anger in the mental belief-system of the collective Easterners or the East: confusingly portray-able as “Muslims” by the words only-which is physically non-existent just like what is meant by “white”-that exists only inside human mental negativities. A little change in the minds shall change the world.{this kind of futurologist(ic) deep-understanding needs wisdom of selfless patience.}

However, if the automatic or Cosmic natural progresses, so far, of establishing ‘one power of Governance for the whole world’ should somehow become uncertain, then, this opportunity shall not come again soon until the collective negative experiences of this generation will be forgotten or wiped out completely from the direct memories of the contemporary collective Eastern public brains (e.g.: Hitler’s brutality) and owning the quality of forgiveness for own happiness is not an easy thing unless learned and earned. We (you and I including the Western financial and industrial corporations; e.g.: Microsoft etc.) need to be very cautious and extremely careful about our culturally approved extreme ‘greed of money’, habits of extracting income or spending and therefore, must keep in our minds that too strong grips on consumers or the destructions of the hopes or possibility of a positive future for ‘win-win situations’ at the same time give births of new hopes and possibilities; as the Chinese, the Indians, the Asians in general, are, traditionally and habitually, very frugal minded and experts in copying other’s businesses and thus are capable of creating a completely separate Internet networks, industrial and financing systems etc. totally independent from the West. Secondarily, faster victory (a desire or a product of mainly human greed) must cause further delays to the cosmic transformation which is secularly occurring beyond human control and has slowly but obviously began to change the political arenas of the Arabian, other Middle Eastern, North African and so many different countries in all corners of the world. We need to allow the time and let evolution happen slowly instead of a quick revolution. Please do not forget that vast change can also be a secularly occurring Cosmic thing and human push may not be required at all. The West, with good conscience, cannot attack Libya.

Today, if “International Communities or especially the North American part of the Global public fail to hear or learn from what is now available for them to prudently consider and become aware of the benefits of the better wisdom” and Mr. Obama like a puppet head finally become submissive to the collective pressures of the mental negativities of the congressmen, then what shall happen? A quick victory may still be achieved but not without risk of some inevitable long term bad consequences. Very possibly “the positive mentalities of the US Congressmen {(-mans?) And also North Americans or AmeriCandans}” will be outnumbered by the very common ‘the negative ones’-which is majority because of ignorance problem of the West.

We need to be very wise and careful. As soon as any unlucky sign is observed we should slow down and have patience. The Omni-powerful: the Creator in Cosmic ways, can cause any kind of restraints by any unpredictable means (e.g.: unseen earthly chemical reactions, natural disasters, undecipherable Cosmic activities etc.) and distract or divert or destroy any or all of its unnecessary creations, whims, things etc. in a few moments or can cause just the opposite to save or rescue any or all of his creations, regardless, good or bad. And as creations to realize the meaning of our existence (and because we are existing at this very moment to write or read about this realization), we have to accept that the Cosmic power determines the ultimate future of everything and may mysteriously sometimes protect bad guys for the time beingbut “bad guys are bad guys and by involving human-aid or not in some mysterious ways bad guys have never been eventually spared and have paid the price of their wrong-doings right here on this planet Earth.”

However, when Mr. Gadhafi is a real bad guy then his victims would surely be able to watch his destruction and then immediately, some human beings (IAHs) may begin to think or claim foolishly that the victory has been achieved because of their cleverness but a good human head or ‘IAHs’ or a combination of both will still be needed for the above countries. And who will be better than the ones, e.g.: which actually have built today’s Libya or Singapore from the scratch, unless we-the West with best developed system, sacrificing our personal monetary gains, selflessly encourage a new generation of ‘Global public of better wisdom’ to immerge and elect some completely new and contemporary better forms of governance for them? (Knowing in advance that consequently, millions of Bangladeshis or Asians or population of the East will migrate to North America or the West, in search of better life to make the Western life style of the existent ones worse and as a result most of the smart present Westerners will move and settle down in the East for better financial or other opportunities. And none can stop such Cosmic changes, then inevitably, the terms such as ‘my motherland’, patriotism, country names: A,B,C or America, Bangladesh, Canada, Americanda, international boundaries etc. {and moreover, with the legalization of natural drugs (slow killer) instead of mankind killing guns etc.(artificial manmade quick killer} are bound to lose significance.

Mr. Obama probably could understand what I am writing today, if he would, by miracle, ever receive a copy of my writing, and I think he is wise enough not to use the gun power of USA through UN forces and avoid taking the risk of losing the blind-belief-based ‘friendly fellow feelings or trusts’ of the Muslim world {e.g.: an overwhelmingly majority of Bangladeshi humble public wholeheartedly still believes the wide-spread mosque based propaganda that Mr. Obama is a Muslim Guy and because of him, USA will do good things for the benefit of Muslims. (Not too long ago, a war ship full of US marine personnel set an ‘example of honourable angelic role playing’ by physically rescuing hurricane victims in the Bay of Bengal)}.

And alternatively, to set some honest examples for the world to take notice, Mr. Obama could convince his administration to implement such generous ideas: either (#1) through ‘an unprecedented peaceful solution’ as follows: knowing the fact that 30 billion US dollars distributed among a selected part of the public where every member receives an equal amount of USD$1000 each, will not change their fortunes; therefore it would be better if USA could e.g.: make an honest proposal to Mr. Gadhafi to choose to take or refuse a half of 30 billion of his US dollar-money and receive an amnesty (of war crimes) with a condition of leaving Libya forever along with his family members and live like ordinary citizens under local authorities anywhere of his choice in the world and enjoy the limited funds of 15 billion. And after possibly refusing the offer he himself would realize that there wouldn’t be many sympathizers for his probable destruction. If he would take the honest offer (not a dishonest bait) and be set free to enjoy the partial earnings of his life time then definitely lots of mean, filthy, negative minded but extremely rich guys in disguise inside government-powers would be scared to death and at the same time encouraged to follow the example or a new trend of surviving themselves by avoiding old styled do or die situations. The ensuing Global Public would support and like to watch such things occurring in all corners of the world. One billion US$ for a family is something but US$ 1 for each member of a public of 1 billion human individuals means nothing

Or (#2) If the offer was rejected, another good thing would be if Mr. Gadhafi and his sons were left alone inside Tripoli but surely to be remained under UN sanctions and supervisions without presence of any US or UK soldiers in Libya’s soil, while honestly taking care of other territorial issues such as: without being involved watching inexperienced opposition forces fight and learn why the West is the Best teacher (if the local leaders start fighting among themselves, which is very common, then, the public of the land voluntarily would welcome the governance of the West), advising selflessly from a distance through the Medias on how to peacefully taking control of the rest of Libyan territories (These types of sincere attitudes shall unfailingly earn heartfelt trusts and profound respects of the silently watching global public), educating regional public about secret activities of IMSs of al-Qaeda or other elusive and greedy organizations e.g.: that killed harmlessly protesting women (yesterday) in Ivory Coast, facilitating peaceful global atmosphere for guaranteed but slow Cosmic-transition (automatic) to take place, abolishing permanently and forever by honest but open ‘tit for tat’: means the acts, perpetrators or mentalities of barbarian style: Somalian pirates, creating global public awareness by the only effective powerful tool of Western electronic Medias, through portable cheap digital devices, about the importance of learning how to discover human qualities in own individual and collective minds (to be used for humanity on this planet: the Earth without any kind of religious help of any of the religions) such as: forgiveness, tolerance, unselfishness, patience, generosity {e.g.: for changing the out of date: blasphemous laws that promote violence, killings (recently, one-the only Christian public leader of a piece of land in Pakistan became a victim: targeted after motivated by trivial non-sense beliefs of some negative dogmas or taboos and has been killed in the similar king-style: suppression of the past: when one could face ridiculously harsh sentences like death penalty for simply expressing one’s artistic talents or own feelings love or hatred for present or past or future political or religious leaders with ferocious or questionably elusive personal characters etc. And such non-sense administration of laws are still in practice even in the higher courts of the civilized West)} joy of co-existence or sharing etc.. Probably that is why, recently in a Canadian TV broadcast, for the public interest, it has been clearly shown that an American female physician, for her personal safety, went into hiding in the mountains of the south after having close contacts with a mentally dangerous and unfailingly determined group of American individuals which, she believed, connected by name with: Vanderbilt University of USA,  to have access to the World Health Organization’s Vaccination program and have planned a massive slow dying or ‘soft killings’ of globally spread undesirable mankind, except its own race only through an easy, possible and undetectable method of contaminated injections. Such things explain why ‘to be gradually borderless’ ensuing ‘public of better wisdom’ in a liberated happy global atmosphere of one mixed culture, would inevitably feel uncomfortable about any type of gathering of voluntarily isolated groups of individuals wearing distinctive identical outfits or hair-coverings such as: bonnet, toque, turban, pieces of cloths to hide forehead, chin, beard etc.. For generating awareness only the good heads of the Western Governments have the power to use the highly effect electronic Medias in the appropriate direction.

A well communicated member of the modern day Public can easily understand why it is deplorable when the IAHs or the governing heads of the West, which e.g.: advised or planned crackdown on violent protesters (Imported young men? Whatever it is but adoption of violence by either side is never supportable by any wise and sane minds because any government negativity may only beget multiple negativities of suppressed public anger in both short and long terms and to be honest, the Police could have removed or dispersed the crowd of violators by more honest means) of recent G-20 summit in Toronto (Which could also be held quietly and pleasantly in a remote country-side with enough safety-protections), under what kind of logical explanations, should encourage the protesters of overseas to be sentimentally violent against any of the governments of foreign lands with or without manipulating the powers of Medias? Global public is already suspicious from recent crackdowns in the West and would immediately lose its faith, if it finds out any clue of dishonest means or exaggerations of Medias and then, there won’t be much of a good outcome to personally benefit the invisible original planners. It inevitably happens all the time because there is another Highest Justice of Omni-powerful: the Creator of Cosmos. And the silent punishments take places on very personal levels that can be known by none publicly. When nothing happens after death, then, who cares among the all present at the bed-side of a dying bad leader or adviser about how the soul or living body functions of the dying person (who planned and/or participated in the killings of many human souls that were unwilling to perish) was feeling at the time of death!

Some (e.g.: Hitler, Saddam etc.) kill directly, some by indirect (unseen or tabooed) means. But the ‘crimes of killing innocent souls that were not willing to die’ never spare actual criminals-that one way or another inevitably receive silent Justice right here on this planet: the Earth. Everyone ultimately gets deserved ‘Highest Justice’ on this earth from an unearthly power and for that to occur and observe ‘indefinite (short or long) patience is required’ and the credits or discredits do not go to any human being. If some get greedy for personal gains then all the attempts and hopes of future betterment of the world start getting tarnished.  {Education or individually learning of how to become in near future ‘more peaceful and happy’-member(s) of a really existent physically but in the minds of living body functions of the ‘ensuing Global Public of better wisdom’ shall boost the positive Cosmic change.} Therefore, extremely rich guys or guys that have already become rich would no longer be allowed to participate in any government powers of the world.

And today we, as a think-tank of ‘Middle class or not extremely rich people’, can start to learn about how to apply formulas like Keynesianism in the Third world to facilitate tomorrow’s politics of (without distinguishing among things of morality such as on the basis of ‘mine or other’s comforts and happiness’ ‘foreign or domestic policies’ etc.) ‘The all happy-new-generation of Global Public of better wisdom’.

However, in the near future, if Cosmic courses of changes may somehow continue undisturbed, then, in a percussive manner, lots of small victories of “the public of the ‘isolated lands’ (which, for the Western good influences have recently become better than a collective old-styled illusionistic mindset of imposed political or religious beliefs, believed ‘the states of isolations by boundaries’ on separated pieces of lands meant to be their own countries for themselves)” will take place and many of the smaller government-powers will start to be gradually abolished but the credits, for the sake of making an earthly sense should tentative superficially and very honestly, for greater purposes, be given to the “new global public of better wisdom”.

The next question pops out is: how and who are to be mainly benefitted from the victories? From the end of uncivilized barbarian era up until the recent times, a few ambitious or greedy guys (of money, power or fame) have enjoyed the gains of victories of “forever to be realized someday later on-the big public dream”. That is why Mr. Saddam wanted negotiations and had something to say publicly; or a Western Media broadcasted (yesterday) Mr. Gadhafi’s frustration over why none can question: Queen of UK’s long lasting period in power (he surely has poor understanding of the original source and usage of powers), although only a month ago, broadcasted in Canadian television, pictures of how, frustrated over tuition fee hikes etc., the British public physically insulted the Royal Majesty by violently attacking royal family members on the open street of England and the Queen showed great wisdom by remaining patient and taking no retaliatory actions in a negative manner. Her head is prudent enough to know: negativities beget further negativities {and as a member of the down to earth public, I, Mr. Shah Islam, think that she deserves to remain in the virtual highest position, of all the governments of English-speaking-Countries (as a primary language), for the rest of her life}. There are lots of entertaining stuffs available for the public show, now a days than before; but it is an honest thing, for the sake of divulging the truth and set examples of transparency and not controlling the freedom of Medias by allowing them to show the modern public such unfortunately true but unentertaining insulting things to the royal dignity of United kingdom.

None can claim that my understanding from special observations or what I have learned from my thinking power is not better than the same of the founders or leaders of all kinds of present or past cults or smallest or largest religions or liars or misleading-interpreters of mankind governing policies of the old time. Every human being should remain extra-careful about ‘own vulnerable power of belief’ to avoid inadvertent confusion that can keep one in an unnaturally hypnotic state for a duration of a whole life time.

Let me clear the possibility of confusion whether I, Mr. Shah Islam, am claiming indirectly to have a special ability or knowledge to educate the ensuing global public of better wisdom. It is up to you what you or One allow(s) you to believe or not, get benefited or not, by learning or refusing to learn some ‘down to earth simple facts’ of powers such as: believing, supporting, governing etc. including the complicated hidden reasons of why we need some secret but good and selfless or less-selfish powers. Selfless powers, I understand, can only be used un-biasedly and the best against human dishonesties for betterment of entire humanity on this planet: the Earth.

“In order to maintain balance, in this most modern capitalist environment of all the operating governments of the world, there must exist some invisible but honest absolute powers (somewhat of a benevolent dictator type) without which a meaningful and highly beneficial blend of democracy and ‘subtle presence of strict rules of socialism’ is difficult. Every wise mind knows, currently, the US Government is most powerful. But it is imaginable how good and lovingly powerful with global popularity it would become without any trace of low class human negativities in the mind of each congressman. A strong and rich United AmeriCanda probably would immediately appear in the horizon of the West to set another better example, on top of Germany’s, of the benefits of merging together and to be followed sooner or later by a world-wide merging of smaller countries. It needs highly intellectual understandings to realize best form of governance and it will be gradually becoming an open secret for individuals-interested in the future world’s better politics.

The ensuing Global Public will, then finally, be able to say: ‘Good Bye’ to the powers of guns-which will also be a farewell to the makers and dealers of arms and unnecessary, too expensive, and barbarian-heroic but senseless mankind killing giant machines. One can imagine a less cruel terrorist without guns.

Long ago, I heard a story: once like a historical King: Mr. Gadhafi by his own hand-held revolver, in a heroic style, probably to set an example of great heroism, killed a doctor for simply refusing treatments to a patient (himself acting and disguised as a patient after mid-night hours). However, acts such as the above one may have been considered to be wise acts and regarded as noble deeds at the times, places and cultural values of the past.

Everything now is different; we have choices, whether one is aware or not. I understand that one side can enjoy only when the other side suffers. That was how the human mind has been originally programmed but still a ‘choice of free will’ or freedom of humans to make choices based on “Cosmic rule of 50%” was given. But now, we-‘the evolved most modern mankind’ have the knowledge of reprograming our minds and play a ‘win-win game’ where none will be defeated to get to the point of becoming victims of inhuman cruelties. Therefore, why should we deprive ourselves from enjoying the advanced-modified forms of feelings, derived from our reciprocal daily interactions with each other, which by adjusting our mindsets, we can have sensations of something like newest pleasurable games? By delaying ‘No harm’ early initiatives and primary stage experimentations of ‘teaching and learning’ while passing time of our lives together, we actually waste unrecoverable opportunities, still being aware of the fact that necessary changes shall take more times without enough public awareness (which have only 50% power though). There’s nothing wrong for humans in trying to boost secularly occurring changing process, even though; for now, it is not convincing enough to be a Cosmic thing.

I had too many clear and real dreams, like subconscious visions in the sleep. One is: in short, …….. the UN, NATO etc. have totally demolished five most famous religious buildings and establishments of the world and as if, inside the televisions, on the streets, everywhere the young generation of the whole world were happily celebrating the destructions of all the ‘out of date’ problematic organizations of the old style politics and now, older generation have no choice but to peacefully stay wherever they happen to be at the time of aerial bombardments and say prayers from own homes. Young generation is very happy on the West and excited because there won’t be any political, religious problems etc. anymore …. .

Another was: ……..a new type of engine has been invented that can be run either by an oily mixture of water and salt-type cheap powder or vegetable oils; and everybody knows that many of the rich guys, sheikhs, kings etc. will become poor because no one is now buying crude oil anymore…. . The thought of this clean dream along with other experiences lead me to believe that the Earth under the Sun shall never run out of oil for energy and that the scientific researches on 350 kilometers above the Earth is only best for electro-communication type purposes; and global warming, Ozone-fears etc. are nothing to be worried about too much and if the world ever runs out of crude oil, fuel etc. human races will still be capable of running all the motors and biggest machines by producing energies from sources such as: sunflower, vegetables, wind-powers, solar-cells, marshes, gases, nuclear or other chemicals etc. (Presently in Bangladesh there is popular trend encouraged by an available cheap modification technology that has guaranteed that almost all the transportation vehicles are going to be run by natural gas very soon) Therefore, we can have an healthy expectation that if the IAHs of the West are selflessly willing, it is possible to drastically lower the price of oil; initially, at the cost of personal monetary losses of a few rich guys of the West and subsequently, many of the Middle East and other oil exporting countries in extensive degrees; that will cause a world-wide fall of numerous oil-power based governments without any violence. For generating a positive global awareness, Medias can play a good role, just like regular propagandas, by circulating healthy ideas based on the following one: “Who knows if the fuel crisis is artificially created; then probably, the more energy we try to burn and emit to the space above our planet the more energy ‘as a very tiny fraction of its known original single source of energy’: the Sun injects back to the Earth and much more oil comes from underneath. May be these kinds of theories of healthy optimism are going to be proven true someday or theories of mysterious free gifts (like crude oil- which is a true fact) of the Omni-powerful Creator which has created countless mysteriously-powerful things and million-trillions of forever burning stars like the Sun will remain unsolvable by limitedly knowledgeable human scientists forever”. The above ideas will create selfless but ‘win-win’ situations even in worst scenarios too; e.g.: without minerals, fossil fuel etc. but with the advanced technologies e.g.: wireless, digital solar devices, wind or solar energies etc. the human race will still be able to smile and live life happily in an excitingly advanced form of old-fashioned natural life styles.

So, why one should allow self to be stricken by own mental negativities or beliefs and unhealthily worry over uncertainty for nothing but induced mental bad images of future? Each head should be elected on the basis of better wisdom through the power of invincible ensuing global public and not selected by money greedy individuals to become IAHs.


However, if the IAHs never become transparent then, maintaining the status quo, good ‘governments of the lands’-controlled normal Medias of present time honestly in a frank manner inform the public (impossible because the Medias are under control of almost permanent IAHs too that help in the elections of temporary good or bad visible heads of the Governments) of the simple matters of proven mundane truth including such as: the 1st party to be personally gained is the master planners: a few greedy individuals (who may believe the credit of controlling, discoveries, victories etc. goes to themselves only), 2nd party is governments and its personnel (individuals) who have made direct contributions in achieving victories etc., 3rd party will be ‘the public of the land’ and gradually ‘the ensuing global public of better wisdom’(which ultimately deserves the credits, although there is ‘selfless, vast change causing another forever silent Cosmic party: the Omni-powerful’ beyond the reach of all of the religions and human understanding). Only after receiving transparent news of the honest breakdowns of the total credits, it would make some senses to the physically existent real members of the public and would be acceptable by them of course and without bloodshed. But the greedy guys are unnecessarily too frightened to let the plain matters of the truth, within the very limited range of their own conscious-understanding, be discovered by the public and must, by hook or by crook, try to conceal the true facts forever. This is a grand dishonesty and especially when elected puppet like temporary government heads of world-power talk for the money greedy guys; it creates lots of sufferings for the entire humanity. On the other hand, honest admissions of the simple truth, understandable even by very ordinary or average human minds too, would create, gradually solvable, less troublesome situations because every human mind is well aware of human-shortcomings and therefore, almost all the crimes except ‘killings of innocent mankind’ forgettable and forgivable by the living human souls (body functions). Unfortunately, ‘Human Greed is a negative thing’ and ‘greed-blind’ individuals are bound to be very concerned about being caught, not necessarily by the public but some mundane fearful factors that may cause to lose uncertain things such as: expectation of guaranteed comforts that money can provide even without any regard for mental peace or happiness that every human seeks from the moments of birth to death. Some universal and inevitable facts are as follows:


And then, when the public of the land (or the would be the same in the ensuing global context) subsequently, discovers (or much later collectively and more strongly) through any of the strange Medias, based absolutely on human aptitude, intuition etc. that the benefits of conquered oil-fields or resources are being (or will be) controlled and distributed through the hands of a few extremely money-greedy individuals of a human families or groups; uprisings still bound to continue in different styles. For the similar reasons, HATRED between the NEW GENERATIONS of Mr. Mohammedan(s) and Mr. David(s) gets renewed instead of getting evaporated with the passing of times. The current examples are in the recent inevitable failures of realizing or fulfilling the ‘contemporary public dreams of the land’ of Arabian origins or countries such as: Afghanistan, Somalia, UAE, Egypt, Tunisia etc.. And both the Libyan public and IAHs of the West shall have same fate eventually, very possibly at the cost of too many human lives, unless the ‘invisible actual heads’ (IAHs) of the western governments take some primary initiatives to let the early mentioned honest role of media be prudently and patiently played to selflessly generate the better awareness among all and especially educate the ‘mob-like blind-belief-stricken’ portion of the currently developing global public. Coincidental happenings may confuse human minds but the Cosmic power is there, therefore, no human should ever think of claiming the total credits of victories. That is why we cannot be certain but I know (may be by now you: the reader know too): as soon as the guys with negative desires like IAHSs of the East or West would give up on secret selfish hopes of personal gains and honestly declare ‘mutual win-win interests’ to convince the Global Public (actual International community), immediately; guys like Mr. Gadhafi would be perished in an unimaginable ways! (Those ways are Cosmic? Look back at the historical examples! Natural death, suicide, killed by own people, accidents such as plane crash etc.)

And after victories the IAHs, especially of the West need to be extra careful to refrain from being over joyful or exited! The feelings of victory cannot be real happy with the probable presence of suicide bombers nearby, unless we-the wise West, for the purpose of setting globally popular examples, first choose the lands of larger populations with least aggressive mentalities like i.e.: Bangladesh, Indonesia etc. and train some ingenuous and indigenous individuals to be leaders of local origins chosen from the local public of the land and get them elected as government heads (and never like Mr. K. Hamid of Afghanistan or Mr. J. Aristide of Haiti etc.) in open secret manners by using the smart Medias of the West and let the whole world watch what type of developments in the third world the really good Governments are capable of making happen.

A sensational ‘flood of cordially welcoming’ with ‘wide-open-arms’ of the generosities of the West, will be generated globally. (With an honorable great purpose of generating world-wide awareness and good conscience: Cheap Cell phones, with temporarily unlimited global usage plans issued by some non-profit government organizations of the West with minimum charges for using the services accompanied by free unlimited educational shows, advertisements, entertainments etc., will be able to play a major role in the peaceful transition of the world to be an overwhelmingly better place of uncontrollable multiculturalism and happy co-existence than ever observed earlier.)

I, Mr. Shah Islam, became aware of the invisible existence of the early mentioned ‘IMSs’ and ‘IAHs’ after having direct experiences of how ‘IMSs’ had almost succeeded to turn ‘my simply misunderstood identity’ into an ‘identity of a bad person in black and white’. If similar dishonest acts of manipulations be practiced in the offices of Western governments or United Nations’ official activities then, e.g.: an apparently harmless walkout of a Arabian or Canadian or US delegation from the UN meeting can easily be viewed or interpreted by the Global Public or opponents as an ‘act of gross civil or public disobedience in the global context’ and the by-product thereof: the hatred of defeated side (opponents) will never diminish. Friendships on purpose cannot be true friendships. Without true friendship a real happy and peaceful atmosphere is impossible! None can feel happiness in an unfriendly neighborhood! Friendships between countries actually are friendships between human heads and their minds. For example: if I, suddenly declare one of my yesterday’s friends to be an enemy today because of his or her doing bad things to his or her subjects in the ways as I usually do to my subjects; then, how it is possible for all the other friends to keep their friendly faiths or trusts on me that tomorrow I won’t betray their trusts too? (That’s one of the ugliest human characters.)

I think the above ‘big problem of lacking wisdom’ is a reason of our (the Western) failure to play the deserved “globally welcoming leading roles” and also a cause of our inability to control the global unrests and now, at least, ‘We-the West’ can do better by selflessly initiating a new system of positive changing and making sure gradually to get rid of negatively motivated mentalities or dishonest ‘IMSs’ (invisible middle sources) and ‘IAHs’ (invisible actual heads) from our ‘top level government offices’, and ‘future top level foreign delegations’.

How do the IMSs work? Yes, secretively of course! That’s why except few heads or individuals none of the neighboring Canadian or American good guys had any idea about how the twin tower’s demolition works of 9/11were accomplished by silent and invisible joint efforts of several types of IMSs of unfamiliar back grounds. Now, as for the North African crisis, none of the neighboring Maltese or others or Libyan good guys obviously had any idea about al-Qaeda type IMSs’ presence but Mr. Gadhafi is reiterating that the current anti-government protesting-chaos in Libya are imported works of al-Qaeda. And we can’t doubtlessly say that ‘he is lying’ because surely there are presence of al-Qaeda’s or some sort of IMSs of neighboring Taliban’s or Islamic IAHs too, which are capable of secretly creating grand chaotic things further away even in the soil of USA. As a part of the helplessly watching conscious but mute international community, ‘the actual global public’ is already aware of the open secret that regardless of the origins of IAHs-‘all of them’ often have one unique purpose, just like the mentalities of negatively too greedy or vindictive individuals with morbid morale to ‘put the blame of secretly (by hook or by crook) committed own crimes on the apparently rivaling groups instead of their own people. This is an ever-deplorable practice of the old styled governance or diplomacy-now automatically or somehow (cosmically?) has been placed under pressure to be discontinued at this time of developed easy communication and information technologies.

In regard to my case involving Canadian Government and the Crown, after I personally had become certain about such things and then to explain my experiences accurately and more logically, I came up with ‘IMS and IAH’ theses. Just like me (no one so far has been willing to hear my voice of demanding justice), it will be good for my fellow Canadians and the North American public to learn the true facts about itself that ‘the public’ is virtually a foolish mob or sometimes totally non-existent physically but an abstract image only and when such images (for example: ‘in a form of a “one-man” of the public’ appearing live in the TV screen and emotionally declaring things e.g.: “I love my country!” instead of more clearly expressing his feelings in words such as: “I love myself living my life in this beautiful world”) apparently become existent for the personal benefits or ambitions of IAHs, the powerless actual sufferers (Local or Global Public-even when addressed by different names such as ‘International community’, ‘My Brothers’, ‘Our citizens’ etc.) are prone to be easily fooled by the IMSs or ‘a few secret organized heads’. Another finding becomes understandable at the same time that the IAHs have secret rivals too, therefore, keeping secret tracks on the competitors is a must and that is why Mr. Saddam was dancing in Iraq when the mankind killing debris of expired twin towers were falling on the innocent and unaware public of New York City. Similarly, e.g.: when clarinets get played in a party of foreign policy makers in USA over victories on Arabs, its percussions can be heard far away in Israel. Such simple funny things [e.g.: Israel was so far unseen or apparently inactive but today, Mar 17, 2011 in North American TV show: Mr. Morgan’s Twitter, the interview of Mr. Netanyahu was somewhat dangerous and odd when presently calm: Israeli issues were suddenly started to be discussed in a situation of higher global concerns at hand. {Mr. Netanyahu have visited the site of a recently killed innocent Israeli family by the IAHs of Arabic or Muslim world and inferred retaliation. To me, an angry head of an army man means bombings. Education may guaranty certificate but not wisdom and finding the ‘two in one’ is rare. That’s why typically the seasonal heads (elected by majority of the blind public) may lack certifications (wisdom too) and the bureaucratic heads may lack wisdom. Regardless whether the IAHs of the East or the West; they themselves do not kill by their own hands or directly commit crimes, they get the jobs done by the fools: motivated emotionally by the beliefs (holy books) or other gains (by money etc.). I am sure that like Mr. Netanyahu, most of the current heads of the West are good guys with higher educational certifications and degrees but before acting revengefully how they can identify, recognize and then kill the actual perpetrators-which must be either the shooters or the IAHs of the Arabs. STOP! It is wise to set free one criminal instead of blind killings of shelter provider: thousands of blinds but innocents.

(On Dec 8, 2009 and on ward, I received disturbing threats directly by invisible parties; and I think such things are very mean if some get killed by the ‘never to be found or caught’-IMSs of IAHs of any secret organizations and/or Semites or anti-Semites, because both the IAHs of the East and West are dishonestly habituated to indicate simultaneously at each other as the perpetrators of the crime or injustice by creating further confusions for all and thereby ‘long-lasting-fuming’ anger against each other).

The absolute controlling powers on human hands is ‘nothing but unpredictable very small cosmic gifts’ which if abused can be vanished in a very short time though some foolishly, like those leaders or heads e.g.: of the Tamil’s independence supporters, (who’s ambition is responsible for killings of thousands of Sri Lankans a week that continued for decades) and the same of Germany or of Bangladesh or of Pakistani etc., (whose personal ambitions, without good conscience and sufficient practical political knowledge, directly or indirectly killed millions of human lives and the Bengali public forgave unconditionally all the direct and indirect killers (of somewhat exaggerated 3million lives), the IMS and IAHs by literally embracing enemies with open arms in the early 70’s and didn’t take any retaliation at all) thought those gifts to be their personal powers and felt like real big guys. Although, I do not think that Mr. Netanyahu is not much more smart than the above mentioned guys but he, in comparison to Mr. Obama, sounded a little boastful like ‘somewhat of fragile vanity of a big guy’ which must have been interpreted by the carefully watching International community or the Global Public (ensuing) that the heads of Israel are more powerful than those of USA scattered among the congressmen of Republicans, Democrats etc. However, I believe that Mr. Obama has earned profound respect from current Global Public or International Community by showing his ‘wisdom of patience’ in regard to dealing with Libya’s Mr. Gadhafi despite negative pressures and he would be able to earn greatest global support and admiration by simply promoting the ideas like such as follows: Example # 1. In the ensuing better world, the ‘only usable weapon’ against any of the bad Governments, for failure to meet the expectations of the Public of any given lands, will be ‘UN sanctions’ (mainly the money for personal comforts, ambitions etc. of the leaders or heads) and ‘weapons of gun powers’ will be used only under ‘Improved and honest’-UN commands and only against all types of terrorists including cruel robbers, pirates, thugs, ‘Belief-blind men with dangerous mentalities’ etc. in any of the territories of this Earth.

Example # 2. Anywhere in this planet the ‘killers of the mankind’ must without exception receive ‘suspended Death Sentence’ for committing proven crimes and  be offered a chance to be alive by serving (otherwise executed) in the front line of the UN fighting against above mentioned inhuman criminals. The personnel of the ensuing UN military force will be consisted of: i) the normal bold guys who enjoy fighting, higher ranks and dying like heroes. ii) Guys with suicidal mindsets. iii) Guys with ‘suspended Death Sentence’.

Example # 3. In the world except under care of UN, no more secret or open productions of bombs or any kind of mankind killing machines will be tolerated and no country shall have its own independent armies sitting unproductive or idly inside own territories or acting its own against its own domestic insurgents or against any of the other countries without UN approval but have to have some armies reasonably maintained and ready for mandatory participation and serving in the UN. ‘Only one totally unbiased’ legitimated joint “Global military force” under honest UN commands will exist. And in order to become legitimated Governments all have to have developed systems like the most Western Governments have; e.g.: financial, social, welfare services, generous  immigration, citizenship, multicultural policies, ability to provide their Public (Citizens) with the minimum living standards in comparisons with the West and their unreasonable failure to comply with ethical obligations to maintain such minimum standards will cause those operating heads to lose legitimacy of their powers of governance and therefore, abolished. If Mr. Obama, by setting live examples and very honest declarations, could convince (which is easily possible by selfless initiatives) the Global public that his administration through UN with mutual interests would continue to change ‘all the bad regimes of the world’ in order to facilitate “win-win” situations for all, then there will suddenly be created floods of ‘revolutionary changes’ and ‘a world-wide supporters of inspirational demand of the time’ in dozens of land pieces including China, India, Middle East, South America, Africa etc.} I have met few Jewish people who seemed to have, almost like me, very good mentalities and from my knowledge, I personally have respectful feelings towards the talents and good qualities the Jews have. Israelis along with talents of other races by literally forming a collective head could transparently become the head of all the heads of the Governments of the world by directly declaring what god gifted good and bad qualities the Israelis have owned or learned or earned and what good things they have done and still capable of doing for future global prosperities and developments, e.g.: more of space-based ‘digital wireless technologies’, scientific researches etc.] create so much negativity and anger in the Arabic world that eventually reach to the point of giving births of suicide bombers and such trends slowly induce the confused, needy and humble poor guys of bigger Muslim world too which sometimes appear to be acting with extreme violence for ignorance of ‘blind belief’ only. These are actually very good people of converted mixed Muslims with backgrounds of different races and I personally have enough knowledge about them. And their leaders of choice or the leaders elected by them logically have similar mentalities too. ‘We-the smart positive minds of the West’, as I mentioned before, are capable of totally honestly creating leaders for the third world by sincerely teaching and training them from here through easy methods of North American positive-brainwashing, entertainments etc. As far as I have observed, I believe, similar is the situation regarding Western leaders, whether they be of Christian or Jewish backgrounds, because they are also representatives of the Western public which has ignorance problem too.

And I Have Truly Become A Victim of Ignorance Generated From Blind-Belief Right Here in the AmeriCanda-Culture of Canada and I AM ABLE to Clearly Define and Prove My Case to be Unfailingly True Because I Have Done A Good Job of Research in Order to be Certain about My Claims.

The advanced humanity requires human minds to be free of negative-animality. The above mentioned negative acts of a part of mankind are very ugly and disgraceful for the entire humanity. These are nothing but products of cheapest mentalities that rank inferior to even lowest animal instincts. A well evolved and sane human being cannot enjoy animalistic funs worse than boxing games where one party have to get killed for the victory of the other. ‘We-the West’ need to train and develop clearly visible Heads for the future Global Governments and permanent administrative personnel thereof-which shall have enough wisdom to understand that the unnecessary human greed is one of the worst kinds of negative things that historically have always done devastating long term damages to humanity. ‘Humanity in the world’ is almost synonymous with ‘Un-biased Justice System for all of the International communities’.

The meanings of: ‘International communities’ comprising the collective (2 parties) awareness of the 1st party: the Global Public, should not be reflexed as the only awareness of the 2nd party: a community of heads of the international Governments (that only matters officially but nothing else) because, although up until now, the 1st party’s actual voice has remained powerless but by watching the International activities through advanced technologies unlike historical times, the 1st party has been aware of the truth and the  actual facts; regardless how transparently or dishonestly its Governments operate. A peaceful solution is now available!

Finally, as I anticipated, for the impatience of negative minds, Mr. Gadhafi’s governmental power in Libya is now under attack for a quick regime change, instead of letting the power be confined in Tripoli only and get vanished slowly in a blend of diplomatic and natural or cosmic way by allowing enough time so that the bad guys of Iran and such other countries could realize how fragile their terrorizing power is! And once succeeded, which is surely possible through very honest diplomacy, many big and small bad powers would soon, in a chain reaction, start to be vanished in the similar (Exampled special diplomatic) ways without too much bloodshed, even at the beginning. I wish, I could show all the US Congressmen (mans) how easy it would be to get rid of bad guys through some very honest and peaceful ways. I was glad while watching all the right moves Mr. Obama was making and then all of a sudden some big mistakes have been done. Certainly, some wide open doors of great opportunities have closed unseen and silently. I just can’t write another 13 pages-explaining the disease and cure.  However, whatever propagandas, now being circulated in the Arabic world against the really generous West, are as important as what are being globally broadcasted by the West. The risk ahead is: if the Global Public sympathy somehow goes against the West, then, ‘the revolutionary spirit’ in the East shall evaporate slowly in the same Cosmic way as it was globally generated. Moreover, if the impatient US Congressmen(mans?) make a wrong decision of directly taking financial control of Libyan oil fields then soon the relationship (with invisible involvements of IMSs or IAHs of al-Qaeda etc.) between the west and the Libyan public will be similar to what has been happening in Iraq; if left alone the Libyan public will do worse and will begin to blame the West totally forgetting the favors of highly expensive bombing of the West, because they are not positive minded either, perhaps will be quick to show ungrateful attitudes. If I had any knowledge of that the Omni-powerful: The Creator has a face like a human, then, I could imagine a face with a smile, yet not being certain about, whether, all these including what’s currently happening are a positive part of a vast Cosmic transition! Recently, thousands of people or public of New Zealand and Japan have been accidentally and naturally (for some sorts of chemical reactions underneath the Earth) killed and no one is responsible or to be blamed. And here is the difference between the Cosmic and human powers.  And e.g.: when an impatient walking-school boy is killed by a drunk driver then impatient Governments for securing safety, orders thousands of school buses, billions of dollars costing insurance coverage(s) etc. But is there any real guarantee? How many of the Canadians know that millions of houses in Canada are not covered by costly home insurance policies against earthquakes. Human can spend all the resources of this planet: the Earth to know what is going on inside the closest star: the Sun and yet unable to know how the lighting-power is being generated inside the billions of stars in the sky for millions of years. There is no point to be over exited and spend too much of resources to build a mankind-killing giant bombing machines with tremendous capacity like very common, clever and natural flying insects. Millions of dollars costing these sophisticated giant-insects can shoot fire balls to precisely reach the targets from hundreds of miles away and destroy millions of dollars costing palaces but still not capable of killing just a single targeted man.

Today is March 21, 2011. The 1st party of the ‘International communities’ is carefully watching. And the 2nd party: communities of heads of the international Governments or the West of which the IAHs (that supports dishonest-conspiracy, violence, fighting, aggressiveness etc. and negatively powerful by votes) are claiming that they didn’t want to kill M. Gadhafi, although bombing his correct whereabouts; instead of truthfully admitting publicly that they, by hook or by crooks, really wants to kill M. Gadhafi and then go ahead.

From my last few years’ experiences I can see that the 1st party is sure that the IAHs do not have the moral courage to admit the truth publicly but they will get their job done by any means and nothing can stop them. I am not advocating on behalf of Mr. M. Gadhafi or pleading in favor of him; all I have learned about him is that he has committed crimes against humanity by being inhumanly cruel to some human individuals.

What I am deeply concerned about consists of two personal issues. The first issue is: The safety of my life. And the second issue is: What kind of Justice I can finally expect, if the IAHs of my good Canadian Government are the same IAHs of American Government or similar in character, since I have realized, without prejudices, that my Canadian Government (financial, governance, policy etc.-wise) is totally under control of US Government. Despite having such honorable great guys: like Mr. Harper and Mr. Obama as transparently visible Heads of our AmeriCanda land piece, I am still highly concerned about elusive influences of the early mentioned IAHs. All I can do is to be optimistic and hopeful to be finally able to get the attention of the appropriate level of our Government. I have been trying without success, for the last few years. As evidences: three of the correspondences, written to honorable Attorney General dated: Aug 17, 2009, Sept 2, 2009 and Gov. General dated: Aug 20, 2009; have been attached at the end of this 3rd part of my Factum filing.

Today is March 23, 2011 {and surprising the Canadian Public, our peace loving Canada (Our unnecessarily existent: Air force) for the first time has practically begun participating in the offensive, by bombing on Libya’s soil last night. Mr. Gadhafi is still alive and legendary actress: T. Elizabeth dies for natural cause. Bombing has begun also in Gaza and Jerusalem. The heinous activities of angry negative mentalities of IAHs of the East and the West are in full swing and as a result, lots of blind but innocent ones (mainly of pure Semitic origins) will perish}. I want, at least for me and as a member of the Canadian Public, Justice to be honestly served to me.



Thu, August 20, 2009 4:04:45 PM

Fw: Re: MAG Policy Division response to your correspondence – Our Reference #: M09-04759

From: Shah Islam <islamshah16@yahoo.com>

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To: MAGPolicyDivision@ontario.ca  

— On Mon, 8/17/09, Shah Islam <islamshah16@yahoo.com> wrote:
From: Shah Islam <islamshah16@yahoo.com>
Subject: Re: MAG Policy Division response to your correspondence –                                          Our Reference #: M09-04759
To: Honorable Attorney General
Date: Monday, August 17, 2009, 1:07 AM

ATTN: Honorable Attorney General


Dear Sir,

There has been passed a considerable waiting period for your reply. You misunderstood what I requested to the Ministry! It was not against inactive (in some cases, without prejudice) OHRC that has been informed of, of wrongful use of power of Division-22 Police in Brampton, Ontario. The issue definitely falls under the RESPONSIBILITY of the Office of Mr. Chris Bentley. The references of OHRC had been provided only for a quick understanding since OHRC is well aware of the seriousness of the issue that involves clear and stark misuse of the Criminal Justice System. Evidences are everywhere in several Govt. Departments. Your intervention is necessary at this point.



Thanks in advance for your anticipated co-operation.



Truly Yours

Shah Islam


Tel: 905-230-1632




Wed, September 2, 2009 2:03:43 PM

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Our Reference #: M09-04759

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To: www.MagPolicyDivision@ontario.ca  


Attn: Honorable Attorney General


Dear Sir,

Today on Sept 02, 2009, I am informing the office of the Attorney General that some are being very uncooperative with me, while reaching your office, by saying things such as: Recipient does not like sender etc. Your office must be Involved otherwise (without Prejudice) very Possibly a mockery of Justice is going to happen in Brampton Court Room # 403, regarding my upcoming Trial on September 4, 2009 unless you keep an eye on the mischievous activities of some unscrupulous minds including some members of the Division-22 of Peel Police. In the name of a so called Post master / Internet Service provider, something has been destroying all my correspondences that I am trying to send to you for the last two months. Please reply me by mail. Thanks.

Sincerely yours

Shah Islam











Fri, August 28, 2009 1:50:08 AM


From: Shah Islam <islamshah16@yahoo.com>

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Seeking her Royal Majesty’s attention on some examples of how the Crown is being represented in Canada..htm (9KB); Seeking her Royal Majesty’s attention on some examples of how the Crown is being represented in Canada..htm (9KB)

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From: Shah Islam <islamshah16@yahoo.com>
To: www.info@gg.ca
Date: Thursday, August 20, 2009, 10:40 PM



ATTN: Honorable Gov. General

On line Attachment Follows: Seeking her Royal Majesty’s attention on some examples of how the Crown is being represented in Canada..htm

To: ‘www.info@gg.ca’
Subject: Seeking her Royal Majesty’s attention on some examples of how the Crown is being represented in Canada.

Dear Madam Michaelle Jean, Would you please forward my concern, which is surely a single voice of the outstanding demands of the present time, to the Queen-her Royal Highness, on behalf of who you are acting in Canada. May be someone can answer my question which I am unable to receive. Is there any true Justice in Canada? What kind of Government is operating in here? Some reckless practices of some Government Authorities/ Departments have been observed that you should be informed of. To get a part of the whole scenario please enquire at the office of the Attorney General for refs. (I Contacted on June 19,2009) and at OHRC plus HRTO-File Numbers are: JART-78WPGJ and TR-0658-09 respectively.

The apparently silent / inactive OHR Commission, despite it’s somewhat mysterious role (Phone: 416-326-1312) have been being notified time to time with facts, stories of unfolded real events as were happening. Please do remember that your attention, therefore, intervention is urgently necessary in the above mysterious but highly serious issue.

Thanks in advance for your anticipated prudence.

Sincerely Yours


Shah Islam

35 Delphinium Way

Brampton, Ontario

L7A 0N4       Canada


Phone : 905-230-1632 (Disconnected) Current Telephone # 647-977-3000


E-mail: islamshah16@yahoo.com

Divisional Court File No.: 506/10


                                      Superior Court of Justice

                                             Divisional Court

RE:   Islam, Shah v. J. Ennis Fabrics Ltd., et al.

Between:                                  Mr.  Shah Islam                                                 Applicant


Director of Employment Standards, Ontario Labour Relations Board and J. E. Fabrics Ltd.


                 .BOOK OF AUTHORITIES OF THE APPLICANT                   .                

Applicant: Mr. Shah Islam 35 Delphinium Way, Brampton, ON

                                     L7A 0N4 Telephone: 647-977-3000, E-mail: islamshah16@yahoo.com


(Please Note: Page # 1 to Page # 41 Contains Complete Factum in Three Parts.)

A.   Pages 43 to 44: Electronic version of my correspondence to OLRB, dated: Oct 13, 2009.

B. Pages 45 to 46: Electronic version (with elaborative explanations) of my correspondence to OLRB, dated: Nov 6, 2009. Also to be compared with my hand-written original & OLRB versions.

C.  Pages 66 to 69: Electronic version of my correspondence to CEO and Company President: Mr. Jim Ennis, Dated: Oct 25, 2009.

D. Page 70: Electronic version of my correspondence to Employment Standard Officer # 852, Dated: April 17, 2009.

E.  Pages 71 to 78: Copy of Appellant’s (my) Factum: File# SCA(P) 360/10, filed in Superior Court House at Brampton, ON and ‘the subject matter of the above file’ and ‘OLRB-proceedings’ and ‘to be continued in the  Upper level: the matters of unfinished OHRC case’ are basically the same.

F.  Additional 18 Pages (A to R) are verification-worthy and collectible from OLRB records or files for finding strange modification acts by comparing with copies that I faxed and OLRB copies-which has been lost though I am not at fault. (Seeking co-operation in this regard from Registrar of Divisional Court at Osgoode Hall).






Please note the following two correspondences dated: Oct 13 and Nov 6 of 2009 written to OLRB.


(This is an electronic version of hand-written original 2-page-copy that was sent to OLRB. 2 pages have remained here the same 2 pages. The reproduction is intended for helping clear any confusion, as I have recently noticed that some pages in Government-records are still left in illegible-condition and I was not aware of such inconvenience that occurred during or most possibly after reception of fax transmission.)




 Date: Oct 13, 2009


ATTN: Registrar of OLRB       (Fax # 416-326-7531)

From: Shah Islam

RE: Your office file # 1786-09-ES

Dear Officer,

After speaking to Mr. Costa of OLRB on October 6, 2009, the next day Ms. Irene Lee called me back and advised me to write to the vice-CHAIR informing the facts that are crucial to exercise discretion in granting time-extension.

Therefore, I am sending hereby the clarification of facts via the registrar of OLRB.

After receiving a phone call from (Ministry of Labor) Ms. Cindy Lanteign, ES officer # 852, I collected an envelope in late March 2009 and immediately requested OLRB for Form A-103.

(And) I waited patiently but OLRB never sent me Form A-103. I contacted again, requested again, and then on April 17, 2009, sent a fax to officer # 852 of Ministry to inform the situation. I kept waiting and despite all my requests and efforts OLRB never sent me Form A-103 before September 04, 2009. Having received Form A-103, I risked my safety and got them delivered to dangerous employer in a shortest possible time and to all the other parties, so that my part of application process would be accomplished without fail in a timely manner, as it has been somehow already delayed.

Please note that a polite normal incident of document delivery in now being used as an opportunity to attempt to abuse the criminal justice system again by the harassing employer. The proof exists in a correspondence dated October 02, 2009; sent to me by company president (and CEO: Mr. Jim Ennis), whom I shall send a reply soon {Important Note: please find attached at the end of this correspondence the reply in 4 (previously 8) pages dated: Oct 25, 2009, to Mr. Jim Ennis.} to inform him of deliberate lies or false reports (made) by Mississauga, ON.-warehouse-Manager: Mr. Geoffrey Neil Ball. I have numerous proofs (to be described summarily in great details) at my disposal to show all the authorities (government and private) including you, that I am innocent. As the time goes by, stronger proofs are being (becoming) available in support to my case. However, for now, you shall find attached (in) the above correspondence where the (that) facts of ‘form A-103 delivery’ has been omitted deliberately and the copy of my letter sent to the Ministry of Labor on April 17, 2009.

If further explanation is required for your prudent consideration, please feel free to contact me. My part of application procedures could not be finished within 5 business days after March 20, 2009 (as you noted in September 29, 2009-decision) because of the fact that for the first time I obtained the only opportunity to fill out the form: A-103 was the month of September 2009.

Yours Sincerely,


( Signed )

Shah Islam

Tel: 905-230-1632 (Current Tel: 647-977-3000)






{This is a newer electronic version of hand-written original copies that was sent to OLRB. 11 pages have now become 21 pages here. This reproduction contains some additional and elaborative explanations added to original texts and areas inside the brackets. This addition is intended for helping clear any confusion, as I have recently noticed that some pages in Government-records are in left in illegible-conditions and I assume that similar may be the conditions (of the records in the Government’s files) of the original copy of this correspondence.}


                                                               (            OLRB 1st Page )

November 06, 2009

To the attention of chief of the office / Chair.

C/o Kelly Waddingham, Vice-Chair.

To : Fax # 416-326-7531

From : Shah Z Islam

Re : your office file # 1786-09-ES

Dear Chair of OLRB,

I have spoken to Irene Lee today, who appeared to be elusive in terms of expressing clearly the identities of the persons operating OLRB, so that those officials can be addressed properly. My understanding is; it has a large impression on the public mind but consists of few persons such as multi-role playing Mr. Rene, Mr. Costa, Ms. Sunita, Ms. Irene Lee (who has accent like me with difficulty) and Ms. or Mr. Kelly Waddingham. However, finally I have been able to make Ms. Lee to understand that I shall be sending a reply to Ms. Kelly Waddingham’s absurd denial of reconsideration : decision, by ridiculously not giving me any opportunity to present any of the numerous evidences that I have at my (and also the honorable Court’s) disposal (Must include testimony of Miss. Michelle Borg as live witness under subpoena ad testificandum with her own ‘yet exclusively controlled’ and ‘never heard before’ evidences) but falsely implying examinations of evidences have been performed when, in fact, nothing as evidence [except one sided false evidences mutually created (by the police and employer) and supplied to all including the Crown’s office by the Police and employer] was available to the board ever, perhaps, except the only wrongful verdict of a Judge (Honorable and presided by Mr. D. Cooper) on September 18, 2009, for which OLRB plus Ministry of labor and Umpire of EI have waited for a period of more than two years. Now each and every departments of Government including HRTO is real quick in responding to my appeals for Justice. But none favors me (Not a single one was in my favor).

In order to save self (C.J. system) and the Government (mainly the Crown), the criminal Justice system had no alternative but to convict me virtually. And I am challenging the wrongful sentencing of myself and the process of appealing the wrongful-Conviction is in progress.

[ Unless, like the double faced shrewd human individuals usually do, any attempts to deprive me of Justice by making strength of my “appeal for showing humanity” gradually weaker and subject to manipulative-indirect-suppression by the “uppermost power of old (antedated therefore, needs improvement by keeping pace with the ever-progressing intellectualities of the “once upon a time’s humble citizens” adored by the kings of all kinds including the terrorizing ones) styled : never-ever willing to become openly visible: group of advisers of the puppet-like head of government”-who, in a sense, behind the scene: projected before the public, are above a prime-minister or president of a land, (such as current: Mr. Harper or Mr. Obama) or in other words, by the head of ‘nothingness or the public’ through the highest court of Canada, only to make Justice, neither reachable by me nor properly administered to me.

By the following note with brief explanation, I would like to clarify that:

# 1.  I neither love nor dislike the above mentioned (unidentifiable by the ordinary public) shrewd advisers and I am not envious of their personal benefits, gains, profits or good-lucks with enjoyable materialistic things, because as a truthful human, to be honest; I think, I would do the same thing if I had such lucky opportunity and I whole heartedly believe that birth, true-friendship, fortune, happiness, sadness, health, death etc. may look superficially, are controllable by human but ultimately by an “unknown power” beyond human perception. But I know that at this current semi-open-door stage of ‘freedom for humanity’, I would definitely not become morally so mean, after being totally aware of “the true fact of an innocent affair of hearts”; to cause, with differential treatments, to deprive one of one’s rights (as all the people involved in my case has proven themselves to be, starting from employer to the Crown).

# 2.  No one including ‘Heads’ should feel alarmed or be afraid of my discovery of ‘existence of invisible advisers’ or ‘IMSs’ (as mentioned in early documents sent to OHRC, Brampton Court, Honorable Attorney General Mr. Chris Bentley, Mr. Linden McIntyre and The National News of CBC etc.). It would be great if; instead, despite some personal losses incurred on very few persons, for the sake of benefiting billions of people by educating and by setting unprecedented good examples of unselfish acts of totally generous mentalities of the actual highest operators of any of the Governments, before global public; great first step like a capable pioneer, by our benevolent and good part of Canadian-American-Governments somehow initiates right here on the soil of North America by encouraging more transparency regarding identities of the above IMSs with detailed background information: displayed in a, yet to be implemented, ‘globally viewable website’ from all corners of the world.

The creation of Omni powerful: the planet earth shall inevitably become, at this present time of civilization, ‘mankind-killing-weapon-free’, safer and more peaceful than ever by making world-governance antedated-religious-influence-free and enforcing strictest punishments against humanity and personal safety of any and all good citizens of any country and place in the world. Besides simple law: ‘tit for tat’ or ‘hanging for merciless-killer’, the strongest weapon to be usable against criminals in the future shall be ‘the money’.     

 # 3.  As a proud citizen of Canada, I personally feel proud of her majesty and current queen of UK and I honestly believe that she is still the best and wisest symbolic-head among all the heads of governments and deserve the wealth she occasionally has been obtaining from Canada for enhancing once in a blue moon: her royal-family’s personal pleasures and luxurious comforts as a repayment for past royal-contributions towards generous building of Canadian nation of multicultural population from all corners of the world.

The wise-minds should not have any problem understanding that, but the world population collectively has also been continually becoming uncontrollably smarter and there are less-benevolent advisers who may or may not benefit her-majesty anymore by the smart manipulation of abundant power of ‘nothing’ or something for which ownership has ever been claimed by none except historically, time to time by forceful and so called legally or unscrupulously motivated terrorizing and violent smart guys including kings or then heroes of ‘logically assumed uncivilized people of the past’, lucky and opportunist real bad guys and /or religious leaders (or misleaders) of the past human races with naturally (by default) susceptible “indecipherably complex vulnerable system of belief set by the Omni-powerful: Creator inside human mental faculties” etc.. They can still be, more than ever with developed modern knowledge, identified all over the world and in recent and historical times and the simple Truth is: whenever ‘bad ones or their secret activities’ somehow ever got caught with proof or fell into bad position became perished sooner or later by one of their competitors as can watched in ‘cruel boxing game or wild-bee family’. And no human mind can ever become certain, “without telling lies”, whether (also why or when or how did or does or shall) ‘the Creator of universe’ or ‘the mysterious power’ has always been allowing such things to happen through many different forms, subtle to apparently bizarre or disastrous things, including natural or weird acts of  human individuals.

As a “good natured and trying to be ‘one-life-time-enjoying’ wise person” I despise ‘cruelty’ of any of the kinds and “I do not want to be cruel on anyone of any belief for any reason” and “I do not want to become a victim of misunderstood identity, human envy, cruelty etc. either”.

Apart from the intuitive and subconscious (such as dreams, to be explained later at the end of this chapter) feelings I became deeply concerned for my personal safety after having in reality some direct but strange and fearful experiences including the following facts:

E1): Guys followed me in mysterious manners in and outside of buildings, on roadways, even at or in front of my residential street, home and garage. [For examples:

(i) On February 5, 2010, an unknown man approached me in the dark and scared me by saying life-threatening words in a further fear causing whispering-voice; and

(ii) On November 16, 2010, sometime before midnight hours, I was busy in order to better manage my back pain by doing some light physical activities inside garage and at one point, as soon as I lifted garage shutter door halfway up, a man from the dark started approaching me saying a word “Hi” to me and already shaken from previous and ongoing experiences of myself, {several mysterious and unfair monitoring activities by then caught my attention and especially by the most recent ones, when at the same night I was writing to the Federal Court of Canada, my typing in the keyboard of my laptop was also simultaneously being controlled (not to let or allow me to type what I wanted to divulge to higher level of our government; e.g. I finally gave up trying to write the word: ‘honored’) by an unseen or apparently non-existent party} I intuitively reacted by pulling down the shutter immediately; and

(iii) On December 8, 2009, night time, a man called my then home phone: 905-230-1632 and gave me verbal threats with alarmingly offensive and disturbing words (by blocked ID telephone call) and introduced himself as someone making that call from Pakistan and also gave me a (fake?) clue that he had obtained my name as “X Islam” in a website named: 411.ca and that his people knew my correct residential address etc.; and

(iv) On October 28, 2010 @ 6:25pm, I received a disturbing message @ my e-mail address: islamshah16@yahoo.com from an e-mail address: cory_69_word@hotmail.com; and

(v)  On November 1, 2010 @ 5:34pm a mysterious 22 year old young lady, through ‘Skype’ network, introducing herself as Miss. Jennifer Appiah Kubi, contacted me with an intention of offering me friendship. (all the above incidents or attempts are traceable by honestly performed investigation of government personnel of appropriate departments.)]


E2):   There are more scary facts in addition to the just recollected incidents written above from recent time to (back ward) February 5, 2010 and beyond, up to the end of 2006 when mysterious conspiracy just began to include the Crown of Canada later, in the ‘mischievous scheme in-question now’; and that makes me believe that the honest part (collective wise and positively functioning mentalities of human individuals of highest ranks or positions operating the system of governance in North America) of our Canadian-American Government is either unaware of or helpless to act fearlessly to cause positive change in the practice and secret-negative application of some basic but currently ‘out of date laws’ that were originally made in ancient uncivilized circumstances and unnoticeable at that time by the then naturally limited or less knowledgeable populations, unlike the same of today’s new world. Without including USA, focusing into the above issue is meaningless as Canada is inseparable especially when considering how the “collective negativity or negativities inside few human heads in control of government’s power” reciprocally influence the both sides of a piece of land and how realistically beneficial for ordinary people (for multicultural general population of North America, despite some losses of a few extremely rich people, such as: profiteer or owners of oil fields, foreign business corporations etc.) and how easily it would be possible to abolish the border between the above two countries by following the good example of demolition of temporary-egoistic-wall (although apparently it was made of cement) between two sides of one land-piece of Germany.

After close and refined observation of my Canadian or “good and bad parts of our AmeriCanda” (although at present, unofficially both are of the similar economic, cultural conditions and values etc., may become a proposed joint-name for a borderless piece of land of North America)-governments’ activities regarding a false case involving me and the Crown, I (Honorable Mr. Shah ???) am writing about all the above and following ‘highly beneficial to the public (and ensuing global public) interests’ with a very sincere intention of helping everybody including myself by my accidental discoveries of how a “breaking new form of governance” can rapidly and easily make the world a much safer and better peaceful place by only the generosity of the Crown. The change is quickly possible by the Above Crown only because any other actual head of governments among all of the governments of the world is (please note an IMS activity here in the following description: I was trying to change earlier typed word: ‘are’ to become ‘is’ and repeatedly failed in mysterious ways to make the change. The meaning of the sentence was somehow constantly being twisted and I became alert and found that my internet connection was switched back to ‘on position’ and the as soon as I manually disconnected my laptop from internet everything became normal and I became able to write the word: “is” without any trouble), in comparison, either less strong or more unstable. And the weaknesses of the fake-benevolent power holders in the name of governance are noticeable in the upcominguprisings of many countries (A to Z; e.g.: recent Egypt) which are slowly, at these globally current developing stages of communication, generating enough awareness for the ensuing ‘more than ever transparency seeking global public’.

I am once again attempting to clear confusion, if there is any for anyone, by affirming that it is not a topic of bloody revolution but an possible easy and peaceful method of finding solutions, in advance, for inevitable conflicts between ‘old styled governance in the disguise of the public representatives’ and ensuing ‘new informed global public’ by removing destructive mentalities, first from our Canadian Government, then USA and eventually from the rest of the world to transform the planet earth into one peaceful ‘Humanitarian-Global-Village’: where there won’t be built nuclear and all types of mankind-killing weapons anymore and anywhere in any part or piece of a land or country of this world; internationally  or nationally official lies won’t continue to be legalized and majority of public, in general sense (of currently ‘developed countries’ and future-‘one Global Village’) do not have to lie, in imbalanced manners, on a daily basis regarding almost all matters concerning commonplaces. Good governance will, surely and nevertheless, still be needed but more desperately for the reformed new ‘ones’ and my personal opinion is: the Crown of Canada can become better than anyone, therefore, why look for better? Just recognize humanly greed to make it an open secret for both the gainers and the observers and at the same time let it be balanced and tolerated. Instead of dreaming of importing something of unknown back ground, ‘keep the familiar old Crown without risk’ and just for the purpose of maintaining royal luxuries, provide it with enough Canadian minerals and oil fields (a few capitalist shrewd human will always, in any given time, be in the possession of these), in an open secret manner, and it will survive and protect self and all of ours AmeriCanda. Others with much more of resources or minerals and oil fields (or religious earnings) etc. shall inevitably be in serious troubles with ensuing “new global public with improved ‘belief system(s)’ inside their brains” and may perish forever from the (‘old-styled-systems’-generated in a ‘self-destructive default vicious cycle’ and simultaneously based on it) collective blind beliefs of limited numbered groups of human beings.

Please be informed that all the material, semi-material and unnatural things on this planet are nothing but products of human creativities of mortal minds. Making of primary laws by wise individuals {including the ones made by human in the name (fraudulently) of Omni-powerful: Creator} were necessary to achieve control over and maintain balance, in the positive direction, of personal interests and activities of uncivilized populations of the past. At this current century, We (Canada-America and the developed west) are either heading towards imbalanced-state of extremity or somehow being misdirected by human negativities or greed of money, powers etc. and the rest of the rapidly-developing world(3rd) will soon follow the same trend unless we (ours AmeriCanda) do something great soon

[before others naturally or automatically find alternatives by themselves, because ‘the pioneers of collective ensuing modern global public’ and it’s promoters or teachers already have begun to know and accepted the facts of “how illusionistic-(ally) ‘nonsense’ is the word: ‘public’ itself (and public: to be actually remained helplessly less-powerful forever unless their collective knowledge become able to recognize the purposes and technics of why and how their elected controller: government manipulates the entrusted power of the superior: public (that is not of one or hundreds of individuals only and to be used for personal gains of few individuals) or why some government’s adoption of unfair hidden means {for example: assassination of (e.g.: Honorable Mr. Socrates) an innocent and wise but then assumed forever-weak member of public, for the dishonest purposes of a wicked ruler with idiotic mentality(ies) would not be tolerated by ‘the confused public of the old’ if they were as well informed, educated, and communicated as the ones of today’s world that have already, by ours-AmeriCanda-help started overthrowing money and power greedy bad rulers of the so called third-world countries} was a prerequisite matter then, but no longer supportable or required now.”]

to maintain our greatness and moreover, for the sake of our own recognition as the greatest of all. If we fail to avail the opportunity soonest by modernizing our, once-secret and now open, methods (avoiding all kinds of hidden dishonesties) of governance to establish better than what is being copied by or we have taught the ‘Thirdworld’, then we may either have to compromise our leading status or let our flag become only a permanent symbol of lost glory.

As I have been implying for the last three years, we (AmeriCanda) may choose to become proactive by keeping views of advanced futurology in mind that: 

Under virtual one governance new world-laws will be updated with modifications to be less or non-manipulable and more simple but precise; for example: ‘a private insurance company shall still pay a set amount per car in government funds but that won’t guarantee competitor-free-environment and selling of insurance policies with profiteering false hopes (currently, in reality, an insured gets very little for self but help lawyers and insurers get richer even when false claims of injuries are made in an open secret manner), or ‘only gay justices shall preside or handle cases of gay individuals for better administration of justice’ or ‘eradication of unionization must take place to facilitate fairness (when a nurse employed in a government hospital earns US$ 39 per hour and another nurse in a private clinic gets only US$ 8 per hour for the same service’.     


E3):  Intuitive and subconscious fearful feelings of myself induced by dreams (after having some reality based dreams ‘in deep sleep times’ and ‘semi-awaken states’ in bed with excruciating back pain), rumors, third party advices or stories etc. and how these things, in addition to those reality based fearful true facts as described above, have contributed to cause ‘greater real threats to my personal safety’ are being explained very briefly at this end part of this chapter as follows:

Among my countless dreams in last four years, I had numerous frightening dreams involving Michelle (Miss. Borg) including the ones written below to represent only a very small fraction of all of my dreams:

*1) As if two Miss. Borg(s) were mysteriously killed, There were big pictures of ‘Michelle and Michelle’ and ‘Michelle and Diana’ side by side in the front pages of numerous national and international Newspapers and Magazines with different styles and colors (clear like real facts of life) and comments with lots of question marks, bearing the meanings including following ones (as I can now write by guessing only and imaginatively): Two Princesses of One Fate! Who killed them? Why killed? For Saving Government? Dignity of Royal Highness? For Family Problems? Was she raped twice? A victim of jealousy? etc.. And I was extremely sad and also scared by the actions and attitudes of people in other parts of the dream in the dream that the assassination was purposefully committed to direct the attention toward me (in similar style as the Crown has allowed attempted arrangements in reality by false incidents as evidences at the Brampton Court trial on Sept 4, 8 and 18 of 2009).

*2)  A group of controlling young men started misbehaving with Ms. Borg for some reason I had no idea about and at one point cut her car along with herself inside into small pieces and then loaded a truck with those cut pieces and left. From distance, I watched helplessly in horror and failed to do anything appropriate like taking a note of the plate number of the truck to make a report of the crime and there was nothing I could do. And some unnoticeably, in the meantime, have caused extensive damages to my little red car too. -‘in a dream at early morning of Feb 6, 2009’.

*3)  A tall, ferocious type, western light skinned man savagely attacked Michelle and watching from far away I could do nothing to protect her from suffering of cruelty served on her mainly on her facial areas despite her vigorous defensiveness -‘in a clean dream on Mar 5, 2009, Approx. @ 3am’.

*4)  A group of people implanted something ‘like a funny and comforting device’ which was turning ‘on’ and ‘off’ apparently automatically, in naive Miss. Borg’s body and at first she was happy, totally unaware of the reason of implantation and device-controlling any information. Then I discovered that the control of the device was in the hands of the groups that were manipulating her body movements such as: making her dancing too fast to be tired and eating cheesy pizzas to be more tired. I tried to inform her of the reality but she appeared to believe me not, then I accidentally found a bunch of wires and tentatively touched the open heads of the wires to be in contact with one another in a special-ordered way and noticed that she was naively moving around like a remotely controllable doll and exactly like the ways she was following the commands of the group and I became astonished at discovering that simultaneously I could control her movements too. I divulged to her the hidden truth she was unaware of and she became extremely unhappy, not on me, but on the group of pretenders. However, they soon appeared to be friendly and I watched them getting together on a roof top of too high skyscraper on the other side of the border, in the territory of USA and Michelle and I were observing their activities from a roof-top of a less-taller skyscraper on Canadian side of the frontier. And my understanding was the group was preparing something like gifts for us and then they threw a light bag aiming at us diagonally from a distance of a kilometer away and it reached us smoothly and then 2 or 3 more of bags arrived again now dangerously almost touching our bodies and risking safety of our lives and still I had the mood of praising their quality or accuracy of reaching the target. Then we opened the bags and became sad, because those bags contained nothing but rotten garbage. I realized how mean they have been in a funny way and more than misbehaving they have actually insulted our ‘trust worthy honest feelings’ in a very deep level and nevertheless, have shown extreme cruelty towards us by ignoring our safeties and putting our lives at a risk in a dangerous way. -‘in a dream: just like real facts of life, on Nov 4, 2009’.

*5)  A young man ready to have further intimacy with Miss. Borg but she is unwilling; although her father is unhappy on her decision. (and I am now selecting words to express how I am feeling right now) I am watching: tears rolling down her eyes though she had already compromised her body and I knew it happened and still I couldn’t and then didn’t even try to check my tears as if I was letting my delicate-painful feelings evaporate by forming into liquid drops. -‘in a clear dream: as if in reality, on Nov 9, 2010, Approx. @ 11am’.


 However, I am hereby affirming again that I do not have any feelings of hatred towards any seen or unseen mysterious being(s) but admiration only, although I have received from some of them apparently very mean treatments and I expect, as I deserve for not being mean at all, at least, similar admiration from all, if Omni-powerful wishes so.


Therefore, your decision will be also wrong when it is based on a verdict without having proof of real crime.

(Please note) You are aware of the fact that I do not have the ability to buy legal supports and yet you have attempted to deprive me of my opportunity with clever wordings in your correspondences full of confusing jargonalized officialeses.

I hope, you may take this last opportunity to amend your decision of denial (of Justice) and would be kind enough to give only one chance to prove to you that my employer is a compulsive liar [One simple (phone) call to my accuser or any other female at work shall prove that I am (have) not (been) lying.] Also rethink on your fault finding technique you have ridiculously used on (as to) my original application and second request. If you are not adamant not to submit to the power of the truth then as a separate entity why don’t you contact my co-worker(s) who falsely alleged against me and (are) now willing to divulge the truth before any court or investigation and explain why she (they) had no choice but to comply with compulsive liar, misleader of (the Crown-the head) all Government authorities-the mischievous employer and then the police and the Crown (upon what eventually the failure or blame falls when a Judge or Police acts wrongfully in a secure manner after obtaining approvals or permissions or orders from the Crown).

(That was why? icon smile 78 Pages Crown Document Shahislam\s Official Website   SHAHISLAM.COM Even though the Crown would not let her, on September, 04, 2009 clearly [Noticed by at least myself if not truthfully admitted by all others present at trial to be (become) accidental witnesses] protesting (virtually in a suppressed state) Miss. Michelle Borg admitted before the court that the allegations were not based on totally true facts (such as of being herself totally unaware of issuance of a Crown-Document in her own name which she had never seen before. This Document was altered or modified with the sole propose of falsification to mislead Ontario Human Rights Commission in order to help it get low opinion of myself or its opinion against me. Miss, M. Borg for the first time  discovered that at trial day after seeing it in my hand) and I reported the same things is mid 2007 to several authorities such as Service Canada, EI etc. and even I went to the Division-22 (of Peel Police) myself and collected records of Police statements, confirming that as per appeal Docket and exhibit No. 5-1, the employer’s statements to service Canada regarding police charges against me were totally false. [Officer’s name Ms. Betty, Badge # 665c phone # 905-453-2121, Ext # 4391/4392 (Div-22). The sad thing is that Umpire of E.I. knew everything but shamefully stated to me on September, 25, 2009 that he would [(perhaps have to) now it has been clear that it had to] make his decision based on the fact that I have been found guilty in 2009 despite the fact(s): [She (Miss. Borg) always had kept contacts with me by co-workers (named) Aga, Gelena (or by mysterious smart means that only she and I know) of which the Police and employer combinedly and clearly were aware of, because of their secret involvements into the make-happening of false fear-crime situations or scenarios and “ In reality,] I was not involved (in) to the (those) so called arranged crime in 2007. Miss. Michelle Borg knows (also knew earlier as well as the police and employer) everything [Except the facts and acts of said modification and making her fearful of myself with arranged incidents (of which I did not have any clue) that according to her testimony, regarding one fact for example, in the Sept 4, 2009 trial Miss. Borg expressed her suspicions: saying: (in line13 and 24 of page 96 of Court Transcript DATED: SEPT 4, 2009 that she had doubt among many of suspected culprits to be her then boyfriend from warehouse: Asst. manager *a. Darryl or her own *b. dad too).

*a. line 13:  “ Well, Darryl was sleeping beside me so I doubt….”  And

*b. line 24:  “ … it could have been my dad.…” ]

[Her (Miss. Borg’s) phone # is 905-230-8278]. The police and the Crown know (knew) everything. I guess the other government authorities also know (knew) everything but (just) pretended not to know how the virtual crime incident(s) had been (purposefully) arranged to get me trapped into and got involved. Of course the Judge was aware why the mysterious telephone # 416-878-1236 contacted me and the reason why the criminal Justice system first intimidated then banned (through employer, by some sort of approval of the Crown, imposed a gag order as per paragraph #18 of HRTO decision dated: Dec 2, 2010) an honest, healthy, open discussion between myself and (Miss.) Michelle Borg. [very possibly after being induced by the envy and jealousy of those who originally believed that Miss. Michelle Borg and I were like “Romeo and Juliet”, therefore, suffered from their own imagination of my possible fortune of  having lucky opportunity to have ( also in their imagination) the beautiful: ‘mind or mutual time to exchange ideas’ and/or ‘mutual feelings or love to share’ or “herself/both adorably in my/each other’s arm(s)”etc. with/around/or of a stunningly good looking young lady who was then half my age].

The answer lies in this true fact: By believing one compulsive liar, multiple wrong doers [(probably) most of them (are) innocent victims] have come to existence in reality.

The more efforts were being made to suppress the truth, the more extensive it was becoming like a wild fire. Inferno can be controlled before it reaches the point of explosion.  In the same manner admission of mistakes, faults or own guilt honestly can result in making a huge difference.


I stated to the Court and informed the Crown in 2008 that I believe Michelle (Miss. Borg) was contacting me via Ph (Telephone) # 416-873-1236. Up to this date it remains a mystery to me. No one including the Crown informed me that my belief was wrong despite my (also Justice system’s) eagerness to know the truth.{ It is now only a matter of time to get the news broadcasted on who actually, at that time, owned above Cell# 416-873-1236 and whether directly or indirectly the Crown or Police, Miss. Borg and any mischievous additional third party was/were active behind secretly?} The investigation needed to be done by someone (automatically from an appropriate authority) in order to discover the real reason why I left an honest peaceful voice mail for Michelle Borg. Out of tremendous curiosity on March 20, 2009; I dialed the above mentioned Telephone # to make just a single ring to know whether it was still active and hung up. In less than 10 minutes (approximately) a female police constable (with a) Badge # 3330 spoke to me personally (by) reminding me not to contact Michelle Borg. That cannot be a co-incident, it gave me an idea that this number was shared and used by a group of people perhaps including the police who dishonestly planned a conspiracy against naive me. Perhaps now is the time, Michelle (Miss. Borg) may admit that she had no choice but to comply as may be currently she is somehow being intimidated with this (the following) fact : since I have not been found guilty enough to be confined into a prison but convicted (virtually) then Michelle (Miss. Borg being the false accuser and regardless for legal or illegal causes or reasons) herself (still) would be imprisoned if she contacts me or tries to help me in my efforts to prove my innocence, for she knows some true facts hidden secretly inside her own self of which the employer and it’s believers are really scared to death! Poor Michelle Borg! Another naive, playful real innocent soul! She does not know that she is not powerless at all!

However, only time may prove who are right and who are wrong.

Now, I would like to draw your attention to officer # 852 of Ministry of Labor, who is legally liable to answer to myself and /or) the Labor Minister for making a false and dishonest attempt to make statements in regard to my faxed written correspondence dated April 17, 2009 with negligence, lies or twisted truth. It was sent to fax # 1-888-252-4684. If it was (the manipulation) advised by someone then can she name that person? Was it connected to any elusive superior such as OLRB?

Officer # 852′s finding was erroneous and unfounded. Upon what evidences she believed beyond any trace of doubt, that the management’s (Manager is a known compulsive liar) statements were true and there really occurred any willful misconduct on my part? I have proofs that the so called signing and (phony) preparation of guide lines was nothing but a joke; reports of police involvement and phone numbers etc. were falsely arranged incidents. Few months after my dismissal deliberately I was invited to collect some money and the manager fooled the police by keeping them ready to arrest me once I had arrived at warehouse.

Recently on October 15, 2009 after being advised by OLRB, I went to warehouse to deliver form:A-103 within the required short time-period and politely accomplished my responsibilities (when almost everyone except manager was extremely joyful  to see me after more than two years and one ex-co-worker who still owes me some money gave me his phone number and some co-workers who briefly showed their sympathy) the criminally mischievous management again tried to take opportunity to get the police falsely involved again. That kind of dangerous mentality could jeopardize my personal safety at any moment and you OLRB have pushed me into that direction for nothing.

For more than one year, I am unable to earn any income for physical injury for (what) which the employer and the Police (therefore the Crown) are equally liable (also) legally and I am in a financial bad situation when I am trying to save each penny of my last savings.

On the 16th day of October 2009, I travelled to Toronto to deliver form: A-103 to OLRB personally and without fail but the cost was expensive for me.

Now it is clear to me, you OBRB knew from the beginning that you would eventually dismiss my appeal then why pretended to be fair? May be it was a funny matter for you to watch me unnecessarily accomplishing the whole tiring process and then dismiss it with a single word of mouth as Ms. Lee did this morning.

Do you know how painful it was for me?

How much shocked I became upon hearing her declaration, “your file is closed!”

Please do not do this to anyone! (who is like me and I am nothing but a victim of miscarriage of Justice). Don’t you ever suffer from any feelings of guilt? Why do you let someone go through the painstaking process and finally let them end in a fiasco? Today I have felt like, you OLRB have thrown at me a loaded garbage bag from your aloft position that has been entrusted to you by the gullible public who sadly and technically will never have an opportunity to question you on your responsibilities (unless people like me and myself find a painstaking positive alternative way to receive justice). This is cruel and unjust when justice is denied to an innocent person!

One thing you have done unmistakably. You have encouraged a violent employer (who hates the Jews, declared open contempt against the Jewish people, ridiculing them by asking question on their creeds) to continue harassing agenda (by confusing good citizens) with compulsive lies. [Many women in the warehouse who were my co-workers have witnessed evidences] I am not claiming that all the Arabs and Israelis are good people. Most of them are very intelligent and nice persons. Only the unwise ones with radical and dogmatic mindset are hostile to each other with revengeful sentiments carrying within themselves “an ancient animosity based on blind religious beliefs, generations after generations for many centuries”. I am also not denying the fact that the North-American part of the world does not belong (in authoritative sense) to the Jews, in a sense (just mentioned) as they are viewed by Muslim world (and otherwise by the isolated, blind, smaller than imagined crowds or groups with mobbish quality). In fact, Semites (the apparently chaotic but brave, although somewhat ‘unusual-hot-tempered’, Arabic-Jewish groups) are minorities but Semitic laws are not minor things at all, moreover, they are such great things like weapons useable without violence against injustices or inhumane killers of mankind and must be copied by other minorities of all corners of the world. What the Islamic world

[as per my understanding of it {just like millions of Muslim men, as religious part of my belief system inside my brain of childhood time had culturally and societally been conditioned very well, and wholeheartedly I believed, as a child of male sexuality, that in ‘after death paradise’, there definitely would be available unlimited numbers of clean, fair skinned and nice-looking unmarried girls or ‘virgin-houris’ waiting for the first touch of their only lover. And of course, in my boyhood-time it had a thrilling impact on me when somehow I became convinced that like all other men in the paradise, as my personal rewards for doing good things in the world I shall get my private ‘virgin houris’ too, for my personal pleasures (if I can get there by doing no sin) in the top section of paradise, above the seventh layer of the sky. Although there were lots of hear-sayings, after I had learned in the school that there is no oxygen in the upper sky or space, I wondered how the lovers will be kissing there! However, I can remember as a little boy I still tried to find some guarantee that after death I shall be able to go to heaven and get close companionships of those ‘houris’ probably because I had a clear idea by then that none of the girls of my age or older, that I like, is going to let me kiss her. And now, I find it to be so funny that in my surroundings as a teenager, I didn’t find a single girl to be really beautiful (at that time I had sensed that in Bengali culture boys and girls had some kinds of unfriendly or forbidden or fearful feelings towards opposite-sex and they had separate schools, classrooms or rows). So, believing in paradise doubtlessly was making me very happy and that blind belief kept me confused far beyond my adolescence} and also as may be viewed by confused itself and others with similar mindset (a void fanciful self-operating general idea and hearsay based antedated form of governance that exist only inside collective human minds with limited capacity on an imaginary global context like any or all other religions with similar or less positive or negative belief system)]

fails to realize is the fact that ‘both the groups themselves-the Arabs and Jews’ are infinitely being motivated by their ‘genetic or default identical egoistic power of believing’ (which is, with developed worldly knowledge, self-controllable and adjustable) generated from the almost same background and stages of civilization, although, gradually they have made themselves so isolated from each other and then, unlike other religions, divided into more smaller groups for own ingenious egocentricity (same for both) to fall eventually into minority groups instead of becoming majority together.

There is a big difference between the degrees (strengths) of ‘hatred’ or ‘negativities’ of ‘the original Arabian-blood-Crowd’ and ‘the multinational mixed-Muslim-Crowd’. There is a misunderstanding.

The ‘terrorizing-war’: ‘Muslim versus West’ is a GAME of ‘media fed clever propagandists’ and ‘business leaders of religions’. The ensuing global public will learn one way or another or through a good media, how to correct minor misunderstandings such as above simple one and will contribute in processes of solving the human made confusions to make the world more peaceful than ever.

Therefore, the innocent North-Americans that include Muslims, Jews, Arabs and people of all other religions (or natives of USA or UK, or Germany or any of the Developed Western rich country etc.) are not enemies of the Muslims (or ‘the religion of poor people’ or ‘the countries of humble poor people’, who live temporary earthly life of difficulties at the mercy-donations of wealthy kings, or dictators or rich-people with a guaranteed expectation to live everlasting (belief-bound for) luxurious life in the paradise). The day the Muslims (at religious meetings) shall start to think and discuss about the philosophies such as above ones and understand the meanings of those, a friendly ‘joint virtual journey to paradisiacal earth’ of the ‘ensuing global public’ consist of “all the religions of the present world (keeping own faiths intact within themselves and not caring whether people of other faiths must go to hell or wherever)” shall also begin. And then only, in a chain reaction manner, the newly developed trend can be followed by another journey of the modern civilization towards a new peaceful weapon-free world and the days of monarchy and blood shedding wars will be gone forever {No army of poor or rich people (motivated politically, religiously or by any of the reasons-‘generated from collective blind human belief’) will be trained on this planet: the earth and ‘no weapons of killing human races by human in the name of whatever’ shall be required or invented, in the first place, anymore and in order to facilitate such awareness, environment etc. the actual heads of all the contemporary operating governments of the world must have positive mentalities at least of people like myself or better. The top level advisers must be visible either by declarations from Heads e.g.: Presidents, Prime ministers of countries etc. or sort of in an open secret style: elected by the public in a yet to be advanced or more developed democratic environment, so that the domestic and foreign policy makers: the actual heads operating a government shall also remain accountable to the public and in case, things ever go wrong, then, not only the puppet-like head, the actual heads: the policy makers and invisible advisers without exception must be held responsible too.}]

Dear Chair of OLRB, I have written here some of my philosophical views to give you a little bit of ideas about my honest mentality so that you may deny to accept employer’s wrong [(also convicting Judge’s) as the Crown became wrongly convinced (judgmental)] version of my type and give me (at least) a benefit of doubt and reconsider Board’s decision in the same manner as (mistakenly) you have done twice negatively. May I hope you shall be positive the (next) time?

Normally crimes are committed by unwise people and injustices are also served by unwise people. Couple of days ago in USA an unwise soldier [Who is bloody-minded and has killed 13 innocent souls (living function of body) because of his revengeful sentiment towards his authority and his own helplessness. From my adolescence, I have been experiencing despisement and distasteful feelings towards above mentioned unwise mentalities. At the same time I try to focus into the root cause(s) too. The unwise soldier must have received some kind of injustice from his authority] The ordering USA Authority (war) have not been killed for its unwiseness and would not be punished for it’s cruel decision that was made in the name of antedated monarchic patriotism : the basis of order issuance, while the order-issuer’s soul is safe and risk free, unlike the time of uncivilized world when all kinds of killings of human races in the name of war were considered as noble acts and the physically involved leaders of killers were acclaimed as “the great heroes.”

Because of highly developed communications and interactions between all the elements of modern civilization, there is no possibility of it’s going backward but to move forward only.


Therefore, whatever the questionable leaders, selected or elected, may contemplate but none of the future nations would be convinced to join the senseless blood shedding human wars anymore.

In the name of patriotism or post-death paradise, the propositions or acts of endangering human lives that are unwilling to die, shall soon be identified as a deplorable matter of the past and punishable crime by present values of humanity.

The happy news is, among all developed countries of the world, Canada despite not becoming a republic has one of the better Justice systems. Also there is a scope for further progress and Canada have the blessing to become the best in terms of judicial, financial and other social matters, because of its containment in its population most of the diverse communities from all over the world. And among them fortunately, the wise ones are aware of the facts that without the contributions of the Jews and the British the blessing of, Globalization for humanity’ and possible development of everlasting peace would not start so rapidly.

Dear chair of OLRB, I hope, you have now some understanding of my mentality. Since Mid-2007, passing September 18, 2009 (Criminal court verdict) and September 25, 2009 (comments and declaration of the umpire of E.I) up to this date the way (clearly biased) I have been being treated, I cannot imagine what would happen if one of aforementioned unwise people happened to be in my shoes? {In my life knowingly, I have never served injustice to anyone, moreover, upon accidental discoveries of injustice to even unknown third-person, in some instances, have  caused me act appropriately including sacrificing my personal energy and time.

Therefore, similar is my normal expectation from others and of course it shall be the same especially when any matter of service of Justice or humanity comes in the scenario of my personal range.}

I am a peace-loving person in nature and always have been polite with everybody despite my recent encountering with injustice and situations of inevitable dishonesty (faced with). Fortunately, I began to having eye-opening clearer experiences of how to be more tolerant and peaceful in adversity that (are) may be comparable with so called ‘divine lights(?)’ that were claimed to be received by so called special individuals such as ‘prophets’ or ‘messengers of God’ etc.

“I have some good reasons (learned by some tentative but funny mechanistic ways) to believe that the birth places of religions were situated in between lips of liars.”

By default human always (infinite times) needed to hear unanswered (questions or) replies (true, if ever there was/is any) to their questions about mysterious creator;

and those imposters lied as much as they could to fulfill their an purposes. (There always have been no shortage of too many confused and eager or needy human beings to buy, through their vulnerable but very normal default power of believing, the ‘bouncing third person crowd ideas’-very slowly but almost automatically generated from a originally purposeful void political knowledge.)

I certainly believe: “there is a creator of self-operating universe and human-brain capacity, to completely learn about the creator of divine, perfectly balanced an orderly (operating) cosmic system, has been somehow (and for some reason) arranged by the same creator to function up to a certain limitations by a conditioned boundary beyond which any attempt of exploration by human is only wastage of valuable research time.

For human, (including all) who want(s) to discover, the above mystery of creation shall remain undecipherable forever. Religions are man-made and if the earth somehow get destroyed; the activities of the creation in the cosmic space would not come to a stand-still position. Unlike the claims of the founders of religions, God or Creator does not belong to any of them. Blind belief of the above theory will not harm anyone, but shall set the first step towards achieving something priceless for free.

Somehow, recently I have discovered that everyone has been being constantly gifted (regardless one is aware or not) with some unique qualities. It is up to each to recognize (with a very simple and easy way) own qualities. I may try to help, even though I have nothing to gain personally for myself. On the contrary, I can benefit myself by abusing my qualities [recently (discovered by the honest reactions to myself-being a person with extra-ordinary mystical power like Jews, Houdini and/or having characteristics of human seducer, nobleman-like womanizer and/or positively worthy of individual admirations of the wise western elite) recognized in the midst of the hardest situations of my life that I have been going through now for the last three years and I am not sure yet, whether some credit for the non-materialistic good side of bad circumstances goes to Miss. Michelle Borg.] to take advantages from confused people in similar ways those early mentioned special individuals did in the past by lying. [There is a big difference between them and me. They lied about, misled and hated opposition and its existence {mainly to get supporters in (those) early- basic-political situations.} and I never shall have any intention to do such, but expect improvements without any violence but with mundane knowledge and understanding.]

By speaking truthfully of my simple (recent) discovery, I may successfully show the way of happiness and peace for the entire world. I have also discovered exactly where Charles Darwin went wrong in his understanding of his own great theories. I have learned something what the eternal young generations have always been searching for: a (some) simple method(s) of how some wise minds without any kind of violence may transform countless confused minds into conditioned or reconditioned happy and peaceful minds {without this recently learned method and immediate practical application of it in my real sufferings of my current down to earth real life I surely would be in tears full-time and in far more than worse condition} that is/are essential to the establishing of a worldwide peaceful co-existence of diverse human races shunning harmful animal-like instincts such as negative human emotions, feeling of negativities that are the root causes of blood shedding wars (in home or world-wide). [A mentally-ill or destructive (identified) human with animal-like-killer’s instincts such as seen or unseen or unknown ruler or policy-maker or dictator like Hitler or Saddam must be removed immediately from our current modern global society and the identities with backgrounds of each and all of the invisible ‘advisors’, ‘solicitors’ of all the ruling governments and NGOs of the ensuing interconnected countries of ‘one global village’ must be published in an easily accessible by ordinary-world-public or people in general, yet to be implemented, United Nation’s Website to make sure that antedated religious motivations with hidden personal purposes shall not jeopardize the possibility of an upcoming  environment for establishing a happy real humanity on this earth.]

 A little change, which is so easy to make happen inside of one mind at a time, is capable of creating countless futurological wise-minds that may gradually become enough powerful to turn the world into a virtual heaven right here on this planet earth.

I really have some priceless gifts of peace and happiness at my disposal for all the nations (for any human being of any culture at any stage of development) of the world. (Discovered Recently at this extremely difficult situation of my life, without which I wouldn’t be still alive today.)

Dear chair of OLRB, I deserve to be respected. If you all jointly still react negatively to my request for Justice then how can I make you understated (see) my point? I have not done anything wrong. Allegation of committing a crime against me is absurd and totally false (arranged incident and a pure product of envy). Please reconsider my application prudently. I am looking forward to hearing from your office soon.


Sincerely Yours



Shah Islam


Tel: [905-230-1632(former)], Now: 647-977-3000











(This is a newer electronic version of hand-written original copy that was sent to Company CEO: Mr. Jim Ennis. 4 pages have remained same 4 pages in this standard text size. This reproduction contains some additional and elaborative explanations added to original texts and areas inside the brackets. This addition is intended for helping clear any confusion, as I have recently noticed that some pages in Government-records are in illegible-conditions and I assume that similar may be the conditions of the records in the Government’s files of the original copy of this correspondence.)


       JIM OF J.E.F P-1

Date: October 25, 2009

Date of Fax Transmission: November 13, 2009

To: Fax # 905-565-1408            and To: Fax # 780-479-6135

MR. JIM Ennis C/O Sabina         C/O Jim Ennis As per

And      advice of  Ms. Pam.

6300 Kenway Dr. Mississauga                      12122-68 Street, Edmonton

Ontario L5T 2N3                                             AB T5B  1R1  Phone: 1-800-663-6647


Dear Mr. Jim,

Have you deliberately omitted acknowledgement of my delivery of FORM A-103 to your uncooperative manager Mr. Neil? Until now you have received benefits of Doubts from me because of my good understanding of yourself from our last meeting at ‘Delta Meadowvale Resort’ that kept me wondering whether you shall take some drastic measures against all three Managers for their conspiracy to abuse the criminal Justice system by indirect victimization of Miss. Michelle Borg.

You know what happened at Delta Resort that night and why? Was not that a differential treatment?

On the day of my dismissal Mr. Neil’s first conversation, to my surprise, contained unnecessary threat to use the police against me, although fraudulent attempts had already been done /made against totally unaware myself to validate my termination, then supply Service Canada and Ministry of Labour with false statements about me of being charged for a criminal offence [that was not committed in reality (or by invisible ghosts or advisers or helpers of some dishonest government personnel?) by me (but has been biasedly accepted by the police.) Then in late 2007, your managers attempted again to abuse the C.J. (criminal justice) system and fooled the police by keeping them ready, in full gear, to get innocent myself arrested once should unsuspecting myself arrived at the warehouse to attend (a) deliberately planned invitation {to collect (some of my) money} that I received via a couple of my cordial friends who actually did some smart experimentations only and proved themselves not to be out witted by dishonesty. There are numbers of mischiefs you are still unaware of and I do not have any interest to divulge to you everything I know, except the last one, based on which you have written me-‘Mr. Neil's unpleasant version’ of what happened (that day in the warehouse) in your personal letter (to me) dated October 2, 2009.

Now get my version: I was advised by OLR Board (or OLRB) peremptorily to deliver completed set of form A-103 in a short time without fail. To avoid difficulty reaching to Mr. Neil I used easy route as I always did during my employment and upon seeing me some of my ex-coworkers became very delighted and despite their eagerness I did not talk to each the of complimenting workers on my rushing errand. They were really happy to see me and some very briefly expressed sympathies for what happened and I encouraged them with one-time single advice to be truthful to self and investigators, if ever (what Mr. Neil is scared of). Mr. Todd owes me some money and Mr. Balbir owes me some favors; (they asked for and took from me) therefore, I confirmed their contact numbers, since I did not contact any of them for almost or more than two years.

I have not unnecessarily made any defamatory comments about anything to anyone.

I did not enter that room that I assume you referred to ‘as restricted area' where use of phone was prohibited and mushroom type plant were being grown inside almost empty coffee cups.

On my way to the front I intentionally kept myself accompanied by an ex-coworker named Mr. Joe not to be blamed (by lies later) and for my personal safety remembering the fact that once compulsive liar and unpredictably hypersensitive Mr. Neil inappropriately grabbed lower part of my face (though out of my forgiveness and broad mind then I did not take any action).

I said "Hi" to all showroom ex-co-workers except Neil and they exchanged normal courtesy with me, even Ms. Meredith happily said, "Hi Shah! How are you?" Mr. Scott nodded. Later while leaving I said to Sabina. "Sabina! How come you never called me to say: Hi shah? How are you?” And she happily smiled, as Sabina was very friendly with me and she once complimented me by saying:" I like your complexion etc."

I remained totally calm, polite and peaceful when dealing with Mr. Neil and he took enough time reading, matching original and duplicate pages. Form A-103 delivery was done in a quiet and professional manner as per requirements of laws.

Keeping my happiness intact while leaving warehouse, I noticed somewhat perhaps, ‘compunction type expression’ on Mr. Neil's face only. But it was his personal problem and the report of disturbance is totally false. Others are witnesses. I did not create any disturbance at any time (during my presence of approximately five to ten minutes or so) with Mr. Neil.

Mr. Jim, are you aware that your managers had fraudulently collected Ms. Borg's personal police reports (even when she was no longer an employee of J.E.F) and criminally altered some and sent to several authorities including OHRC? (‘Proven to be true’ by Court-Statements of Ms. Borg, made on September 4, 2009). How many persons actually been victimized by them? Not only myself! Not only government personnel! Michelle Borg too! She has been coaxed to allow a manager to reside in her own home and motivated to make reports in their favor. Some reports have (clearly) been proven as absolutely false at the cross-examination. (And in fact, it was not Miss. Borg but the Crown was afraid of her being cross-examined by me.) It is becoming more complex. The presiding Judge had no choice but to (ridiculously) find me ‘guilty (???)’ and to the contrary, the court advised me to deny and to say "No" if one questions me of committing any kind of criminal offence.

The truth is like (a burning unseen) fire and no one can suppress it forever. Assuming my (upcoming) dismissal once I let Mr. Neil read a sort of warning letter (written to Royal Bank of Canada) in the lunch room where I politely mentioned consequences of wrong doings, such as: wrongful dismissal: out of jealousy, differential treatments (caused in compulsive manners): out of envy etc., but he chose to continue adopting unfair means.

{Maybe Mr. Neil had all the managerial good and bad qualities to become a beneficial ‘power for your warehouse’ and I selflessly continued appreciating his hard work for your ‘Business’, up until I became certain that he, with deliberate lies, had actually created a situation for ‘Asst. manager: Mr. Darryl to take sexual advantages on an young, naive, female (who trusted bad guys after being totally confused by lies) -employee: Miss. Borg’ and wrongfully convinced ‘the Crown (the Police initially)’ to really believe that ‘I am a person of mysterious power’ and thereby ‘got rid of my presence’ simply to satisfy egos or desires of self and others, including the opportunist: Mr. Darryl.}

Extremely negative envious minds have (finally) caused me physically to suffer from injury and financial losses but could not destroy my “Only possession: Inner Happiness”-the product of ‘good mental health and its constant growth and maintenance’, which actually is “the greatest gift human may have”.

I wish, I could forgive all of you but how? If, I remain physically unfit to earn an income, indefinitely.??? I think Ms. Borg also won't forgive. She still has positive influence on me. And no one should under-estimate her power and determination. She thinks she is powerless and she'd be in trouble, if I report against her. But that's not going to happen by any means or even if I report! (She desperately had contacted me numerous times!) The reason is simple, because she is also a victim.

It's a matter of time (or dependent on Omni-powerful’s wishes) when the truth will be known.

Mr. Jim, I know you managers are scared of my contacts with ex-co-workers with who I developed good friendships, who knows what's happening now and was happening then between Ms. Borg and myself. Who knows what I was looking for and what I have got? But unfortunately, if legal necessity requires me to attend your warehouse (I am not adoring any more) again, I shall sadly attend again as I have done earlier but I shall make sure that no one will be successful to abuse the criminal justice system against me anymore. The inferno of negativities shall burn down none but the initiators themselves. I still have some secrets. I confirmed Justice D. Cooper in Ms. Borg's presence that if needed, I shall try my best to get witnesses and therefore, I have been legally entitled to contact ex-co-workers.

Hearsay is unreliable. Everyone should govern self accordingly.

Shah Islam,


35 Delphinium Way, Brampton, ON   L7A ON4

C.C : Ministry of Labor and Superior Court of Justice c/o Osgoode Hall. Toronto, ON

Office of the umpire: Guy Goulard c/o E.I/ HRSDC, Appeal Division. Ottawa, ON

HRTO : Commission Ref. TR-0658-09 C/o Ms. Jennifer Lynch QC/CR.

Toronto Regional Department of Justice c/o Mr. David Tortel, Exchange Tower, Toronto, ON

Ministry of Attorney General C/O Alexandra Paparella A/Dir. of C.O. (Central West Region), ON

CBC'S Fifth Estate c/o Mr. Linden McIntyre, Toronto, ON


(This page is an electronic version of hand-written original copy that was sent to ES officer # 852. The reproduction is intended for helping clear any confusion, as I have recently noticed that some pages in Government-records are still left in illegible-conditions and I was not aware of such inconveniences.)




To: Fax # 1-888-252-4684

Date: 17, April, 2009

From: Shah Z. Islam    (S.I.N # 275 373 850)

Re: Claim # 700 193 11-9 (Shah Z. Islam)

Dear Officer # 852 (Cindy L.),

As per your advice I contacted OLRB (@ 416-326-7500)

Toll-free 1-877-339-3335

Immediately after receiving your mail by lots of my efforts searching numerous postal depots, I have not received any forms or what so ever from OLRB as of today but your letter indicates 30 calendar days from March 20, 2009.

Looks like someone won’t co-operate with me.

So, I am hereby letting you know of my wishing to apply for a review of your decision. I hope you’d be unbiased in your final decision making and therefore, would bring into consideration all the facts and this stagnant situation that I am and had been providing information with OHRC, HRSDC’s Umpire’s office, Upper division of Justice Canada etc. Truly yours

Shah Z. Islam

Tel: 905-230-1632



(The following 8 pages of This Factum submitted to Brampton Court challenging my wrongful conviction; has been attached with an intention to give you some valuable insights into all the scattered cases at different courts to help you understand accurately whether all these matters contribute to a simple original story of some envious minds’ desperate attempts to kill happy- feelings of two innocent souls with unimaginable cruel means only satisfy own egos of extreme negativities)


   Appellant’s  Factum


File # SCA (P) 360/10


[1]   This factum I, (Mr. Shah Islam) myself have prepared with many difficulties that include *a.  Weather effected unpredictable physical pain management with medications (can’t sit and write for long without painkiller but when intake medicine concentration becomes difficult),

*b.  Financial crisis for being unable to earn an income,  *c.   Suffering from the above and below, *d.  Uncertainties and anxieties, also scary and disturbing incidents; for examples:*e.  Men approaching to communicate in the darkness (Probation officer: Ms. Denis Sidsworth had been aware of at least one incident), *f. Mysterious individuals including a young lady (introduced self as a 22 or 23 year old woman: named : Jennifer) have contacted me via Internet networks, telephones, e-mails and alarming / disturbing texts.


[2]    And as soon as I informed Ontario Human Rights Commission of such activities by my written correspondence Dated: Oct 31, 2010 and Faxed on Nov 2, 2010 (please examine details in copies attached); there WAS a DRAMATIC change and all kinds of contacts stopped immediately.


 [3]    I am hereby once again attempting to make Superior Court of Justice aware of, as per my understanding (and also other’s understandings, who have been able to see what the actual facts were, from my point of view) what were the actual incidents that had happened behind apparent  dramatic scenarios  with the following, detailed but without prejudices, explanations of the totally innocent love-story of myself in writing decorated with very personal views and words of my sad and tearful reactions after receiving apparently biased and same type of decisions from negatively influenced or convinced several  Honorable Courts of Justice including Brampton-Ontario-Criminal Court by the approval or permission of the mistaken Honorable Crown.


[4]    None can wake up one who is pretending to sleep, doesn’t matter how hard is the try. In the light of my somewhat lonely but honest feelings and how I see things, if you really try to understand only then matters may start becoming clear before you faster than you are thinking. 


[5]    Since the subject matter is the same and it has been properly dealt with none of the authorities or Courts for the said mysteries, therefore, what I have been conveying to OHRC and several other Courts of Ontario and Canada, I am also attaching below for your awareness of all the related facts with a hope that you may get some helpful insights that can definitely make things easy for us all in order to facilitate proper administration of Justice.


[6]    Related Facts: My and also, I honestly believe because of differences in our physical ages, Miss. Michelle Borg’s (I assume, she may soon discover herself in a much bigger dilemmatic trap and get even more scared of being into some kind of confinement in reality or her mental faculties) rights have been violated under:

[A) Human Rights Codes.

B) Civil Rights and/or criminal Codes.

{ Because of my financial and Physical inabilities, I am hereby requesting your ( All the Highest Jurisdictions including OHRC, HRSDC,OLRB, Criminal, Divisional, Superior Courts in addition to the Courts of Appeal of Ontario and Federal Courts of Canada) discretion to determine proper codes from categories A) and B) that apply to my situation and in case immediate automatic applying thereof by Higher Courts does not take place now without delay} ]

Both of the above A) and B) codes, by attempts of suppressing or blocking our:

i)   Freedom of Thinking and/or Freely Thinking with possible or impossible imaginations regardless whether the expectation is unrealistic.


ii)  Freedom of Choosing, Feeling, Enjoying, Sharing and/or Having respectful or delicate personal feelings or fantasies for inducing and fulfilling self-interests and/or the same of other individuals.


iii) Freedom of expression (self and otherwise) and communication with others in multiple kinds of forms including the following: playfully, joyfully or seriously and even privately on a verbal or non-verbal, platonic or non-platonic personal level.


iv) Freedom and Right of seeking Justice : One of the examples is : Wrongful denial of my application by Legal Aid Ontario even after providing all of the levels of it with detailed written explanations of how the Criminal Justice System was continually being abused following a mistake done by the Crown.


v) Freedom and Right of Receiving Justice : With an fulfillment of general expectation of automatic access to and being served Justice by higher Departments of Justice when injustice(s) is/are discovered by the higher Courts that act with the similar fairness in terms of automatic imposition of punishments, as can be commonly observed, have been applied in all the cases including where heinous crimes of criminals are discovered in the further-digging process of Higher Courts with very long arms.

[7]    How the Crown came into play: By allowing the case to go to trial instead of dismissing it. The VIRTUAL Second Class Canadian-American Citizens of First Generation are an easy target for their submissive newcomer’s attitudes toward North Americans (as discriminating mentalities generally think of people like me as for example situation was for black people in Martin L. Kings time.) probably because of their own negative differential mentalities. Consequently the Crown got involved after being induced by unwise and false notions of an envious employer of which personnel thereof are capable of telling compulsive lies and spreading inhuman and cruel rumors to the point of having capability of successfully destroying or killing innocent human lives that definitely, without any trace of doubt, violates some codes of Human Rights. Please note: I could have been killed inside Police Division-22 or Courthouse cell, though some crimes has already been committed in those places to cause harms to myself and God forbids, if I had a criminal mentality and, myself reacting unwisely repercussive ways to the differential treatments I was receiving, I could do negative acts to cause further harms to myself and try to take revenge on other perpetrators in disguise. Moreover, If one of violent criminals with killer’s instincts, as mentioned above I encountered, was in my shoes Miss. M.B. could be killed and I have always been certain in many ways that Miss. M.B. has never been scared of me but for her inadvertent playfulness got trapped into a situation originally created by an manager then aided by the police and then by the Honorable image of Crown. Finally, she, being a fertile-fanciful-child-like natured person, has been induced, pampered and conditioned by the above parties with the tricks of false incidents to be scared of her safety on top of her real fear resulting from her actions and somewhat compunctions of own confused mind.)


[8]    My understanding of some clear matters of partiality and of the facts that have caused my recent tearfully sad reactions:

 Without any question, I believe that the Omni-powerful Creator of the Human Race(s) and /or the Universe or the cosmic system, is ‘beyond criticism of being mistaken’ by mankind. And The Crown of Canada is an operation controlled by some combined human activities that are neither mistake-proof nor doubtlessly can be free of negative bad influences.         

Therefore, myself being a living witness of wrongdoings, being a sufferer of physical, emotional, financial damages that resulted from wrong-approval of the Crown to allow the police to give the Management of employer : J. Ennis Fabrics LTD. permission to do number of things (violating my Human and Civil Rights) such as arranging some situations of illegal  invitations with nasty tricks and purposes, illegal recordings of my spoken words and /or voices etc. without my awareness even at my private times outside my work-place and work-hours.


[9]    After submitting evidences by relying on universal method (MAN MAY LIE BUT CIRCUMSTANCES DO NOT) of discovering hidden truth using summarily described facts in approximately 300 pages and a waiting for three years, despite not knowing the ultimate purpose of Honorable OHRC, I have been extremely shocked and sad to learn in the Dec 2, 2010 Decision of honorable Vice-chair of HRTO: Mr. David Muir the following ridiculously  (may be for some good reasons that I am unaware of ) wrong judgments of true facts :

*A1.  It must be the Police from who the management of employer received  ideas, suggestions or permissions for using some fraudulently useable tools to record invented, created or arranged things which must have no future bearing if ever with due respect shall be challenged properly.                                                                                                                                [Proofs are evident in the comments of Honorable HRTO Judge of trial: Mr. David Muir {when he was asking me the following (2*) question*x and passed a comment*y regarding the same. *x: How do you know they (employer: who had knowledge why, when, how and by whom the tempering act of crown-document was committed for the fraudulent purpose of alteration) did that?  *y: May be the Police did that.} and in the, too many to mention, sentences and words of Honorable criminal court Judge of trial days: Mr. D. Cooper.]

*A2.   The true facts, behind this virtual show of a drama full of lies to suppress and to cover even the tip of an iceberg, full of the honest truth, of an apparent love affair, are known to all the internally connected Departments of Justice of Canada. And ultimately if lies become defeated by the power of the truth then the blame of wrong-doings is bound to reach and touch, in a chain reaction, many beyond the initially envious employer and up to the Crown of Canada that can afford even billions of dollars to defend itself. Therefore, I can assume why with an attitude of “ initial wrong-doer: employer and it’s advisers (helpers) must let be off the hook” none of the Honorable Judges of several Honorable Courts including the above two is unwilling to acknowledge non-reception of necessary facts from me to make one’s fair decision.


 [10]    Some of the legally unfair attempts including denials of being aware of true facts that were made by the honorable Justice or the Crown and the Police before, during and after the trial days held on September 4, 8 and 18 of 2009:

(10  a.)  In the affidavit of M. Roshan item # 5. Untruly declares for the sake of Her Majesty that the Crown was ready to proceed but not for cross-examination conducted personally by me (Shah Islam). That declaration was false [as additionally explained in the, fully ready to be granted by the Court, notice of application: item# 3.” ....it is unclear that Mr. Islam has a counsel. The Crown has met with Ms. Borg and she indicates that having him personally cross examine her would make her uncomfortable to the point that she will not be able to answer his questions. (that record was made before the court) because (it was) against the (dishonest) controlling intention of the Crown or Court, (and in reality) Miss. Borg (who  in fact was never afraid of me but of something arising from her intimate relationship with someone other than me) with natural full confidence expressed her willingness to be cross-examined by me. This is a (clear like daylight) proof that just like employer and other Government personnel the Crown also wanted to let the confusion remain unsolved forever and thus permanently block communication between two innocent souls violating codes under Human Rights.

(10  b.)   The Crown also falsely declared that the Police was unable to contact me for the purpose of so called ‘counsel matter’ which was, I honestly believe an effort to exhaust my strengths.

(10  c.)    A name of Mr. Denny in item # 7 was purposely put in the affidavit, so that manipulation of document would be easy, if needed.

(10  d.)   In item# 4, it was falsely claimed that I contacted Miss. Borg in person and also at her place of employment.

(10  e.)   In item# 3 of affidavit, it stated that harassment took place on or about Sept 20. 2008 and in information sheet of Karen Murphy date had been modified by hand writing to be ‘during a 6month period last, past ending...’ but in the trial ridiculously the time period went far beyond the limit in the legal sense.

(10  f.)   In the Crown Disclosure, reports and document {produced for Miss. Borg (she herself admitted in trial) and without her   submitted to her former Employer cum boyfriend who forwarded to OHRC} the Police constables lied (that included false police report of incident of arrest) and modified words and made untrue statements, deliberately altered crown documents with a purpose of falsification (as per suspicion of and also supported by Honorable Judge of HRTO on Oct 26,2010) detailed explanation will be presented orally and in the form of documented facts at hearing.

(10  g.)   All three of the improperly done transcripts dated Sept 4, 8. And 18, 2009 need to be re-transcribed for the purpose of re-examination as doubtlessly numerous statements has been discovered as meaningfully altered to make bad words good or good  things otherwise ( but may contain a very few inadvertently done honest mistakes), misleading, confusing and unclear or complicated. I shall have to extensively explain later at hearing as it is now impossible to explain in limited 20 pages. (For examples: In Sept 18, 2009 transcript: page# 74, the comments of a finding of serious crime included matters beyond focused 6 month time period and line# 26 of Judgment stated ”.... I think the 8:11 phone call could not have been anybody but him.”  How could he doubtlessly be convinced? How did he know things even Miss. Borg and I did not have any idea about? Every wise mind knows “No one is guilty until proven doubtlessly.” Where is wiseness?  In page #75 and line #23, saying without any investigation: “I don’t believe Ms. Borg loudly announced, “ I still love you at any time”  is prejudicial when there are witnesses available at warehouse (such as Ms. Rose) in front of whom Miss. Borg playfully announced those words. Things could be found out easily and case would be dismissed! But the Crown would be in a false or vulnerable position and needed to be saved at my cost (being stamped or labeled as a bad person, at the expense of my delicate feelings being hurt that could lead to anything dangerous for me and her as already had happened to individuals when attempts to suppression of feelings or killing of souls have been occurred over the timeless present or historical events where eventually the oppressors became criticized and therefore, defeated).

(10  h.)   I informed the court of  Miss. Borg’s being totally alone sitting near me in the lunch break hours of a trial day and the case should have been dismissed immediately because that was enough of an evidence that in fact Miss. Borg was not scared of me at all in any manner. Honest mistake happens as no human is above mistakes and The Honorable Court should have recognized that the dismissal of my employment, police involvement etc. were somewhat playfully encouraged by a naive and good young lady but at same time were also, deliberate and criminally motivated results of lust, desires etc. of one manager and personal envy of the other two.  

[11]   I shall provide Superior Court with hundreds of more pages of documents. But the sad fact is that OLRB, HRSDC, OHRC and HRTO had more written details and as I mentioned recently Honorable Mr. David Muir of HRTO have gone through my case and must have learned everything that was described in approximately 300 pages sent to OHRC and HRTO over last three years and moreover, I verbally described too but in his decision he mysteriously avoided of being aware of all the facts submitted. However, a reconsideration process shall begin soon.

I remember, in 2008, a mediator of OHRC wanted to know If I was willing to settle the case for money? I declined the offer saying I wanted Justice to be served to me or one million dollar a month for six months of sufferings. Then and now the Crown got itself involved. Recently after having some meaningful dreams, I gave a thought over that topics again and asked myself an internal question: what would be my response, to them this time,  if the employer makes an offer of few millions to me? I imaginatively decided to let them know, if ever it becomes a reality, that since the crown is equally liable, if both of the parties offer me five millions each ( party) then I may wish to settle my case in exchange of ten million Canadian dollars or let me borrow or lend me triple amounts thereof from you without any interest for a period of three years and I will be interested to go into a written bindings with both to return the full amounts of borrowed funds at the end of three year time period. What will do with the loan?  I will find a way to earn a living by making money from the smart usage of money exactly the way riches do. Because, today being a penny-less man I know what is money and I am still surviving. 

[12]   Having received the only package of Decision of (OHRC transferred) HRTO and while reading through and noticing the modification of facts in it I could not stop asking tearfully myself few questions as follows:

*B1.   Is the actual Decision maker or that highly, role-playing on Oct26,2010, honorable man, being a helper of the Crown-the head, too helpless to be willing to acknowledge to anyone but himself that he has been aware of the apparently hidden truth and realized the truthfulness of my easy to understand logical method of explanations of the facts how my Human Rights have been violated but still had no choice but to ridiculously save the same guilty personnel(2) of the employer-who(2) he basically reproached somewhat indirect but openly in front of everyone present at the trial room; in order to keep the Crown blame-free?

(Miss. M.B. has been a witness on that day and she was available as a witness to answer neutrally my questions on the whole interconnected mysterious matters that no one but herself is capable of clarifying and thereby end the confusion for all but Mr. David Muir mysteriously neither allowed her to testify as a witness nor facilitated the atmosphere for her to stay and testify if needed for the purpose of knowing facts of what truly had happened in the warehouse.)  

*B2.    Why did he act like a wise man, even by his own words of his mouth, as if, he was about to make an honest decision, in no time, with an attitude of looking down upon Mr. Darryl Hogan and Mr. Neil Ball ?

[ (Actually it took 37 days for him possibly to modify records of actual conversations in the trial room or get advises from all other Courts and departments of Justice including the Crown.)


How do I (Myself) know?

It’s not impossible! Because:

Some know how the system works!

Some even know how to make the system to work and in exchange receive individually each of them approximately a quarter of a million of dollars annually for his/her knowledge that rarely needed officially to be put in use on a regular basis. Unfortunately, I am not receiving any government’s or private organization’s money, or a single cent from any kind of financial sources but that does not mean: , for example, I am    unfortunate to understand how the President of USA understands many things about lives of people of the past, present and future world. Thanks to Miss. M.B. without who’s contribution to the lonely or mutual practical learning process wouldn’t be easy.]



*B3. And despite not knowing the ultimate purpose of Honourable OHRC, I have been extremely shocked and sad to learn in the Dec2, 2010 Decision of honourable Vice-chair of HRTO: Mr. David Muir the following ridiculously wrong judgments of true facts: [{that (without prejudice) may have some connection with the above mentioned matter of the Crown or Police-permission} which must have no future bearing, if ever, with due respect, shall be challenged properly.]

B3/1.  In Background section Re: Item # [4]   It is not clear whether Mr. D.M. actually understood what was at the heart of my allegation?  Both the respondents themselves caused me personally to suffer on a regular basis from differential treatments apart from racial slurs made by others and nevertheless encouraged others to continue doing such by not taking any action against them. Here the principal culprits are the above two. No investigation in a meaningful way ever been conducted in the warehouse by any authority.  When I intended to request Miss. Borg to testify truthfully regarding the above matters Mr. D. M. Stopped me from questioning her in the same manner as employer and their collaborators did and therefore, the truth never saw the light of Justice.

B3/2.   Re: #[6]  Mr. D.M. seemed to be convinced, if it was not pretention, that the timing, method, the logical merit (falsely, if ever was, found any by the criminal justice) into the so called harassment, investigation etc. was not based on true facts but astonishingly in his decision-section in item #[18] he implied anti-supporting of myself and in item#[22] it is unjust for him to declare that my claim had no basis and employer’s one piece (?) and incomplete evidence was enough to establish that Miss. M.B. was harassed. What is that evidence (dishonestly approved? or fraudulently created by the permission of the crown?) without any real investigation in the employer’s warehouse legally relying upon supplied information by me?

B3/3. Re: #[7] He was explained why and how meritless was the matter of outside workplace conversation and Justice D. Cooper, in a 2009 trial, commented on this by naming it as “hearsay” therefore counted it as having a very little evidentiary value. So, in his decision-section in #[19] the mentioning of ‘record’ and ‘nonetheless disturbing’ is not only ridiculous, mockery of Justice too. Who ordered recording? The police again? Or the Crown? What kind of record? Who performed the acts of recording? On paper or on tape? Transparency was then and is still absolutely necessary, and therefore, need clarification and not only for evidentiary purposes but for finding out unscrupulousness too.

 B3/4.  Before trial began, I informed him (Vice-Chair) that a ban was imposed on me disallowing myself copying employer, therefore, tribunals too and repeatedly explained why the trial was still in a premature stage and legally requested him to order the necessary extension of time and scope of the trial. He has failed to take any appropriate action except creating some kind of fear among respondents. For all of these reasons and many other explained directly to OHRC by written documents, the case should be transferred back to OHRC and must be done at the proper time by the permission of highest level of our Government.

 B3/5.   Among many other parties the Limited Company shall be respondent on behalf of all three respondents and Ms. Barbara Workum being the most responsible one in terms of especially falsification matters is not going off the hook any way. Not the one driven by lust, not even two but all three have equally violated codes with enough negativities in minds to be causing differential treatments to myself. So, all three are liable.


[13] Ideal principles and contemporary universal facts that shall cause any human mind to be prejudice-free at times of considering Justice (fairly) to any-modern-day-human-being:                                                                                                                                                                                 Regardless legally right or wrong, as human, we, individually or as a group, tend to react to mundane interactions that are based on our very personal ideas, thoughts, feelings, beliefs etc. influenced by contemporary but ever-changing, values, cultures etc. of our society . At this current highly developing communication stage, of becoming one global village for the entire nations of the world to peacefully live-in together, it shall not be free of confusions and prejudices to (if we do as honorable Mr. David Muir of Honorable HRTO has implied, under pressure or otherwise, in his decision dated Dec 2, 2010; Re : my file # TR-0658-09) differentiate or name or categorize my theories that were available before him at trial or such as the above one contained on this page to be outlandish, non-outlandish etc. as diverse nations from all corners of the world by now have gradually begun forming an irreversible mixed but already solid Canadian-American population. Also the feelings or languages of crying, laughing; hatred, love; sadness, happiness etc. have always been remained the same and intact at any given period through the eternal time.